Strongest Champions in League of Legends

No matter how many new characters they put out every year, some of them are just the best of the best for each role there is

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Strongest Champions in League of Legends

The ever-growing pool of playable characters in League of Legends doesn’t seem to stop gaining new faces as time goes by. Riot Games has had to search for new ways to innovate the game season after season, bringing changes to the champions and the meta itself. In this section, we’re going to talk about the current strongest characters in League of Legends for each role, starting in the top lane, and all the way down to the bottom lane.

The strongest Champions

Because League of Legends is constantly shifting, some of the “best champions” might come and go from the group of the “strongest League of Legends champions”, that's why here we will be talking about those who are standing out the most in the current patch.

Top Lane


Darius, one of the simplest but deadliest bruisers in the game, has managed to remain relevant in the current meta, and that is no surprise thanks to his lethal kit of abilities. Darius can damage characters to death with his skills and bleeding, and that, paired with a basic combo, can make any other enemy champion retreat to base rather easily.


Right now, he has a win rate of 50.07%, which is considered rather low, still, it doesn’t seem to stop summoners from picking him when it comes to ranked matches since he has a relatively high pick rate of 4.06%, finally, his ban rates is also quite high at 5.05%.


Shen is a champion that was added to League of Legends: Wild Rift recently, he’s a top laner that’s usually built as a tank due to how his abilities work. Currently, it is recommended to build the boots “Plated Steelcaps” as his first item, to then continue with the rest of the build, which consists of items such as “Sunfire Aegis” or “Spirit Visage”.


Statistics seem to be better in comparison to Darius’, his win rate is that of 52.44% percent, a high pick rate of 5.42%, and finally a fairly low ban rate at 0.96%. With such a victory rate, and in contrast, a rather low ban rate, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to main this champion in order to gain elo in ranked matches since he can tank a lot of damage.


Garen, Better known as “Might of Demacia” is another champion that is quite straightforward to play and doesn’t really have a kit of abilities that’s too complicated to use. Even so, some high elo players get the most out of him and demonstrate that they can stomp a lane with the demacian warrior and his high damage.


Similar to shen, he has some solid statistics too, a high victory rate of 51.93% that’s accompanied by a high pick rate of 4.23%, and a ban rate of 1.12%. Everyone can get Garen in the early stages of their journeys in League of Legends, therefore, don’t underestimate him since he’s one of the best champions in the current meta.

Mid Lane


This champion has always been known for how annoying it could be to fight against, and it’s also one of the worst nightmare of bronze players, but in the hands of an experienced summoner, Zed can be everyone's doom, thanks to his high mobility and damage, the staple of a deadly assassin in League of Legends.


Right now, everything about Zed’s statistics is high, from his victory rate at 51.88%, going through his very high pick rate of 6.2%, and his also high ban rate of 4.1%. Zed’s pick rate being this high puts in evidence that high elo players are aware that it is worth choosing him, who’s one of the best champions in the mid lane, and get the most out of his kit of abilities.


If something has to be said about this character, it is that Kassadin, although ridiculously powerful thanks to his magic damage, is very (and I can’t stress this enough) hard to play, or at least to fully master because of how fragile he can be during a fight. His abilities are also tricky to use, but he still is a rewarding champion to main, considered to be on a high tier, which means he’s one of the best champions to do tons of damage.


Currently, Kassadin has a win rate of 51.98% which is considered to be good, his pick rate is high at 3.13%, but in contrast, it isn’t as high as Zed’s, finally, his ban rate is that of 2.76%, which is almost the same as his pick rate, this illustrates how aware are players of this champion’s potential and why they don’t want him as an enemy.


Yasuo’s older brother is a champion that’s also considered to be S tier, his abilities are nice, and his playstyle is considered to be a safe one, in the hands of a veteran player, getting the first blood with this mid laner could be an easy job.


When he came out, Yone was considered to be a pick-to-win champion, but his statistics say otherwise. For starters, his win rate is actually quite low at 49.4%, and when it comes to the pick rate, people seem to actually love him due to his 7.5.% , finally his ban rate is almost as high, sitting at 6.17%.



Starting with the junglers, Kayn is a champion whose abilities are great to gank enemy champions from almost every angle possible. His high damage, combined with his adaptability in the late game, are one of the reasons Kayn is so good. And by a certain point, you have to decide whether you're going to play as Rhaast, the Darkin that Kayn is vessel of, or as the Shadow Assassin.


In the current meta, Kayn is a champion that's considered to be S tier, his statistics are rather high, with his win rate at 52.92%, a fairly high pick rate of 7.87%, a ban rate quite low of 1.64%. Because this is a champion with such high potential and such rate of victories, Kayn is someone you should definitely try out in order to scale ranks as high as possible.


