How to Get Free Chests | LoL

Hextech chests are an amazing way to start getting skins in League of Legends but, do you know how to get free chests LoL? Discover all ways now!
How to Get Free Chests | LoL

League of Legends is an amazing 5vs5 multiplayer game that allows you to test your skills as a strategist and champion player in a unique experience, and best of all, you have many items that you can acquire for free to make the game even more fun. 

Today we will talk about how to get free chests LoL easily and quickly while enjoying your favorite game.

League of Legends stands out for giving its players multiple ways to acquire skins, champions, icons and much more for free, however, make no mistake, RIOT Games is still a company that depends on players spending money (mainly to acquire RP), so the free ways to acquire chests in the game can take time. Without further ado, how to get free chests in League of Legends:

How to get chests in LoL?

To get chests in League of Legends, you have two options. In the paid option, which requires you to go to the in-game store to the "loot" section and purchase the number of chests you want starting at 125 RP, you can also get a masterwork chest, but they are more expensive. 

This is a pretty easy option for most players, however if you don't want to spend money on the game then you can go for the next option.

how to get free chests lol

On the other hand, to acquire chests in League of Legends for free, you need a couple of things, including patience, skill, and some luck so that you can get the free skin fragment you want for your favorite champion and get it by using blue essence. 

We explain a little better what the free ways to get chests in League of Legends consists of quickly and easily.

How to get free hextech chests in League of Legends?

There are multiple methods to acquire free chests in League of Legends, all of them will guarantee you hours of fun while you polish your skills in the game and share with your friends. 

how to get free chests lol

However, there are several limitations to the amount of chests you can win for free, at the end of the day, if RIOT Games gave away chests very often they would practically not earn money, here are three methods to win chests in lol for free:


Method #1: Get at least an S- when playing matches

Hextech Chests are a type of special Hextech Crafting loot that can only be obtained for free by earning an S-, S, or S+ rank performance in LoL matches with your preferred champion. You can take a look at our section of the corresponding guide to know how to reach this mastery score easily.

how to get free chests in lol

Please note that there are several rules and restrictions that apply to obtaining chests, they are as follows:

  • Chests can only be earned once per eligible champion in a season (you can see which champion you've already earned their chest with in the "Champions" tab of the collection section of the client).
  • Chests are only won with a champion that you have permanently unlocked (free weekly rotation does not apply).
  • Each player has a slot of four hextech chests in their profile that they can store. Every 7 days there are new chests available (the ones bought with RP do not count towards this limit, up to 40 can be bought per day maximum).

As you can see, the only way to win chests is by achieving S- grade or higher in your matchmade games using a permanent champion. Now, there is a little trick that many do not know, and that is that if you play with friends who achieve this score at the end of the games, then you will also get a chest for your inventory as a gift.

get free chests lol

That is, it is not necessary that you have to achieve the S-grade or higher, as long as one of your friends achieves it, you will all receive a chest as a reward. This makes it much easier to get them, especially if you have friends who play League very well, so try to take advantage of this method to get more chests quickly.

Note: You can also receive S-,S or S+ score by playing Aram games and Urf games, not only the rift will give you chests, and even sometimes getting a high score in Aram and Urf is really easy. Take a look at our best champions urf LoL list to dominate this game mode!


Method #2: Take advantage of special events

Apart from this, it should be mentioned that on rare occasions, during LoL temporary events, Riot Games includes missions and challenges that can reward free chests. Don't forget to check the quests that are available often to see if you can get more chests using this alternative method.

how to get free chest lol

Riot Games also wants you to see all the games of their tournaments, and for that they offer rewards whenever possible. Among these rewards you can get at least one Hextech chest for quests, and you can even leave these tournament games in the background if you don't have enough time to watch them.

This type of gifts is common when the Worlds tournament is about to start and also at the beginning of the different LoL leagues (LCK, LEC, LLA, etc), so make the most of when these events are available to get as many hextech chest and free skin as you can in League of Legends.


Method #3: Earn RP for free and get your chest

We already mentioned that the chests have a fairly low RP cost when compared to a skin in League of Legends. Best of all, there are many ways to earn free RP LoL easily and quickly, so you can take advantage and get as many hextech chest and masterwork chest as possible.

how to get free chest in lol

Among some of the applications that you can use to obtain free RP are freecash and vloot, they are incredible options if what you are interested in is acquiring hextech chests or masterwork chest without the monthly limitations of League of Legends. You can also check our guide about how to get free RP in LoL if you want to know a little more!

How To Open Your League of Legends Chests?

Once you have hextech chests in your inventory, you'll quickly realize that you can't actually open them without a hextech key. These keys are created or forged by combining three key fragments in crafting.

how to get free chest league of legends

So, the correct question would be: how do you get free key fragments?

  • Key Fragments can be earned periodically by raising your Honor Level and keeping it high over time.
  • You need to be Honor Level 2 or higher in order to receive the Key Fragment rewards.
  • Note that you can get up to 12 key fragments in a maximum of 4 weeks (the frequency in which they are obtained throughout a month is spread evenly). After 4 weeks, the counter resets.
  • So if you want to get hold of key shards so you can forge hextech keys, you're going to have to dedicate yourself to playing in a positive way, without being toxic, to improve your honor and receive the rewards of this system for your good behavior.

What Can You Receive in a Chest in League of Legends?

Whether you have decided to buy your hextech legendary chest or have been skilled enough to get an S- in a game, you probably want to know what are the probabilities of the rewards you can get in your chests, and those are:

  • Skin Shard (50%)
  • Champion Shard (also available on a champion capsule) (25%)
  • permanent emoticon (10%)
  • Guardian Skin Shard + 150 additional Orange Essence (11.5%)
  • Summoner Icon Fragment + 150 additional Orange Essence (3.5%)
  • Gemstone (mandatory if you want to get any hextech skin) (3.6%)
  • Bonus chest + key (10%)

Note: Gemstones are really weird to appear on hextech chests, so if you’re looking for hextech skins then you will spend a lot of time to get them. Hextech skins are one of the most exclusive and rare skins in the game, consider yourself lucky if you have any hextech skins.

how to get free chest in league of legends

Now you know multiple ways to get free chests and orange essence in League of Legends, although some options may require skill and a lot of patience, it is a good option to get new skin fragments or any champion for free.

Remember that it is also important to maintain an acceptable behavior, without toxicity or insults within League of Legends in order to receive the keys of the chests more frequently and thus ensure that you can open them.

You can also take a look at our most popular skins LoL list, so you can be sure you receive a very nice champion skin shard in your chest and get the complete skin by using blue essence.

We hope that this content has been useful, you can also take a look at our guide to choose good League of Legends names in case you want to have a name that intimidates your opponents and by which they remember you in the game. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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