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What is the Average Age of LoL Players

League of Legends, as time goes on, is becoming less and less of a young man’s game.
What is the Average Age of LoL Players

Many of us started our League of Legends journey twelve years ago, and have stayed with the game for all that time. This makes it so that the game’s player base has grown in its median age by quite a bit over the years, and the trend is unlikely to stop any time soon.

How Old is the Average LoL Player?

League of Legends launched all the way back in 2009, from its humble roots in an indie Riot Games company based in California. Nowadays, League of Legends has become a phenomenon, however, some things have yet to change.

Namely, the main change not yet in the game lies in its actual players. Most of the League of Legends players in the last few years are the veterans of the game, compared to the number of new arrivals, culminating in the average LoL player age being around the 26-year-old mark.

What Age Group is League of Legends for?

According to the terms of service, League of Legends players must be at least 13 years of age to play the game. It used to be higher, but to conform the game to lower ratings, Riot Games instated changes such as removing Graves’ cigar and other cosmetic changes.

13 - 1712%
18 - 2437%
25 - 3440%
35 - 4011%

It didn’t change much in the end, as only 12 percent of LoL players are in the 13-17 year group, with other age groups being far more dominant, with the 25 to 34-year-old players having the biggest presence among the League of Legends player base!

What is the Average Age of LoL Esports Players?

According to a survey conducted by ESPN in 2018, the average age of professional League of Legends eSports players is 21.2 years old. Compared to other major sports, those comparable in fans to the League of Legends eSports scene, the median age is far lower.

League of Legends - Professional eSports player The Shy

There are a number of reasons for this to happen, however, one skews the percentages immensely. Namely the average retirement age of LoL eSports players, observed across all professional competing teams, is 25 years old. These players retire due to various factors, some of which are more myth than fact, but are still present:

  • Loss of hand-eye coordination with age
  • Unreliability of job opportunities
  • Lower tournament rewards
  • Focusing on building a personal brand

Whatever the case may be out of all of these, the fact of the matter is that professional League of Legends players, and their teams, are always bringing in new blood, with the veterans going the way of streaming and merchandise selling.

Who is the Youngest Professional LoL Esports Player?

Ascertaining who became the youngest League of Legends eSports player is difficult, due to the lax rules in the early 2010s regarding the LoL esports scene.

League League of Legends - Professional eSports player Clozer

However, signing a contract still requires a person to be of age and, up until now, the youngest League of Legends pro players have all been 17 years old, with Clozer being the most recent young mid-lane prodigy joining the LoL eSports scene in 2020.

Who is the Oldest Professional LoL Esports Player?

When it comes to the oldest professional League of Legends players, ascertaining that is even more difficult, as the early League of Legends tournaments have, technically, made all the participants professional gamers for a day or two.

League League of Legends - Professional eSports player BrTT

Still, of the most famous, and professional players in spirit and not just technicality, the oldest League of Legends pro is currently BrTT, an ADC from Brazil, at 31 years of age. Just how old 30 years is in the LoL eSports scene says the fact that he is called “dad” by his fans in Brazil, due to his, apparently, old age.

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