Another great pick for those junglers in the current meta, is Hecarim. The main goal with hecarim in the early game is to do a full clear of the jungle before you actually plan any Gank. Unlike Kayn, Hecarim is meant to be built in a full tank build. Ideally you would wait for the perfect moment to use your ultimate in a team fight, and then use your full kit of abilities.


In this meta, Hecarim's statistics currently show how good this champion is and how much he's loved by the summoner's. He has a truly high win rate of 53.81%, and a pick rate of 7.54% that just as Kayn, shows how popular the champion is right now, finally his ban rate sits at 1.45%.


Finally, Kha'Zix has proven himself to be an outstanding pick for the jungle, by a single use if his Q to an isolated enemy, thanks to his passive, you will hit your enemies like a truck, and as you combine his ultimate, with items such as the Duskblade of Draktharr, he will hit harder, and even more in the late game.


Kha'Zix is another champion that is at the highest iter right now, and it's all about his statistics are high, from his rate of victories at 52.3%, an absolutely high pick rate of 7.64%, and finally a ban rate that's the highest of the three junglers mentioned here, which is 2.18%.



To start strong with the most powerful AD carries of game, Caitlyn is right now the most popular one,t wouldn't be she’s a great ADC because of her attack speed and high damage, all of that it’s combined with her wide range, allowing for safe farming and at the same time, poking enemies with your basics or keeping them at bay by using your traps.


Right now, Caitlyn is the champion with the highest win rate in the current meta at 52.6%, while her pick is the highest as well at 14.7%, and finally a fairly high ban rate at 5.27%. Caitlyn is the champion that’s most popular for now and it’s someone all main ADC out there should try out in the bot lane.


The wicked artist has been an amazing ADC from day one, and we even have got to see him in beautiful and exclusive World Championship Skins, which shows us how loved he is by professional players. Although limited, his basic attacks are more than enough, and his fourth one it’s powerful enough to damage enemies and make them run for their lives as soon as you hit them.


The statistics of Jhin are also quite good, with his rate of victories at 51.51%, a pick rate of 9.78%, and finally a ban rate of 0.51%. His performance in the late game makes him an ADC everyone should be feared of.


Finally, for the current strongest AD carries, we have a surprise in the bot lane, because Kog’Maw has shown to be a quite good champìon in the current meta. His abilities are great to keep enemies far from you as you deal damage, and even if you die, you might take a champion with you thanks to his passive skill.


Kog’Maw’s has a win rate of 52.7%, a pick rate 7.3%, and finally a 3.77% ban rate. Surprisingly, this champion has been doing quite good in the meta, and it would be worth it to try out.



No one in the League of Legends community ever thought that the concept of a cat that rides a magic book would be broken, and even be part of the meta. Yuumi received a lot of hate when she came out, that hate lasted for several months, until the community learned to accept her as the broken support she is.


Yuumi’s rates of victories, picks, and bans are quite nice, although to be honest, her win rate is low at 49. 04%, but for the rest, she has a 6.69% pick rate, and a 3.27% ban rate.


Lucian’s long waited partner, Senna, was introduced by Riot Games and warmly welcomed by the community, bringing to the table a versatile gameplay by being a support but also a marksman, ideal for those games where your ADC isn’t doing that great, and as a support, you’d be doing your team a favor by carrying them with your phantasmagorical abilities.


Her statistics say a lot about her, her win rate is rather stable, at 50.01%, her pick rate is quite high at 7.03%, and finally a ban rate at 1.25% that’s very low for such a high pick rate. Unlike other champions who heal, like Soraka, with Senna you can heal without putting your HP at stake.


Morgana is a mage that has great CC, excellent for team fights, and during the early stages of the game, she can safely provide support and poke enemies from distance while dishing out severe damage that will keep enemies away from you and your ADC.


Her rate of victories isn’t that impressive at 51.3%, but still is enough for her players to squeeze the potential out of her kit, but in contrast, she has a high pick rate of 7.03% that lets everyone know how much she’s liked by those challengers out there, finally her ban rate is almost half her pick rate, being 3.77%.

The meta in a game such as League of Legends is always shifting and it is decided by the changes, reworks, and new items Riot Games decides to incorporate.

The greatest takeaway you can get out of this list is that, if you want to take the game “more seriously” and plan to climb ranks, you should definitely try out these champions for the role you decide to play, because the meta for each season almost always remains the same for the rest of it, until the next one comes out and the meta changes again

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