The Rarest Skins in LoL

League of Legends skins offer no advantage, aside from making your champion look better than the rest, but is enough to make them highly sought after.

rarest lol skins
rarest lol skins

The main way to spend money in League of Legends, and the main income of Riot Games, is to buy champion skins. Those skins don’t give and in-game advanatage to players, however, they do offer some prestige. Especially the rare ones that money can’t buy, and we have the rarest right here on our list.

PAX Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is the mid lane champion players use when they wish to learn the role. He is also one of the few that have a Wild Rift exclusive skin. However, it’s his PAX Twisted Fate skin that truly takes the cake in rarity, as one of the rarest League of Legends skins, due to its age and the way of acquiring it.

The PAX Twisted Fate skin was released on September 03, 2009. The skin itself is older than the majority of League of Legends champions. In addition, PAX Twisted Fate has never had a price.

The PAX Twisted Fate skin is part of the PAX skin line, sharing it with other champion skins, such as PAX Jax. Being a promotional and event-limited skin, the PAX Twisted Fate skin was given away at gaming conventions and events and has not, is not and will never be available for purchase in the in-game store. PAX Twisted Fate could only be unlocked by a code given out at Penny Arcade Expo, also known as PAX, held in 2009.

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Black Alistar

While there are some differences between a skin’s rarity, demand and price of acquiring an account, making some less rare skins worth more, there is no doubt that the Black Alistar skin is the rarest skin in League of Legends.

Based on its release date, the Black Alistar skin is the first non-Classic or Original champion skin ever released in League of Legends, being released on June 13, 2009. The skin had no in-game price, and never will. Instead as one of the four Collector's Edition skins, the Black Alistar skin was only obtainable through digital or retail Collector's Edition packs.

In particular, the Black Alistar skin was only obtainable via the Retail Collector’s Edition pack, alongside the Goth Annie, Silver Kayle and Young Ryze skins. Per some numbers gleaned from Riot Games, there are only one thousand League of Legends accounts with the Black Alistar skin available for use in-game.

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Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle is the only skin in Kayle’s skin collection that is older than Viridian Kayle. Though the skin is as old as the champion, and the game, itself, the skin’s rarity is what gives it value, as it is one of the rarest skins in League of Legends.

The Silver Kayle skin was released on November 13, 2009. The skin has no price attached to it, as it was given to players who purchased the Retail Collector’s Edition for League of Legends. As such, this skin can no longer be acquired in League of Legends. We do see a theme Riot Games were going for in the early history of the game, with skins’ names being a mere color prefix to the champions’ names.

The Silver Kayle skin takes the usual golden color scheme of the champion, to its namesake of silver. While its rarity cannot be comparable to the Black Alistar skin, due to the champion’s early popularity making more players choose it over the Black Alistar skin, there is still worth in owning it. Besides the prestige that owning such a rare champion skin brings, the Silver Kayle skin is, perhaps, the best Kayle skin to use in-game, with the champion’s rework and new playstyle.

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Championship Riven

The Championship Riven skin was only obtainable through purchase in the old League of Legends in-game store during 2012 as well as for free via achieving a perfect pick in Worlds Pick'em 2015. As such, the original Championship Riven skin, not the one from 2016, is one of the rarest LoL skins.

The Championship Riven skin was added to her skin collection in celebration of the Season 2 League of Legends World Championship, on October 13, 2012. The skin was originally a Normal rated one, and was then reworked into the rare skin we know today.

Unlike other Championship skins, Championship Riven holds the unique distinction of being the only Limited Edition Championship skin, as the others are Legacy skins. The skin’s design revolves around Roman numerals, with the numbers I and II being displayed when Riven uses her various abilities.

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King Rammus

If there is one champion in League of Legends whose mains do not particularly care about his skins, and whose in-game voice lines are as bland as can be, it would be Rammus. However, the King Rammus skin remains as one of the rarest LoL skins in the game.

The King Rammus skin was released on October 20, 2009. It brings no special updates to the base champion design, aside from certain visual updates to the champion model, that only the most discerning players will be able to see.

The King Rammus champion skin is based on Bowser, the antagonist from the Mario Franchise. With both of them being large, turtle-looking beings, with spikes on their back, it comes as no surprise that the skin does not offer large updates. The skin’s rarity makes up for that shortcoming, however, as the King Rammus skin was only available to be redeemed in the in-game store by players that participated in the League of Legends Closed Beta test.

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Young Ryze

If there is one word that describes this League of Legends champion, it would be “rework”. Ryze is the League of Legends champion with the largest amount of reworks. However, that is not his only gimmick, as he also possesses the Young Ryze skin, one of the rarest LoL skins in the game, with only his Triumphant Ryze skin being even rarer.

The Young Ryze skin was added to the game on July 17, 2009. It was not possible to purchase this skin via the in-game store, rather, players had to buy the Retail Collector’s Edition pack to acquire it. Something that Riot Games no longer sell.

Ryze is a seeker and keeper of dangerous artifacts found on Runeterra, with the Runes being his primary focus. The Young Ryze skin gives him a new champion model, showing us what he Ryze looked like before he was influenced by the magical forces and turned into the champion we know today, during his adventures.

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Imagine yourself playing top-lane, the lane with the greatest danger of getting run down by the enemy champion, and seeing the enemy player locking in Jax. Not just with any Jax skin, but with the PAX Jax skin, showing his mastery of the champion, as one of the rarest LoL skins.

The PAX Jax skin was released on March 26, 2010. While it’s not as old as the PAX Twisted Fate skin, it follows the same principle of being awarded during the PAX Events of 2010 and 2011.

This skin references the Cardboard Tube Samurai from Penny Arcade. The PAX Jax splash art and in-game model bear an emblem on the front and back of his clothing that resembles Pac-Man.

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Grey Warwick

Being one of the original forty League of Legends champions has not deterred Warwick from making an impact on the game in both the current meta, the client, and the lore. Alongside his fellow animal-inspired champion, Twitch, they each hold one of the rarest LoL skins.

The Grey Warwick skin follows the mentioned skin theme Riot Games employed early after the game’s release, in giving champions new skins based on a color scheme. The skin itself was released on July 9, 2010, with no RP price attached.

The Grey Warwick skin used to be obtainable through the Refer-A-Friend mechanic, back when League of Legends needed something like that to attract new players, but since it was discontinued on September 5, 2015, it can now be obtained through Level 5 Honor capsules, or crafting it in the item shop with the Honor tokens, alongside Twitch’s Medieval Twitch skin.

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Where there is demand, people will inevitably find a supply. Such is the way of the world, and trade. League of Legends is no different. The most lucrative income Riot Games have is the selling of champion skins. The rarest ones can not be purchased so easily, however, and can only be won through skill or luck. Today, the accounts with those skins are, illegally according to Riot Games who frown on the practice, being sold for quite the amount of money.

If you are one of the lucky, skilled, or old League of Legends players, in your possession is something worth more than money, however. And that is the prestige those skins give you, whenever you enter the Rift.

Rarity, while valuable, is not everything when it comes to skins. League of Legends champions have more than just the unobtainable ones, but also the ones that make the champion transcend from its base design into something more. To see the best champion skins LoL has to offer, take a look at our main hub of all top lol skins.