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How Old is My LoL Account?

With so many players in League of Legends these days, it’s normal for others, especially veterans to be curious about the age of their account.
How Old is My LoL Account?

How to Know the Age of League of Legends Accounts?

It’s been 13 years since Riot Games released League of Legends, with its full name being League of Legends Clash of Fates, as a competitor to DOTA. Despite the passage of time, the MOBA is still very much alive and has millions of players worldwide.

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The annual professional LoL championship tournament hosted by Riot Games, the League of Legends World Championship, features millions of spectators who watch teams compete for the grand title of being the winner and getting the Summoner’s Cup.

While LoL didn’t have these numbers in player count, that number escalated quickly. If you’re one of the players playing League of Legends for a decade or so, it’s normal to be curious about your League account’s age. By doing so, you’ll not only know how many years you’ve put into this game, but it’ll also help determine the value of your account should you plan to sell it.


Requesting Account Data from Riot Games

Much like in other online games, there’s a support team in Riot Games that should help you with everything regarding this matter or any other issues you may have.

League of Legends - Support ticket

So don’t hesitate to contact them to know your LoL account’s age:

  1. Start by submitting a ticket and making a data request.
  2. Wait for confirmation from the support team.
  3. Receive the data pack sent by Riot Games.
  4. Get the latest Mac OS or Windows and view the files in your native text editor.
  5. Peruse the Account Data Files
League of Legends - Questionnaire

Thanks to the Californian Privacy act and EU GDPR laws, you can request your data from Riot Games without any problems. They’re obliged to provide you with the information they’re storing in your account; this includes the chat messages with dates. This is a foolproof way to check the age of your account if you’re located in California and the European Union. If you’re living outside of those places, your mileage may vary.


Sift Through Your E-mails

The easiest, and most convenient method to check how old your League of Legends account is is to check your e-mails. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the e-mail account you used to register to League of Legends
  2. Type “Riot ID,” “Riot Games,” or “Welcome to League” in the search bar to find the e-mails that Riot Games sent you over the years.
  3. If this didn’t work, try filtering your search on your dashboard by selecting “Any Time” and “From.” You could also try directly typing Riot’s e-mail address.
League of Legends - E-mail

Checking your e-mails is quick and easy, but there’s a caveat. This method won’t be a solution for you if you’re a person who deletes their mailbox regularly. Plus, if your account is ancient, in the realm of 11-13 years old, finding the e-mail is slim.


Using Third-Party Statistic Websites

If checking your e-mails or talking to Riot Games’ support team doesn’t work out, fear not; you can keep digging. There are great third-party websites and software that can show the details of your LoL account, such as how many wins you have, your KDA average, your performance on certain champions, etc.

Third Party Site - Match History

You can browse through these websites to find the date of your first game in League of Legends. It’s less likely that the first game you played in your account will be the first day you created your account, but at the very least, this gives you a good idea about what year you created it.

What Does League of Legends Account Data Contain?

Aside from all monetary purchases you made with your account, referring to those made with Riot Points instead of Blue Essence, the Account Data also contains:

  • All store transactions (skins, champions, icons, etc.)
  • Your Summoner name, server, and username
  • Your registered date of birth
  • Phone number attached to your account
  • Login history for the past three months
  • Account modifications for the past three months
  • Player Support ticket history
  • Aggregate report history, including reports made and received from the last three months (or the last 100 games you’ve played)
  • In-game chat lots for the past three months, or the last 100 games you’ve played.
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