Best Xerath Skins | LoL

Xerath received multiple skins from Riot Games that have different concepts ranging from cosmic to lava. View the best skins of the Magus Ascendant here.

Updated on Aug 06, 2023
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Best Xerath Skins | LoL

Released by Riot Games on October 5, 2011, Xerath the Magus Ascendant is one of the first League of Legends champions. And over the past few years, this champion has received a lot of skin releases in League of Legends. 

On top of that, all of his cosmetics suit his cool animations and in-game particles. If you are having a hard time shopping for a Xerath skin, here are the best skins for the Magus Ascendant available in the game. 

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Scorched Earth Xerath

One of the earliest skins released for Xerath, Scorched Earth is one of the best skins for this champion. It perfectly fits Xerath since he is made out of magical energy and broken shards of a sarcophagus. But instead of using a stone coffin, he is made out of armor, fire, and lava.


In the splash art above, you can see that Xerath is standing in flames and wearing knightly armor. He's also seen toying with lava with his hands, implying that he's using the igneous rock as a source of power.


In terms of in-game changes, the Scorched Earth Xerath skin does not have a lot of changes to offer to its players. However, it does have new sounds and particles, which are both based on fire and lava. These changes to the Scorched Earth Xerath skin still make it a great choice for shoppers. To give you an example, Xerath will collect fire before casting his Arcanopulse, while his Eye of Destruction sounds like a drop of lava onto his enemies.

Scorched Earth Xerath, which was launched on July 13, 2012, is currently available for 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends store.


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Guardian of the Sands Xerath

Part of the Guardian of the Sands skin line, this skin for Xerath is based on an alternate timeline of Shurima where all of the champions are the guardians of the ancient tombs from the past civilization. Not only that, but the Guardians of the Sand are also evil spirits that haunt everyone in the desolate land.


You can see in the splash art above that Xerath looks like a ray of light with cool armor with ancient inscriptions and logos. On top of that, his shoulders now have bigger armor, unlike his classic skin. He also banded with several Guardian of the Sands champions, which indicate that they are only focused on achieving their goal.


On the other hand, Guardian of the Sands Xerath has many in-game changes. This skin has new sounds, particles, and animations. All of his skills, like Arcanopulse and Rite of the Arcane, are changed into yellow. But the best thing about this skin is the sound changes, which resonate with mighty sand powers.

You can purchase Guardian of The Sands Xerath in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points. This skin was released on April 26, 2015.


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Dark Star Xerath

This skin redesigns the Magus Ascendant to the Dark Star theme of the game. Part of the Dark Star creatures in the lore of League's alternate universe. Xerath is an almighty supergiant whose goal is to eradicate and bring malice to everything and everyone.


Looking closely at the photo above, Dark Star Xerath has a black hole in the middle of his armor, which indicates that he is probably made out of stars and gravity. He is also destroying multiple worlds that showcase his true power. On top of that, his armor also has pointy features that suit the galactic theme of the skin.


Dark Star Xerath is mainly purple and black in color. And in terms of in-game changes, this skin has new animations, sounds, textures, and particles. All of his skills have cosmic-inspired animations and sounds. Not only that, but the additional voice effects leave a great touch on the skin.

March 20, 2020 was the release date of the Dark Star Xerath skin. The good news is that you can still get it for 1350 Riot Points in the League shop.


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Arcana Xerath

If you are wondering what Xerath's human form looks like, then this skin will finally end that curiosity. The newest cosmetic release by Riot for this champion, which is based on the mysteries of the Magus Ascendant, Arcana is one of the best skins for this champion to date.


Out of all the skins, Arcana Xerath has the most changes in the model. If you look closely at the splash art above, unlike his base skin, Xerath has a human body enveloped in red energy and gold armor. The Magus Ascendant has a young adult face with horns and scorching fire on his head. Additionally, the mysterious eye in the middle of his armor will make players wonder about this skin.


Like Guardian of the Sands and Dark Star, this skin has new animations, sounds, particles, and textures. All of the skills of Arcana Xerath have enormous changes, but the best one will probably be his Arcanopulse, where he summons a mirror in front of him before casting the skill. Nevertheless, the rest of his abilities are red and yellow and have eye abilities that are probably based on the eyeball seen in the middle of his armor. On the other hand, the changes to the sound are smooth and satisfying.

Arcana, Riot Games' most recent Xerath skin, was introduced on May 13, 2021. Currently purchasable in the League store, this skin costs 1350 Riot Points.


That ends the list of the best skins for Xerath. You have probably chosen a skin you will be buying now, so go out there and dominate the mid-lane with these awesome skins. Check out this best Xayah skins list if you are currently looking for a skin for an AD Carry champion. Alternatively, if you prefer shopping for multiple cosmetics, here is a list of the best skins for each champion in League of Legends.

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