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Best LeBlanc Skins | LoL

The crimson light of Noxus shines from the Immortal Bastion, and from its shadows reigns LeBlanc, the matron of the ancient order of Black Rose.
Best LeBlanc Skins | LoL

LeBlanc is an ancient sorceress, predating even the Rune Wars themselves, and one of the architects of Mordekaiser’s downfall. Her myth is full of plots and intrigues, within plots and intrigues, her incarnating with each new generation being the biggest one. In League of Legends, those incarnations take the form of skins, and here are the best ones.


Ravenborn LeBlanc

Released in 2014, Ravenborn LeBlanc is a skin whose design is ahead of its time

With the updated Noxian lore that came long after the skin’s release, and post-rework Swain being pitted against LeBlanc’s machinations, Ravenborn LeBlanc shares the Raven theme with Swain himself. 

Raven is a bird of omen, heralding that whoever wins in their conflict, Runeterra will be worse off for it.

The exact release date of the Ravenborn LeBlanc skin is October 28, 2014. Priced at 975 RP, this skin updates the champion with new animations and sounds. However, it bears mentioning that purchasing can only be done once the Legacy vault opens.

Ravenborn LeBlanc was released during The Harrowing, a League of Legends event that is a consequence of The Ruination brought about by the Ruined King, and another example of Riot’s foreshadowing. 

Ravenborn LeBlanc’s in-game model and splash art resemble Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty, the same way the Wicked LeBlanc skin resembles Cruella de Vil, and is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s famous story, The Raven, with the raven statue on her staff coming to life during her recall animation.

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Coven LeBlanc

Every good witch must have a Coven to call her own, and Coven LeBlanc is no different. Sharing the Coven skin line with only female champions, her goal is to revive ancient entities sealed in forgotten history. After her death at the hands of Elderwood LeBlanc, a sylvan that took her identity, Coven LeBlanc was resurrected with the power of the Old Gods.

The Coven LeBlanc skin was released on April 16, 2020, with a price of 1350 RP. As the only LeBlanc skin with a Prestige Edition, it’s an update to her entire kit, including new animations, new sounds, and a special focus on particle effects for her abilities.

The League of Legends Coven skin line is a female-only skin line, as stated previously. This was not always the case, however, with champions such as Warwick, Ivern, Nocturne, and others, joining it for a brief period of time as new Coven skins, before their theme was renamed to Old God, referencing the Old Gods the Coven dreams of resurrecting.

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Championship LeBlanc

Championship skins celebrate every World cup, a new Season of League of Legends, or teams rising to the victory. The Championship LeBlanc skin was released to reflect the creative direction of the 2020 World Championship in Shanghai.

The skin itself was released on September 24, 2020, with a price tag of 1350 RP, and new updates concerning her in-game model, sounds, animations, and particle effects.

Due to its popularity, boosted by the 10-year anniversary of League of Legends, during which Riot pulled out all the stops, including putting out the Take Over song, it became one of LeBlanc’s most played skins

Its rarity, with it being placed into the Legacy vault, only exacerbates this. 

The skin itself will remind players of the Battle Boss skins, such as Battle Boss Malzahar, which is fitting considering that LeBlanc is the final boss of the Black Rose order, while at the same time, the theme of LeBlanc being a performer is a throwback to the Prestigious Leblanc skin, in which LeBlanc is a magician performing on stage.

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iG LeBlanc

Whilst we can be accused of some subjectiveness, due to putting this skin on the list, we assure you that is not the case.

Though the iG Leblanc skin was released in honor of Rookie’s performance that gave him the title of world champion, during the 2018 World Championship, this skin has more than that to offer.

Released on April 23, 2019, this skin is priced at 1350 RP. However, as it is a skin tied to a certain event, it has been placed into the Legacy vault, and can no longer be purchased.

The iG LeBlanc skin does something no other LeBlanc skin does, and that is, give LeBlanc a pure color scheme. Both Debonair and Elderwood LeBlanc don her in more colorful clothes. 

However, iG LeBlanc has no insinuation of secrets and machinations behind the scenes. This is a sorceress capable of blasting you into oblivion, whether you like it or not. The fact that her splash-art is inspired by the art style of medieval Japanese paintings is just a cherry on top.

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