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Best Shaco Skins | LoL

Shaco is a terrifying figure in League of Legends. Check out how Riot Games has incorporated this theme in making the best skins for this champion.
Best Shaco Skins | LoL

Shaco is known as the demon jester who takes pleasure in tormenting innocent souls in what he considers playful. This champion is an absolute nightmare for people with a fear of clowns, but his eccentric playstyle makes him the perfect choice for competitive one-tricks who want to showcase their skills. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best skins Shaco LoL has to offer.


Dark Star Shaco

Dark Star Shaco is considered the best Shaco skin since it showcases his abilities in a more profound sense without conforming to the stereotypical jester design that’s so dragged out in skins like Workshop Shaco, Royal Shaco, and Mad Hatter Shaco. This skin was released on June 13, 2019, and is available for purchase for 1350RP.

Shaco as a galactic entity in outer space.

The Dark Star skin series always delivers high-quality cosmetics not just for Shaco, but also for other champions. The darkness of the galaxy perfectly fits the ominous aura that surrounds Shaco as a character, which is why this skin fits so well. Players can appreciate the various themes like the black holes he summons and the miniatures that pop out in his Jack in a Box ability.

Dark Star Shaco in different colors.

The skin also includes six chromas that players can choose from if they don’t like the classic version. While the differences in these chromas are only found in the coloring, the theme of the Dark Star skins makes it so that each one looks unique compared to the others. Personally, the pearl chroma looks gorgeous and is worth considering if you’re looking to splurge a little money on Shaco.

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Arcanist Shaco

For players who like the evil jester theme that is always associated with Shaco, Arcanist Shaco looks to be the best skin out there. This skin combines the jester with the sorcerer, making the playful arcanist a perfect fit for this champion. This skin was released on July 9, 2020, and costs 1350RP.

Shaco as a dark magician prankster.

Arcanist Shaco is what Classic Shaco should look like if Riot Games decided to modernize this champion’s visuals. It provides Shaco with a much more in-depth look at what it means to be a demon jester who likes to play tricks on the innocent using his dark arts. Skins like Workshop Shaco and Asylum Shaco try to do those things too but fail because they don’t add anything unique to what the champion already has in many of his cosmetics.

Arcanist Shaco in different designs.

Arcanist Shaco includes seven different chromas that offer a lot of differences among its varieties. The in-game model of the skin looks just as smooth as its splash art, which is something that most skins fail to do. In fact, the version of this skin looks a lot better when looking at it in the game, which should be expected considering it’s a relatively new skin.

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Wild Card Shaco

It only makes sense that Wild Card Shaco makes it into this list. After all, a deck of cards always includes the joker, even though it’s a card that isn’t necessarily used in many games. Just like Shaco, who isn’t always placed in the spotlight despite his other companions in the splash art being popular choices. This skin was released on May 20, 2015, and costs only 750RP.

Shaco in a card-themed costume.

Wild Card Shaco still uses the stereotypical jester theme in this skin, but it can be forgiven considering it’s a good budget option. Also, you can appreciate the added characters in the splash art, such as Ace of Spades Ezreal, Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate, King of Clubs Mordekaiser, and Queen of Diamonds Syndra, who all look pretty classy. Shaco looks pretty out of place, but that’s fine because if they made him look tamer, this would just be another normal skin.

Wild Card Shaco on Summoners Rift.

This skin is pretty old, so you can forgive the lower quality graphics when being compared to his other skins. However, it looks great for the price it has because it takes the very essence of the champion into the core. At the very least, it’s better than Workshop Shaco.

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Masked Shaco

Finally, we have Masked Shaco as the final entry on the list. This skin takes more of an eastern-inspired style rather than the western medieval themes that we usually see in his skins. It’s the perfect choice for players who want something different. This skin was released on January 8, 2013, with a price of 975RP.

Shaco as an eastern-inspired demon jester.

Even though it’s a pretty cheap skin, it has a lot of unique details that you usually wouldn’t associate with Shaco as a champion. Simply looking at the splash art makes you want to learn what kind of game this champion is playing, giving the fans more appreciation towards eastern culture. Masked Shaco is an absolute masterpiece that deserves more recognition.

Masked Shaco on Summoners Rift.

The in-game model looks unique, with the signature mask giving Shaco a different kind of psychopathic aura. Considering it’s a skin that was released a long time ago, it still does the job very well and gives the champion more to look forward to rather than just being another evil clown character on Summoners Rift. Masked Shaco should definitely be a choice that players should consider.

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