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Best Malzahar Skins | LoL

Malzahar stands at the forefront of Mount Targon’s anathema, the Void. He is its voice, and mortal agent, bringing sweet oblivion to Runeterra

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Malzahar Skins | LoL

Malzahar was not always The Prophet of the Void. 

This champion’s lore is filled with him witnessing all manner of human suffering, both personally and via visions, and now he seeks to hasten Runeterra’s destruction, to destroy suffering as well. 

His path has changed him in many ways, all of the changes documented as skins, and we bring you our pick of the best ones.

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Battle Boss Malzahar

Riot sure do love subjecting their mage champions to RPG rules, creating skins that portray them as battle bosses of those games. Battle Boss Malzahar, though, works for this perfectly. His abilities already allow him to summon minions, as all bosses worth their salt do.

This skin was released on August 08, 2017. Priced at 1350, this skin updates Malzahar’s animations and sounds, with special care given to new his voice filter. As the splash art indicates, Battle Boss Malzahar is computer-generated, after all.

Battle Boss Malzahar’s lore is that of a genuine computer game boss who has escaped the confines of his game and is wreaking havoc upon the virtual world. As such, the Battle Boss Malzahar would not be out of place in works of fiction such as Ready Player One, or the Disney cartoon Wreck-It Ralph.


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Shadow Prince Malzahar

Three of Malzahar’s skins vie for dominance as the ones inspired by popular works of fiction. 

His Overlord Malzahar skin is inspired by Overlord, the videogame, the Djinn Malzahar skin takes inspiration from Disney’s Aladdin, while the Shadow Prince Malzahar skin is modeled after the famous Prince of Persia.

Shadow Prince Malzahar was released on June 01, 2010. this skin, priced at 520 RP, is the skin Riot released alongside the champion’s release and is his first-ever skin, alongside Vizier Malzahar, who is also on our list.

The cultural impact that the Prince of Persia videogames had on the gaming community as a whole is enough to put this skin on our list, not to mention the imagination-inducing splash art, and the golden-colored character model, that works far better than his Beezahar skin.


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Worldbreaker Malzahar

The Prophet of the Void has, until now, been guiding and feeding the power of the Void present on Runeterra. What will happen, then, when he unleashes it? The answer to that question gives us his Worldbreaker skin.

The Worldbreaker Malzahar skin was released on April 09, 2020, and is priced at 1350 RP. This skin updates all of Malzahar’s kit, including his animations, sounds, and particle effects, and gives players the option of choosing between eight different chromas for additional purchase.

The skin’s lore is part of the Worldbreaker lore Malzahar shares with other champions connected to powerful forces, such as Nautilus and Sion, portraying him as a vengeful Titan, seeking Runeterra’s destruction. The skin’s splash art and in-game model were inspired by the shamans of South America’s native populations.


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Vizier Malzahar

Along with the Shadow Prince Malzahar skin was released his second skin that followed the champion’s release itself, which Vizier Malzahar. 

Though the skin’s name immediately makes us think of the evil vizier from Aladdin, there is more to this skin than that. 

Vizier Malzahar explores an alternate path of Malzahar’s lore in which he does not seek an escape from the clutches of wealth and the depravity it brings, but rather embraces it and rises to become the most powerful man in the country, and with the skin’s look Summoner Rift as well.

This skin was released, as stated, on June 01, 2010. While the skin is priced at 520 RP, just like his Shadow Prince skin, buying it is only possible once the Legacy Vault opens, making it more valuable than the Shadow Prince skin, and the Hextech Malzahar skin the only rarer one.

Malzahar is undoubtedly an antagonist in League of Legends, and Vizier Malzahar embodies the lawful side of evil, for those of you who play DnD.

With this skin, you are certain to make laning against you a living hell. His splash art reflects this immensely, while his in-game model, unfortunately, needs to catch up to both it and the modern standards.


Malzahar's direct opposite, both role-wise as well as in the lore of Runeterra, is Malphite. A shard of a living fortress, Malphite fights to hold back the Void as long as he can, and is the epitome of a top lane tank.

A beloved champion of League of Legends, skins of Malphite are not ones to miss, and you can find the best ones right here on our site.

If you wish to stand with the Void, on the other hand, there are quite a few Void creatures whose best skins you may peruse at our main hub.

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