All Debonair Skins | LoL

The Debonair skins give off the high-society aesthetic that appeals to players that want to play in a style that’s modern but still gives tickles their fantasy.
All Debonair Skins | LoL

League of Legends Debonair skins showcases Riot Games’ design that features modern aesthetics close to real-world apparel without taking away most of the series’ appeal towards a fantasy world. 

This skin line includes sharp-looking cosmetics for ten different champions and a special prestige edition skin. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all Debonair skins currently included in the game.

Crime City Nightmare Series

The Debonair series is only a sub-category of the Crime City Nightmare skin line that tells the story of various crime families and powerful mobsters trying to fight for control and dominance. 

The story is set in a parallel universe called Valoran City, heavily based on Runeterra’s Valoran region. 

Among all the skin series in the Crime City Nightmare line, the Debonairs steal the spotlight as the well-dressed mob family takes over as the kings of the city of crime. 

Unsurprisingly, the debonairs aren’t a group that has solid ties of loyalty with each other since they also have some internal competition that could shake their very foundation.

All Debonair Skins

Now that we know where the debonairs came from, it’s time to look at all of the skins included in this series and take a look at the jaw-dropping aesthetic that Riot Games has worked so hard on.


Debonair Jayce | 975 RP

No one screams debonair more than The Defender of Tomorrow, who has traded a life of being a hero to an ambitious crime boss in the city. Debonair Jayce is the ultimate skin for those looking for a 50’s style television mobster in League of Legends.

Jayce with silver strands of hair and a fancy suit.

Jayce doesn’t just take the mantle of debonair and runs away with it, he also makes it his identity so that you can’t imagine him without his skin. 

The silver strands of hair would fulfill the fantasies of those that dream of it in their man and give the older gents something to try and replicate to woo some prospects.

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Debonair Ezreal | 750 RP

Debonair Ezreal may seem like he’s too young for the part but make no mistake, crime isn’t something that’s limited to an individual’s age. Ezreal has always been surrounded by admirers across the lands of Runeterra, so you can imagine his stature as a wealthy crime boss in Valoran City.

Ezreal in a fancy suit gambling at the casino.

The elegant design of his suit and gauntlet is enough to give any player reason to buy this skin despite the champion having one of the most skins in League of Legends. Judging from the splash art, he’s ready to bet all the chips for a chance to win it all and consolidate more power in the city of crime.

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Debonair Zed | 1820 RP

Said to be the most powerful man in Nox Vegas, Debonair Zed is the one to beat in the Crime City, with his attire being as intimidating as his stature and reputation. No one knows who’s behind the mask, but the only thing the people are sure of is not to mess with Debonair Zed, as his influence over the city is only growing with more people joining him.

Debonair Zed in a fancy suit leading a crime gang.

Having a fancy suit doesn’t mean there’s no room to add some deadly weapons. Debonair Zed perfectly represents this idea, and with his dealings in the shadow, it becomes clear that his attire isn’t just for show. This skin was included in the Debonair 2021 event, where players can earn rewards in the Debonair Event pass.

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Debonair Master Yi | 1350 RP

Debonair Master Yi is a man who enjoys spending his wealth more than the act of getting it. He spends most of his time on top of his balcony, staring at the people that pass by as he sips his drinks and wears his world-famous evening attire.

Master Yi drinking wine on the veranda in fancy suit.

This skin showcases a different style from the Master Yi we’re used to seeing. While the League of Legends’ version of Master Yi is a strict martial artist dedicated to his discipline, this version looks like it has a lot of fun doing the more exciting things in life. Another skin from the Debonair 2021 Event with more prizes included in the event pass.

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Debonair Vi | 750 RP

Who said that being a debonair is restricted to men? A fancy suit isn’t just made for the masculine physique, as Debonair Vi proves that she’s willing to outclass the gentlemen with an attire that highlights her feminine body. However, it’s not wise to think of her as a lady, especially since her gauntlets can knock the “man” out of anyone who sees her as anything other than a threat.

Vi, in a fancy suit, getting angry at the casino table

Just take a look at her. She’s a person who knows what she wants and will get it whether you want to or not. The only difference is that your answer will depend on whether you’ll be battered and bruised by the end of it.

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Debonair Malzahar | 1350RP & Debonair LeBlanc | 1350 RP

Debonair Malzahar and Debonair LeBlanc were business partners in Crime City who decided to walk different paths but eventually cross each other’s roads once in a while. Elegance is what defines these two, with LeBlanc carrying herself as a lady that uses her charm to impress, but her schemes give her more power than anyone might think.

Debonair LeBlanc and Debonair Malzahar enjoying themselves at a socialite part, in fancy attire.

Malzahar, on the other hand, has taken to undertakings beyond the city of crime and has established mysterious and powerful connections that the other crime bosses can only think of. A powerful presence in the city with an able ally in LeBlanc.

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Debonair Leona | 1350 RP

A mighty enforcer of the exclusive Solari Resort, Debonair Leona keeps the peace in the establishment and gives unruly customers a harsh lesson. It is said that no man big enough can offer the same protection that she can, which makes her the ideal protector.

Leona in a fancy suit stepping out of the car.

Beauty is not a quality that restricts strength, but it effectively makes haughty customers lower their guard, making it easier to send them flying when they least expect it. As expected of a debonair, her attire gives her a feminine charm that doesn’t take away from her physical strength.

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Debonair Draven | 1350RP

Debonair Draven is the most renowned entertainer in the city of crime. As a renowned club host, he quickly draws all attention to himself with fancy tricks that both earn him the adoration of his fans but gives rival groups more reason to despise him.

Draven in a fancy suit doing some party tricks.

With enemies as many as fans, his existence is constantly at threat, but it doesn’t matter since this man is no push-over. This skin is featured in the Debonair 2021 event, featuring the Debonair Event pass.

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Debonair Brand | 1350 RP

Debonair Brand is the rival of Debonair Master Yi in the hotel business but has very little patience towards his enemies. Though he is not invited to most parties, the ones that he does attend end up in cinders, with fights erupting almost every time.

Debonair Brand, in a fancy suit, on the balcony looking menacing.

This is the only skin in the Debonair line that features a special upgrade. Debonair Brand Prestige edition is the upgraded version of the cosmetic which features a unique gold-themed color and an entirely new suit. Very stylish, we must say.

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Debonair Galio | 750 RP

Debonair Galio spends his day soaking as much attention as possible, mainly because he’s an 80-foot tall living golem who enjoys the finer things in life. Aside from the ridiculous amount of wine he consumes all day, we can’t fathom how anyone created a custom suit that’s made specifically for him.

Debonair Galio sipping wine with the other guests in a fancy suit.

Luckily, it seems like he can shrink down to the size of normal humans so that he can enjoy the thrill of gambling and drinking as a true socialite. Hopefully, everything doesn’t rip apart once he grows back to normal.

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