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As the ranged champion that he is, Graves has an ability kit that players can take advantage of, especially in the Jungle, where he’s played the most.

best skins graves
best skins graves


In case you didn’t know his full name is Malcolm Graves, although Riot Games introduced him by only his last name. He’s a gambler, mercenary, thief, and all the things that can cause trouble to others. Graves joined the League of Legends pool of champions in 2011, he’s a jungler who deals physical damage with abilities that, if used correctly in any team fight, can cause as much trouble for the enemy champions as those he has robbed in the past. He has received several skins throughout the years ever since he became available, and here, we’ll show you the best ones.

Jailbreak Graves

Usually, when a champion is released a skin is also put out for the newcomer, in the case of Graves, he got two skins, on 19th October 2011, the first one, was “Hired Gun Graves”, and the second, Jailbreak Graves.

Although Jailbreak Graves and its sibling skin are different in aspect, they do share some similarities, as none of them add any new particles or animations for the marksman. But to establish some contrast, it’s worth mentioning that although Jailbreak Graves doesn’t belong to any ski universe, it’s a Legacy skin, which makes it somewhat exclusive.

On the other hand, Hired Gun Graves does belong to a universe of skin, with the splash art created by Kienan “Knockwurst” Lafferty. Although it’s a Legacy skin, Jailbreak Graves isn’t obtainable anymore, since it was removed from the Legacy vault in 2015.

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Pool Party Graves

Although Pool Party Graves goes around in the Summoners Rift shirtless, that won’t stop him from stacking defense thanks to his true grit when taking damage in the jungle. The artist of the splash art of this skin remains unknown but did a great job showing an unexpected side of Graves.

The skin arrived on 9th August 2013, making it the fifth skin Graves had received after two years of his release, Mafia Graves having been one of them, but truth to be told, the official name of Mafia Graves is actually “Crime City Graves”, because he looks as if he’s part of a gang, players often refer to him as “Mafia Graves”.

The price for this skin that also has six chromas available is 1350 RP, the chromas apart from changing the color palette of the skin, of them also add a tank top or a crop top to graves depending on which one you choose. The aspect adds to the marksman new particles and animations for him that look quite nice and not harmful at all.

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Cutthroat Graves

In the Bilge Waters universe of skin Graves will take care of anything or anyone you want to cause harm with a huge fashionable explosion. The splash art of this skin, which was created by Christian Fell, shows us Cutthroat Graves and Twisted fate, escaping from the troubles they most likely caused.

Summoners can get Cutthroat Graves for only 750 RP, but it isn’t that amazing because it doesn’t have anything special besides the new look for the champion and splash art.

Unless you like this skin and want to play alongside your friend who also has this version for Twisted Fate, then go for it, the good news is that, if you want to take your skin-matched games everywere, LoL: Wild Rift has available these skins for both Graves and his friend.

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Battle Professor Graves

The military of Durandal had the fortune to have a soldier as mighty as Graves back in the days, in the present though, he’s now a Battle Professor, who, in one of his retirement days received the invitation from the God-weapon to teach at the Battle Academia in Durandal.

Battle Professor Graves came out on 15 May 2019, this is another Graves’ skin that’s quite complex due to all it offers, it counts with a voice filter, news visual and sound effects, as well as new animations and eight chromas to customize the colors of the marksman.

The Battle Academia universe of skins is rich and every one of them has stunning splash arts where champions feature one another. This one, you can get for 1350 RP, which is an excellent price for skin as complete as Battle Professor he is. Also, for those League of Legends: Wild Rift players out there, the good news is that this skin is also available in the mobile version of the game.

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Riot Graves

Riot Graves is a skin that was only obtainable for those who attended a Riot Games even in 2012, the description of the skin says it was also obtainable after meeting a Rioter, but that was probably not the case (sarcasm).

The skin was available on 16th September 2012 for 975 RP, this is a Legacy skin that is no longer available and it was the most recent Legacy skin for him before the arrival of Snow Day Graves appeared, it shows Graves in the middle of the madness of a riot looking imposing and ready to shoot.

In the rift the skin looks ok, even though it doesn’t have any new particles or animations, Riot Graves still looks good enough to use the skin in a match or two.

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Sentinel Graves

Surprisingly enough, Graves joined the Sentinels of Light universe of skin on 22nd July 2021. This edition of Graves is the latest skin the champion has received and it suits him perfectly. The splash art was created by Horace “Hozure” Hsu and its price is 1820 RP.

Sentinel Graves features some new visual and sound effects that match the aesthetic of the Sentinels of Light, he also has some new animations and a new voice-over, this skin replaces the voice-over of Kyle Hebert for the one of Fred Tatasciore.

The marksman joined the Sentinels of Lights for the sole reason of having a world and people to steal from, now that the Ruined King is getting in his way of robbing he has decided to do something about him and his army.

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Graves is an effective character to play in the jungle, when used properly his skills allow him to enter and leave team fights quickly, doing tons of damage, waiting for the right moment to guarantee an enemy kill. He’s also great for ganks that champions such as Gwen could use a lot since she’s played in the mid lane or in the top and whose best Gewn skins you can discover here.

Gwen is an assassin, but there are several other types of League of Legends champions and you can find the best skins for each character here.