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Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Lulu

Lulu is the prime example of a utility support champion. However, there are some ADCs she synergizes the best with, and those to avoid when playing her.
Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Lulu

Lulu is a League of Legends support champion that never leaves the meta, as Riot Games just love her, it seems. Her abilities focus on giving her ADCs shields, more damage, and keeping them alive from assassins. Here are the best League of Legends ADC champions in the game, to play with Lulu in the support role.



We have no idea what Riot Games had in mind when designing this ADC champion to add to League of Legends, but it’s one with a kit that is definitely overloaded. 

There is no attack or movement speed with this champion, she is attack and movement speed incarnated, and Lulu thrives when paired with these ADC champions.

League of Legends - Zeri

Zeri is one of the ADC champions whose main build is a tank one. However, the main characteristic of this champion is her speed, both movement speed and attack speed with her Q, which procs Pix.

League of Legends - Zeri in-game

In the lane, Lulu and Zeri are capable of withstanding even the most aggressive support champions and ADCs, and then outscale them heavily.

In a team fight, Zeri is more than capable of surviving on her own, leaving Lulu to do less damage control, and more empowering Zeri, by using her W ability as a speed boost, rather than polymorph.



As the second champion on our list, we have Jinx from Arcane, one of the ADCs in League of Legends with the most snowballing potential. 

Jinx is what is called a hyper-carry in League of Legends, meaning that she has the potential to carry League of Legends games by herself if she gets enough gold.

League of Legends - Arcane Jinx

Jinx’s abilities are, relatively, straightforward, having a poking tool, a trap that roots enemies, and two weapons to choose from with AoE damage or Attack Speed. Her ultimate ability is used to finish fights, with a map-wide range.

League of Legends - Arcane Jinx in-game

With Lulu, the attack speed is, usually, the option players go for, though her rockets also procs the Pix passive Lulu has. In addition, Jinx’s own passive energizes her once she gets a kill, giving her a sizable buff. 

Paired with Lulu, who can keep Jinx alive to that point, and then empower her even further, as soon as Jinx gets a kill in team fights, with a good Lulu at her side, the fight is as good as won.



Twitch is the easiest ADC to kill in League of Legends, when it comes to his defensive stats, in both the early and late game. 

Good thing, then, that Lulu can polymorph the enemy team whenever they go for an all-in, stopping them from doing anything, long enough for Twitch to make his escape.

In a team fight, Twitch’s main strength is his ultimate, which procs Pix. 

The main counter the enemies can have against that is to kill Twitch as quickly as possible. With Lulu there, a polymorph, Ultimate to knock back enemies, and E ability shield at her side, there is zero chance of that happening.

The only other support who works this well with Twitch in League of Legends, is Yuumi, and that is due to different reasons entirely. When it comes to ADC Twitch, this is the best ADC for Lulu League of Legends has to offer, and vice versa.



When it comes to Lulu, while she can be paired with ADCs whorely on a singular auto attack to deal a lot of damage, like Jhin and Draven, she works the best with those that attack quickly. And Ashe, one of the first Riot Games champions, falls under that category as well.

Ashe is a champion that has an inbuilt slow in her kit, making kiting far easier for those playing her, and making Lulu’s job easier as well.

However, the main synergy of this pair comes from Ashe’s Q ability, which stacks Focus stacks. Upon consuming those, her attack damage and speed are increased and paired with the E from Lulu, making her someone you cannot approach, nor run away from.



While we stated that Twitch is the best ADC for Lulu in League of Legends, we meant that while taking into account the synergy of Lulu covering Twitch’s weaknesses, rather than empowering him completely.

League of Legends - Lion Dance Kog'Maw

Lulu has a completely different playstyle with Kog’Maw, who deals damage from the front, with pure auto attacks, and masterful kiting.

League of Legends - Lion Dance Kog'Maw in-game

In the current meta in League of Legends, courtesy of Riot Games, there is no better scaling pair in the bot lane than Kog’Maw Lulu. 

Once they reach their Mythic items, the rest of the item build is almost irrelevant, as Kog’Maw and the Fae Sorceress are unstoppable unless you’re very fed.

Even then, enemies can only try to break through the shield that Lulu gives to an ally champion, usually, the ADC as Kog’Maw is always the win condition in any League of Legends game while getting pelted by his auto attacks.



Vayne’s every third auto attack deals bonus true damage to enemies, making her able to shred even the best tank champions designed by Riot Games, allowing her item build to be Shieldbow and increase her survivability. Add to that Lulu’s shield, and this is an ADC that is hard to shut down.

League of Legends - PROJECT: Vayne

Vayne relies on her passive to deal damage. With Lulu’s help, though, that damage is increased by a lot. In addition, if Vayne ever gets locked down, with Lulu at her side, she has a chance to live long enough to go back into stealth.

League of Legends - PROJECT: Vayne in-game

The one issue Vayne has lies in the fact that she is one of the hard to master champions, but if you manage that, her late game scaling, with a late-game item build, is incredible. But, with enchanter supports like Lulu, the play style of this champion gets much easier and simpler, and so does having to carry games from the bot lane.

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