Best Shen Skins | LoL

Shen is one of the most iconic League of Legends characters. Take a look at some of this champion’s best skins to appreciate how he fits the world.
Best Shen Skins | LoL

Shen is the master of the Order of Twilight, an organization dedicated to bringing balance between the spirit and physical realms. He’s a champion known in the League of Legends community as the pinnacle of team play and global presence with his signature ability - Stand United. Furthermore, Shen is known for being a champion that has a lot of cheap but awesome-looking cosmetics. Take a look at the best skins Shen LoL has to offer.


Warlord Shen

Undoubtedly, Warlord Shen is the best-looking skin on the list when talking about pure aesthetics. Inspired by the Japanese daimyo, this skin gives the champion an identity of its own that he brings to life so well. 

Even though Shen was intended to represent a ninja, being portrayed as a samurai also works as shown in this cosmetic. This skin was released on April 17, 2012, and costs 975RP.

Shen as a Japanese warlord fighting in a heated battle.

This skin is simply on a league of its own, giving Shen a skin that’s unique to his champion design and wonderful insight into the culture that he’s based on

This splash art should be enough to convince you to get this skin. The stalwart samurai who leads the battle at the vanguard of his army. Now that’s something that only imagination can give justice!

Different designs and colors for Warlord Shen.

For a cheap cosmetic, Riot Games went all out by designing eight unique chromas that you can purchase once you acquire the base skin. Each color includes a different armor set and unique clan crests that give all the varieties an identity of their own. It’s simply awe-inspiring how much effort was placed into making this skin and its chromas.

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Yellow Jacket Shen

Yellow Jacket Shen is another cool concept that works exceptionally well under this champion. It’s a direct partner to Stinger Akali, another well-designed skin that belongs to the wasp-themed series that is a less cute relative of the bee skins. For those who are looking to buy Frozen Shen or Blood Moon Shen, consider getting this instead. This skin was released on March 24, 2010, and has a price of 520RP.

Shen surrounded by pollen-like energy and dressed like a wasp.

For those that have probably noticed, this skin closely resembles some pop culture characters, such as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Many characters don’t work well when using yellow as the central motif, but this skin doesn’t remove his identity as a powerful assassin. It also complements his Shadow Dash and Twilight Assault abilities very well.

Yellow Jacket Shen on Summoners Rift.

Shen doesn’t have a lot of new skins, but the old ones are good enough to represent this champion because they only age like fine wine. The fact that he’s a traditional ninja/samurai makes all his older skins look natural and doesn’t even show signs that the designs are outdated. 

Modern skins like Pysops Shen and Pulsefire Shen look nice too, but they simply don’t match the aesthetic that the older variants bring to the table.

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Surgeon Shen

For players who are looking to break away from the ninja/samurai themes, Surgeon Shen is the best skin for the job. This skin is a funny parody of Shen but works well because of his champion design that makes it only natural for him to have these features. This skin was released on January 4, 2011, and costs 975RP.

Surgeon Shen looking over the operating table, holding a giant scalpel.

Many people may think that Shen is a no-nonsense champion, but skins like this and TPA Shen bring out his more playful side. Even though seeing Shen hold a gigantic scalpel in his splash art may seem like a frightening idea, his in-game avatar looks really silly but not in the wrong way. After all, it takes a bit of surgical precision to master this champ on a level that makes him an excellent teamfighting powerhouse.

Surgeon Shen on Summoners Rift.

Shen also includes eight chromas, but it’s probably the only skin that we wouldn’t suggest getting because they take away what makes this cosmetic so good. When you play this champ on any League of Legends game mode, Shen stands out when equipped with this skin because of the specific color, making him seem out of place. We’re guessing he missed the part where doctors should do no harm.

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Shen isn’t the only League of Legends champion with a strong sense to achieve his goals, characters like Shaco are also diligent in accomplishing their tasks even if the purpose and personalities of these two individuals are completely different. Take a look at some of the best Shaco skins to learn more about him.

The League of Legends universe is constantly expanding, with new characters added each year. With over 150 champions in the lineup, it can be hard to familiarize yourself with each distinct character. Learn more about them by checking out the best LoL skins for all of your favorite champs!

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