Best Nautilus Skins | LoL

Bilgewater champions have a recurring theme of the sea, betrayal, and revenge. Nautilus is no different, with the best skins featured on our list.

Updated on Aug 08, 2023
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Best Nautilus Skins | LoL

Nautilus is the hand the Bearded Lady uses to take care of matters in the mortal realm, and he does not seem to mind.

His lore has changed since his release in 2012, on February 14. Looking at his skins, this progression is obvious, as his lore is now in line with the rest of the worldbuilding, and his latest skins rival the skins of the most popular League of Legends champions.

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Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus

A guardian who helped seal the mad god Jhin within a holy waterfall, as depicted within the mysterious painting known as the Shan Hai Scrolls. Over the millenia, Jhin has whispered of power, freedom, and true godhood to Nautilus, until he finally released him. Now twisted with anger, Nautilus’s rivers run not with water, but molten magma.


Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus is one of the four inhabitants of the, Chinese-inspired, Shan Hai Scrolls. The skin was released on 28 January, 2021, with a price of 1350 RP. This is Nautilus’ latest skin, with an update to his full kit, including animations, particle effects, and sounds.


Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus is his most colorful skin, even compared to the Warden Nautilus, much less his other skins, which are all going by the theme of the deep sea.


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Conqueror Nautilus

The Conqueror Nautilus skin is his only skin that cannot be purchased at any time. As a Legacy skin, it can only be bought once the Legacy Vault is opened, and once you fork over 975 RP.

The skin, as both a Legacy skin and one worth that much RP, updates Nautilus’ whole design, both visually and audibly.


Conqueror Nautilus was released on July 09, 2020. As a part of the Conqueror skin line, Nautilus was awarded this skin in hopes of hyping up the Mid-Season Invitational, just like the Championship skins do for Worlds.


This skin takes Nautilus’ depiction of the deep sea to a more realistic extent. Colour red is far more common in the deep sea than common sense would make you believe, and Conqueror Nautilus has the color red in spades. Conqueror Nautilus is more than just the hand of the Bearded Lady, but one who conquers in Her name.


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Worldbreaker Nautilus

Worldbreaker Nautilus is an example of a League of Legends skin, which can be rated as regular and priced at mere 750 RP, and still rival the legendary skins. The skin was released on November 10, 2016.

Though the skin brings no significant in-game updates, its compatibility with Nautilus’ lore elevates it to new heights.


Nautilus is remodelled by the Bearded Lady, in the original lore, to be a Titan of the Depths, and do her bidding. Worldbreaker Nautilus, however, puts Nautilus into the shoes of a foretold Titan that will appear at the end of the world, combining both Greek and Norse mythology.


As the skin is relatively easy to acquire, it is the most popular, and the most frequent Nautilus skin that can be seen on the Rift.


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