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Best Heimerdinger Skins | LoL

This scientific yordle has the brightest mind Piltover has had the privilege to meet and witness his inventions.
Best Heimerdinger Skins | LoL

Heimerdinger is a very old champion in League of Legends, despite that, Riot Games hasn’t bothered to put that many skins available for him, and to be fair, he would be a great fit in many alternate skin universes. 

He’s a ranged champion who deals magic damage, has decent support capabilities but is often played on the mid lane or the top lane. 

Heimerdinger was released on 10th October 2009 during patch V0.9.25.34, that year he received two skins, something to know about his skins is how all many of them have a transforming feature, which changes the aspect of the skin as he gains levels in the rift, here, we’ll tell you what are his best ones.


Piltover Customs Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger joins the unusual skin universe called Piltover Customs of which Corki and Blitzcrank are also part, the champions mentioned are the only ones that are part of it.

It is usual for champions to have a skin available for them the same day they arrive at League of Legends, but in the case of Heimerdinger, Riot Games started to grant him skins Almost a year after his release. In 2010 he received several skins such as Alien Invader Heimerdinger (1850 RP), Blast Zone Heimerdinger (520 RP), and Piltover Customs Heimerdinger (975 RP).

The Piltover Customs version of Heimerdinger is the one that stands out the most out of the three skins released in 2010 for him, something interesting to notice is the fact that besides all of these skins do have new visual and sound effects, they all also have a transformative capability, which means the skin of the champion will change as summoners level them up.

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A year later, after obtaining three skins, Heimerdinger joined the Snowdown Showdown-themed skins as a snowman or better said, snowyordle. Turns out that a magic hat brought him to life in this universe and he will use all of his cleverness to know everything about the Snowdown sciences.

Snowmerdinger is the second Legacy skin Heimerdinger has had, the first one was Alien Invader Heimerdinger but this one was removed from the Legacy Vault, which means it’s not obtainable anymore. On the other hand, Snowmerdinger is still available and summoners can get it for 975 RP.

This skin, like the ones mentioned so far, has transformative properties, which means summoners will see changes in Heimerdinger while they use this skin in the Rift.

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Hazmat Heimerdinger

Two years after Snowmerdinger, now we see him in the Day Job universe of skins, Hazmat Heimerdinger arrived on 13th July 2014, bringing the toxic waste to his new effects.

This skin includes for the champion, as mentioned, new skins, and also it has some new animations, making this one the first skin to ever include new animations for Heimerdinger, as well as the previous ones it transforms as the mid laner gains levels.

For those who want to have this version of Heimerdinger, you can go to the store and purchase it for only 975 RP, which is an excellent price for a skin that offers enough.

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Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Four years after the previous skin, Riot Games gave our favorite smart yordle a new skin that belongs to the Dragon World-themed skins, the official date of release was on 11th October 2018.

Many things are different for him with this skin, for starters, and one of the big surprises is the fact that his voice actor was changed, he also has new particles and animations which are nice.

Another big change for the mid-laner is that this is the first skin of Heimerdinger that doesn’t transform as he gains levels in the Summoner’s Rift. This is one of the most unique skins Heimerdinger has, and its price of 1820 RP proves it.

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Pool Party Heimerdinger

Now that he seems to take a rest from technological inventions, Pool Party Heimerdinger will focus on building the most stunning sandcastle ever, if only Syndra wouldn’t land on it again while playing volleyball…

This is the latest skin Heimerdinger has gotten and so far is visually the best, it has some nice and fun particles that fit perfectly the theme of the skin and make his rockets look not so harmful at all.

The animations for this skin feel fresh, and something worth mentioning is that this skin doesn’t transform as you play. It became available for only 1350 RP on 2nd July 2020 along with eight chromas, being this one the first skin of Heimerdinger to ever have chromas available.

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Despite not having an extensive catalog of skins, it’s good to know that Riot Games has taken the time to include him on modern skin universes, which leads to better splash arts and overall better production of the future skins he may have. With his turrets he can easily annoy enemy champions, which other team players can take advantage of, champions like Illaoi could benefit from this and carry a match, and in case you’re looking for her skins, search no more because we have the best skins for Illaoi here.

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