How to Aim Better in League of Legends

Are you having trouble hitting the correct targets in League of Legends? Here are a few tips to improve your aim in the game.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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How to Aim Better in League of Legends

League of Legends may not be an FPS, but a common issue that players experience is difficulty aiming at the right target when trying to land skill shots or simply targeting their auto-attacks on the right unit.

Aside from personal fault, many factors affect your ability to become more accurate at these factors. Let’s learn how to aim better League of Legends edition!

Is Aim Relevant in MOBA Games?

Don’t imagine aim to exclusively mean using a crosshair to target headshots on an enemy. Aim can also be applied in different camera angles since the purpose of aim is to hit an attack or ability on your designated target accurately.

Aiming has and will always be a core mechanic in League of Legends, where most champions have “skill shots” that can be incredibly difficult to land if the player doesn’t have the proper game sense to land them.


Aim is relevant in MOBA games simply because it’s a necessary skill to play decently, especially in the laning phase. Whether you’re trying to last hit a minion or deal damage to an enemy champion, you’ll need a specific level of aim to land your attacks whenever you need them.

It’s a challenging skill to master and may take specific individuals months or even years to master according to their ability to take in information. There are a lot of skills that require you to hit the opponent with precision so that you can increase your damage output.

What Affects Aim in League of Legends?

There are different factors that come into play when your aim is off in League of Legends. Most players will immediately buttume that the player simply lacks a good amount of mechanical skill to land skills shots or select the proper target to secure a kill, but there are other factors that can make it difficult for a player to miss all their abilities on an enemy champion. Whether you play as a mid laner, bot laner, or jungler, you’ll still need to practice your aim to deal more damage and get all minions and improve at farming by increasing your creep score! Here are some factors that affect your aim:

  • High Mouse Sensitivity
  • Unoptimized Gameplay Settings
  • Bad Framerate
  • Poorly Developed Muscle Memory
  • High Ping
  • Lack of Practice

Most of these issues can be easily remedied, while others may have difficulty addressing other issues. Those dedicated to properly hitting enemy champions using their skills consistently may want to learn the different factors that affect your aim. Just like any video game, you’ll only really improve at something when you address the issues head-on.

How to Aim Better in LoL

We’ve already addressed the issues you need to tackle when improving your aim in League of Legends. Now, it’s time to learn about the different ways you can fix these issues so that you can consistently hit enemy minions or champions using your abilities.

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Changing Your Settings

Changing your settings is often a good start to improving your aim in League of Legends. Factors such as unoptimized settings and really high mouse sensitivity can really make it difficult for a player to hit important skill shots accurately.

Input the best settings if you want to make a difference in the game by being able to control your actions a lot easier. It’s up to you how you want to customize it, but we have a few suggestions.


Having lower mouse sensitivity is often the best method whether you’re playing a first-person shooter or a MOBA like LoL.

Next, you may want to activate the setting “Target Champions Only” to ensure that you’re constantly hitting a champion instead of a minion when you’re trying to deal as much damage as possible.

Finally, always have your abilities on Quick Cast so that there’s a shorter delay when you use an skill shot and the animation hits the target that you want.

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Upgrading Your Hardware

Framerate is often the most essential part of any video game, especially in fast-paced PvP games like League of Legends. Having a setup that can’t support at least 60FPS can be problematic because you’re playing at a severe disadvantage.

There’s a considerable delay between the information you’re receiving and the command you’re inputting.


While it’s not easy to buy a decent graphics card and a monitor that can support 75hz gaming and above, we suggest that you invest in a proper rig since you can use it in both work and gaming.

If you’re skeptical about spending more money, just imagine how much money you spent in League of Legends as compared to the price of a new computer. It’s always worth buying good hardware in our generation today. Even something as simple as which mouse you use can mean win or lose.

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Practicing Your Aim

While we don’t exactly have an aim training software or game modes like Aim Lab or a Practice Range, LoL players can still practice how to land skill shots using the Training function in the Practice Game Mode.

Start off by trying to hit a static target dummy while you move your champion from side to side and slowly progress to trying to hit moving targets such as enemy bots or the scuttle crab.

It can help you improve other skills such as map awareness and managing the minion wave that can give you the advantage in certain situations.


A good way to practice your aim is to activate infinite mana and zero cooldowns in the training area and simply spend about 5-15 minutes a day trying to practice your combo while moving around.

This should develop healthy muscle memory of being able to use abilities on the move rather than just trying to hit enemy champions while you’re standing still. You’ll appreciate the improvement once you start playing in higher-level ranked games.

Third-Party Programs to Help Aim

Just like any third-party program that tries to introduce artificial aim buttist, trying to install software that tries to help in even the smallest way in terms of your mechanical actions is considered to be illegal and can result in an account ban or IP ban from Riot Games. There have been reports of players using scripting software to help players dodge and land skill shots a lot easier, but those players often get their accounts banned immediately.

It’s best not to underestimate Riot Games' ability to detect illegal software since they have a dedicated team that’s able to prevent anyone from ruining the integrity of the game. In addition, we don’t suggest trying to download software that claims to be able to help with your aim because there’s a high chance that might result in malicious software being masked as the product you’re trying to get.

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