Best Sett Skins | LoL

Sett’s the boss when it comes to showing off his fighting skills. For this fighter, it’s only natural to showcase the best Sett skins the game has in store.

Updated on Aug 05, 2023
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Best Sett Skins | LoL

The Boss is ready to take on the strongest enemies that Summoners Rift can throw his way. Sett is a champion that likes a fight, whether he’s on the ring or just watching on the sideline. Take a look at League of Legends’ most extravagant fighter as he showcases the best skins Sett LoL has in store for all of the fans.

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Obsidian Dragon Sett

Right off the bat, we’re showcasing the best Sett skin available, with Obsidian Dragon Sett taking the top spot on this list. This skin features an eastern-fighter style where the black dragon combat style perfectly complements the champion design of Sett. This skin was released on October 1, 2020, with a price tag of 1350RP.


The way of the fist is a heavy theme in many eastern-inspired fantasies, so it only makes sense that Sett is one of the champions that gets featured in this skin series, alongside champions like Lee Sin. The obsidian dragon perfectly showcases Sett’s personality, giving him an arrogant boss feel that acts as a warning for everyone that wants to challenge him. Gold and black are already such good combinations, but the addition of the red aura simply gives it the perfect final touch.


The in-game model is just as good as the splash art. Just the looks of this skin make it seem like its abilities will deal more damage when this cosmetic is equipped. Sett was just released recently as a new champion on Wild Rift, and we’re excited to have this skin included in the following patch notes. Also, Obsidian Dragon Sett has a prestige edition skin that players will want to have for this champion.


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Pool Party Sett

Pool Party Sett is an overall favorite, especially among female League of Legends players, because it simply showcases all of this champion’s best character features. The Pool Party theme is an excellent choice if you’re not interested in those skins that try too hard to look cool. This skin was released on June 9, 2021, costing 1350RP.


Pool Party Braum comes along as a bonus to this skin’s splash art, which is really cool because he’s such a nice guy and took the poro along on their vacation. Players can agree that Sett has a really cool-looking Pool Party skin that simply matches his character in the game. After all, what’s a better vacation for Sett than punching the faces of his enemies? He even looks like a generic Genshin Impact character with this design.


Pool Party Sett includes eight chromas. The main difference in these is the colors and the patterns of the jacket over his waist. The change may seem insignificant, but it still provides a refreshing look in each chroma. This is one of the skins that will definitely be included for this champion on Wild Rift.


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Mecha Kingdoms Sett

Mecha Kingdoms Sett is another perfect skin on the lineup that appeals to mecha fans. Sett is definitely one of those champions that would look great as a gigantic robot that releases an astronomical right punch and an even more powerful left punch. This skin was released alongside Sett’s debut on January 14, 2020, with a price of 1350RP.


Looking at a giant version of Sett as a robot punching a hole into the earth, dealing damage to a huge area, is oddly satisfying. The Mecha Kingdoms skin series is a true love letter to the mecha fans as it takes what makes the genre so appealing to all of its fans. The design of Sett’s mecha suit feels more organic than machine, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it incorporates his character into a completely different world.


Riot Games have outdone themselves with this skin. Whether it’s on the main title or in Wild Rift, Sett looks like a total boss, and this skin doesn’t remove that aspect of his character one bit. If anything, it seems like he’s ready to deal even more damage to his enemies by knuckling them down one by one.


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