The oldest champions of each LoL role

Take a trip down memory lane, away from new champions such as the Ruined King and Renata Glasc, and take a look at the oldest LoL champions in the game.
The oldest champions of each LoL role

League of Legends, as a MOBA, was the first to implement a five-role system, of a top lane frontline, a marksman ADC, a utility-based champion as a support, a roaming DPS in the mid lane, and a self-sustaining champion in the jungle. Here we bring you the oldest League of Legends champions that have paved the way for this system.



The Mad Chemist is the oldest champion in League of Legends, with multiple sources from Riot Games confirming him to be the first champion that was designed for the game. Though he does not fit the archetype of a typical tank, Singed is a frontline specialist that inflicts magic damage with his poison trailing behind him, while his passive ability originally granted him bonus health based on his maximum mana pool.

As part of the original 40 League of Legends champions, Singed was added to the game on February 21, 2009. Now priced at 450 Blue Essence, the original currency used was IP, with the same price. And speaking of value, this is one of the champions whose best skins fetch quite a price, even in their old age.

Singed, as his moniker describes him, is a Mad Chemist. He is the sole reason Warwick exists in the game, and the indirect destroyer of Irelia’s homeland with his chemical weapons, which prompted Zed to take up arms and leave the shadows. It is only fitting that the oldest League of Legends champion is the one responsible for the backstories of so many others that come after him.


Twisted Fate

What is the best quality any mid lane champion may possess? Is it magic damage? Perhaps crowd control, or even burst damage whether it’s of the physical or magical kind? Faker places Twisted Fate as the best mid lane champion for beginners, and answers these questions. The answer is, all of the above, with a balance to match. Twisted Fate’s importance to the game is even larger considering he holds the rarest skin in League of Legends, PAX Twisted Fate.

Twisted Fate joined Singed in the game on February 21, 2009. However, as a more elite champion, his price is at 1350 Blue Essence. His design takes obvious inspiration from Marvel’s Gambit, a member of the X-Men franchise.

While Annie, with the passive part of her Q ability, teaches players how to farm, Twisted Fate is the mid lane champion that teaches players everything else. His abilities must be perfectly rotated to have a maximum impact, while his ultimate is a ganking tool that used to span the whole map, teaching players about map awareness. For this reason Twisted Fate was included in Wild Rift as well.

Master Yi

League of Legends champions have come a long way from their humble roots. Not Master Yi though. This jungler has been, pretty much, the same from the start. The damage from his Alpha Strike ability struck fear into both squishy and tanky champions alike, and even his healing W ability used to scale with ability power making him an indestructible juggernaut. Ah, the good old days of non-existing balance.

Master Yi joined the game at the same time as the other original forty LoL champions, with his simple kit, relative to mechanically intensive junglers like Lee Sin, for example, giving him the low price of 450 Blue Essence, or IP as it was then called.

Unlike today, with the draft pick being the norm, blind pick ruled the early days of League of Legends. There was no counter-picking against Master Yi, only trying to survive. The only jungler capable of stopping this damaging force of nature was Rammus, and even this champion relic has received a rework recently, leaving Master Yi’s kit in the proverbial dust, with the latest update to Master Yi being a new skin to his collection.



In the early days of League of Legends, if you thought of an ADC, you thought of no one else but Ashe. A Freljordian queen by lore, this archetypical, bow and arrow-wielding, marksman set the pace for consistent damage in the game for years. Don’t let her updated looks deceive you, this is an old champion, with her Legacy skins capable of backing that claim.

Ashe was released on February 29, 2009, sharing the date of the other champions on this list. The price for unlocking this champion is 450 Blue Essence, but she is one of the few League of Legends champions that no early players had to unlock. The first iteration of the League of Legends tutorial would award you three champions, and those were Ashe, Ryze, and Garen. As such, Ashe is an integral part of the game, much more than any other champion on our list.

Due to Ashe being a free champion for years, the majority of the player base has learned to play her to some extent. With damage scaling in the early days of League of Legends being what it is, having Ashe on your team meant that you had a chance of killing the enemy tanks and front-liners with sustained damage output, born of her attack speed. Riot games are trying to emulate this success by featuring her in Wild Rift as well.


Every ADC needs a good frontline, and not just in late-game, but in lane as well. Alistar was the best engage support champion in the early days of League of Legends. even now, this is a relevant champion amongst new support champions, like the newly announced Ranata Glasc, and their overtuned kits, showing just how much of an impact he had all those years ago.

While Alistar could be bought in the game’s store for 1350 Blue Essence, or Influence Points, there was an easier and more profitable way of acquiring this champion. By buying the Collector’s Edition of the game, you would own what is today one of the most expensive skins in League of Legends, Black Alistar.

Alistar is a minotaur. Their lore and job is straightforward, using their horns to ram enemies and their fists to smash them. However, before the Lee Sin bcycle kick mechanic was figured out, Alistar had the game’s first combo move. The combo of Alistar’s W and Q abillites was not intended to be possible of accomplishing, but it changed League of Legends forever.

Some League of Legends champions are better than others. New abilities and kits are leaving the older champions behind. However, some of the older champions have been such an integral part of the game, and shaped it in such a way, that Riot Games cannot let them rot.

These are the oldest League of Legends champions, the very best ones in their respective roles. For more lists featuring League of Legends champions, their best skins, and the way to acquire them, visit our main hub and find what suits you the best.

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