What to Do if Stuck on Match Accepted League of Legends

Are you stuck on Match accepted in League of legends? See here what you can do to fix this issue and avoid it in the future. All methods to fix LoL just here!
What to Do if Stuck on Match Accepted League of Legends

How many times you have been in this situation: You're playing a LoL match and league of legends stuck and you see only loading screen issue. This is a common error in League of Legends but there are many reasons it may be happening and some ways you can solve it. 

So, don't worry, we will talk about what to do if you're stuck on a match accepted in League of Legends.

Why is League of Legends stuck?

Before talking about why League of legends stuck, we should mention some of the most relevant moments you may see this issue persists.

Sometimes, it's not possible to do anything at all to avoid the issue, but normally, this issue persists in these moments:

  • While the Champ select phase.
  • While hitting the enemy base.
  • Internet connection issues.
  • While playing with a new League of Legends patch the first time.
  • Some server issues.

The most common moment to face a stuck issue in League of legends, is while the champions select a process. 

It's so normal if you select a champion for the summoner's rift and after that your League of legends client stuck. But, don't worry, here we will explain some things you can do or you know another person that faces this problem.

What to do if League of Legends stuck?

Before talking about some solutions for this issue, you may know that RIOT Games has not released any official solution in case your League of legends stuck on the loading screen or any other issue. 

In case you present any of these issues, try to report it to the RIOT Games support team and you will have an answer as soon as possible.

Stuck on match accepted league of legends

On the other hand, many of the solutions you will see here were given by the League of Legends community by players with the same issue. Also, some solutions for these issues require following command prompt, deactivating game firewall, use the task manager, run dialog box, check user account control settings, check your game files, etc. So, be careful when doing it to avoid any bigger issue.


Use the Task Manager

In case your League of legends stuck on loading screen, then you may close the game to see if this fix the game issue. However, consider that once you re-open the game client, you will have to wait a little bit and you will be playing the game if you pass the champion select. To do this you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your task manager (Press ctrl + alt + supr key)
  2. Check the process tab.
  3. Look for the RIOT Games app.
  4. Close the client launcher app.
  5. Restart the game.
Stuck on match accepted in league of legends

Many players use this option when they are stuck in a league of legends games, however, consider that if you spend too much time to restart your game, you may be penalized if you accept a game but you're AFK for a while. This is the first method you should use to fix any gaming issue regarding LoL. Also, this method can solve the same issue many times.


Change screens refresh rate

In some cases your game is stuck in champion select, you may try changing your screen refresh rate. By doing this you will get a better refresh rate to handle your FPS better while playing League of legends game. However, not all monitors will handle a high refresh rate, so you may try any other method in case you can't use this one. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose “Screen Resolution” from the context menu when you right-click on the desktop.
  2. Click the “Advanced Settings” option.
  3. Select the settings box under “Screen refresh rate”.
Stuck on match accepted league of legends

By changing your screen settings, you may notice your game fluency gets better and setting up the screen refresh rate is an easy process available in any windows and Mac os computer. Improving screen refresh rate is a good way to disable the lack of FPS while playing League of Legends.

Once the screen is fixed, it's common to not see any League of legends loading screen issue.

If you're interested in learning more about the League of legends screen, you may take a look at our guide about how to make league of legends full screen to play your favorite game match and enjoy every moment.


Run the Game as Admin

Another solution to solve League of legends stuck loading screen issue is starting the game as Administrator. This has been a good solution for many players to solve the league of legends stuck loading screen issue and the process is really easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate your game launcher on the desktop.
  2. Right click on League of legends icon.
  3. Select "Run as administrator" option.
Stuck on match accepted league of legends

Wait for a confirmation windows in case of necessary and start the game. Normally this method helps to reduce any issue and avoid the league of legends stuck loading screen issue. Anyway, remember to report any game error to the support team of RIOT.


Fix Game Files

If you're still dealing with the League of legends stuck loading screen issue, then you may use the League of Legends client and your user account control to solve this issue. Don't worry, the process is really easy and this may fix your entire game in case you have the same issue for a long time. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your league of legends client.
  2. Click on the gear icon.
  3. Go to the general tab.
  4. Go to the troubleshooting section.
  5. Click on initiate full repair.
  6. Hit enter to start the process.
Stuck on match accepted league of legends

This process will start to fix all the game files and may take some time. However, once the process is finished all the issues should be fixed and you won't have to deal with the same problem again. This is the best way to avoid the champion select issue from happening, however, if you still have this error, try to contact the support team to tell you what's going on.
Remember: If being stuck at a game affects your team, you will be penalized and can be put inside the low priority queue for leaverbuster. If you want to learn more, take a look at our guide about low priority queue in League of legends.


Delete Config and Logs Files

This is one of the last options you may use to fix any champion select loading screen issue, however, might be a little difficult to follow for people with no high computer skills. But the process is pretty easy, follow these steps:

  1. Open the windows task manager.
  2. Disable or stop any League of legends process.
  3. Locate the League of legends file folder (C:\Riot Games\League of Legends)
  4. Locate logs and config files.
  5. Delete them.
Stuck on match accepted league of legends

You may also use the command prompt to get this process done, but using command prompt can be more difficult. On the other hand, this should fix any starting and gaming loading issue you may have. 

Which improves your gaming experience in windows or mac os system.

If after following these steps you're still having any loading screen issue in the champion select moment or if you accept a new game, then you may follow our last method in this guide.


Reinstall League of Legends

If you're still stuck on loading screen and you wait and wait but the stuck screen is still there, then you may consider reinstalling LoL. 

However, this process to fix League of Legends is not really fast and may take some time depending on your internet connection and PC. 

To do that you just have to follow these single steps:

  1. Open your control panel.
  2. Select uninstall program option.
  3. Select League of Legends and uninstall it. (The process may take some minutes)
  4. After that, open your browser and download League of Legends.
  5. Reinstall it.
Stuck on match accepted league of legends

This should be your last option to fix League of Legends and it should fix any issue most of the time. However, if after doing this you can't fix the issue , consider contacting League of Legends website support teams to solve the problem.

That's all for this article about how to solve the league of legends stuck issue, we hope after this you could play without any bugs. If you'd like to know more about LoL, you can check more posts on our website. Take a look at our guide about how to aim better in LoL, or you may also take a look at our guide about how to mute all in League of Legends.

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