Best Lissandra Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Burst your opponents with AoE magic damage with Lissandra as she stays in the frontline. Learn this team fighting beast with the best Lissandra guide!

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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Best Lissandra Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Riot games really did a great job designing LIssandra the ice witch. She is such a balanced character. She is nowhere near overpowered and she is not that weak either. Lissandra players love to use her in mid lane as she is great at doing magic damage on enemy champions. Here is the best build on Lissandra for your next league of legends games.

Best Lissandra Build

As of patch 12.14, the highest win rate Lissandra has is at 51.6% based on statistical analysis, which is high compared to other mid lane champions. She used to be played in top lane but Lissandra mid is the current trend for the Meta. She can be an extremely good solo carry champion but for that to happen you need the best Lissandra build guide in league of legends.


Best Lissandra Runes

Lissandra mid is played as a control mage with lots of pokes and can zone her enemy champion away with her abilities. Electrocute is a great control mage rune as you can surprise enemies with an all in after poking them with your ice shard. Once you reach level 3 you can go in for a quick all in, you just need to open up with your E and use ring of frost to root an enemy down and finish it up with an ice shard.

Best Rune PathDomination

Best Keystone

Best Slot 1 (Rune)
Cheap shot

Manaflow Band

Best Slot 2 (Rune)
Eyeball Collection


Best Slot 3 (Rune)
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow band is also a must with this build because you will be using your ice shard poke most of the time, this could drain your mana and this rune will mitigate your mana loss. These lissandra runes set are great for poking and late game scaling because of the stacks.

Best Lissandra Rune Shards

The best rune shards that accompany this rune set is to have points on adaptive force from flex and offense. This will maximize the damage output of Lissandra so you don’t fall off in value in the late game.

Taking one point of magic resist on defense is also a must as most mid lane champions are mages.


+9 Adaptive Force

+9 Adaptive Force

+8 Magic Resist

Best Lissandra Spells

Being a control mage and a team fighting champion, the best summoner spells to take on Lissandra on patch 12.14 is flash and teleport. This allows her to quickly aid her team mates that are getting ganked.


These summoner spells might have long cooldowns but when you save it, one teleport followed by a flash and a Lissandra ultimate, could greatly turn the tides of battle.


Best Lissandra Abilities Order

Lissandra’s best skill order is really simple, you just need to max your poke ability first which is your Q, this will be Lissandra’s main source of magic damage. Ring of frost comes next and finally her E.


You just need one level of your E in this skill order because it is a very slow skill shot, and having one level on it already gives it so much value as it will be your gap closing ability.

Best Lissandra Items

The best Lissandra items mainly consist of utility items as she is more of a team fighter. Be it locking enemies down with a root from an active item or going to stasis after diving.

Best Starter Lissandra Items

In this Lissandra build, you might want to start with a doran’s ring and two health potions. Amplifying tome is also a great starter item but the mana regen from Doran’s ring outweighs the extra ability power provided by amplifying tome.

Doran’s Ring

Health Potion (x2)

Best Mid Game Lissandra Items

Mythic items should be rushed during the mid game as it provides significant power spike to your champion. Everfrost is a great first item as it extends the power of your all in, you can hard CC your opposing mid laner if you time your ability casts well.


Sorcerer’s Shoes

Zhonya’s Hourglbutt

Zhonya’s hourglbutt however provides significant boost to your survivability. Your ultimate makes you invulnerable and heal for a substantial amount, if enemies try to stay you can use the stasis effect of this item and wait for backup.


Best Final Late Game Lissandra Items 

Shadowflame and Morellonomicon are two great items when dealing with the tanks of the opposing team. Rabadon’s Deathcap is your optional final item, you can replace it with Void Staff.

Sorcerer’s Shoes
Zhonya’s Hourglbutt


Rabadon’s Deathcap

Lissandra already has an excellent hard CC for her kit and having an extra boost in ability power is all you need.

Best Champions to pair Lissandra with

Mid lane champions are commonly paired with jungle champions as they are the ones to commonly gank the lane. These champions can easily follow up on Lissandra’s ultimate with their burst damage especially Kha’Zix.

Master Yi52.7%

Strongest Champions against Lissandra

Galio counters Lissandra simply because he has better tempo than Lissandra, he can all in her every time he tries to trade and his high magic resist easily mitigates Lissandra’s pokes.


Veigar and Kbuttadin however are champions that get stronger the longer the game lasts. They easily counter Lissandra by simply outscaling her in terms of damage and late game value.

Weakest Champions against Lissandra

Champions like Oriana, Irelia, and Lux really struggle against LIssandra for two reasons. One, their combo are easily shot down by Lissandra with her hard CCs. The other being, Lissandra is a strong lane bully which will prevent these champions from farming cs.


Lissandra is one of the best champions in league of legends that is why she is a common sight in most major tournaments. Managing League of Legends guides like Lissandra’s is quite a treat because of her well balanced design, just take note that she might be easy to use now because of this build guide, but you still need to think about your approach everytime you play a game. 

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