Best Skins Bard | LoL

Discover the best skins Bard LoL, and incredible champion played in the bot lane as a support. Dominate the game while you use the top Bard skins!

best skins bard lol
best skins bard lol

Bard, a traveler from beyond the stars, is an agent of serendipity who struggles to maintain a balance and avoid chaos in the world. He is usually played as a support in the bot lane and is a champion who brings utility and damage to his team. Now, let’s see the best skins Bard LoL for you to enjoy playing with this champion in the summoner's rift.

Cafe Cutie Bard

Cafe Cutie Bard is perhaps one of the most League of Legends beautiful skins of this character, with changes in his attack animations, abilities and his passive (Traveler's Call) allowing you to recover life while drinking cups of tea.

Cafe Cuties Bard

This is one of the last skins that have been released for the champion, it brings a fresh air to his gameplay, and gives this incredible character a greater presence on the map.

cafe cuties bard skin

This skin costs 1350 RP and was released in November 2021, without a doubt an incredible option if you consider yourself a Bard main.

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Astronaut Bard

Astronaut Bard skin is possibly the champion's most prominent skin today. Do you like space travel? Well, RIOT Games decided to give this heavenly character the possibility of traveling through the universe as in the lore.

Astronaut Bard

This Bard skin is an incredible option for those who play this champion with fresh, novel animations that are not boring at all. No doubt this is one of the best League of Legends skin to play!

Astronaut Bard skin

All its animations have its own essence and, as if that were not enough, its traveler's call is now small satellites that you will have to search all over the map. A wonderful astronaut skin!

This skin costs 1350 RP and was released in November 2021 and is one of my favorite skins, it is impossible to get bored while enjoying the beautiful animations that this skin has!

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Bard Bard

Someone within the RIOT visual team once thought: What if bard was indeed a bard? And that's how the Bard Bard skin came about, a fun option for those who want to stand out as support in the bot lane.

Bard bard

Bard Bard is a very peculiar skin, the champion's outfit is modified in the best medieval style, while its animations were improved to provide incredible effects at the time of combat.

Bard Bard skin

Bard Bard skin costs 750 RP and was released in November 2016, for a time it was one of the most used skins due to its incredible splash art and design.

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Snow Day Bard

If you like the cold and Christmas, then Snow Day Bard is a perfect skin for you. With this skin you will be able to draw the attention of all the players in the summoner's rift while leaving your enemies frozen with the Bard’s skill kit.

Snow Day Bard

This skin stands out for a beautiful design of Bard in a Christmas style suit that highlights the blue and white colors. An incredible skin that is worth using in the next holidays.

Snow Day Bard skin

This skin costs 1350 RP and was released in December 2015 (the same year as Elderwood Bard), it is categorized as a "special event" skin, so you can only purchase it at Christmas in the league of legends store.

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Bard is an incredible champion to play as a support in Bot Lane, his incredible skill kit gives him enough damage and mobility, on the other hand, he is not an easy character to play but once you have mastered him you will have no enemies. If you liked these skins, you can also take a look at the best skins Blitzcrank LoL or, if you want to know a lot more, you can check out our complete LoL skins list. See you at Summoner's Rift!