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Best Cassiopeia Skins | LoL

Destroying your enemies with this scary and venomous creature is one of the best feelings in League of Legends. Here are some of the best Cassiopeia skins in the game!
Best Cassiopeia Skins | LoL

Cassiopeia was released on December 14, 2010, as a Mage champion that was mainly played in Midlane. The Serpent’s Embrace is a unique champion with a mix of AP abilities of a mage and late-game carry potential of hyper carries!

She became very popular lately and can be played in a few different roles efficiently, which is why we made this list of the best Cassiopeia skins!


Desperada Cassiopeia

This skin was released together with Cassiopeia herself on December 14, 2010, and it represents a classic of the Serpent’s Embraces skins.

The skin features Cassiopeia as an infamous outlaw, dressed in a country outfit and resembling a rattlesnake. Having a relaxing color theme, fabulous western-like hat, and corset is what makes this skin so attractive.

Skin doesn’t feature any new animations, sounds, or particles but having a price of only 520 RP while looking incredibly smooth is what makes this skin one of the best choices for this champion!

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Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia is a skin that brings more drastic changes than any other. The Serpent’s Embrace got a new model, texture, and sounds, while her recall animation is extremely satisfying to watch.

Skin highlights Cassiopeia as a beautiful princess who went to the mountains and never returned! The color theme of pink and purple with a touch of blue makes you think that this evil creature is actually a wonderful being.

Riot Games released this beautiful skin on August 06, 2020. So, being priced at 1350 RP is not that high, considering everything this skin offers!

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Coven Cassiopeia

Coven Cassiopeia skin has to be one of the cleanest looking skins in League of Legends. A combination of dark green and silver, along with her blonde hair and plenty of small details, is what makes Cassiopeia look so smooth while using this one.

It has an entirely new model and sound effects while also having an interesting recall animation where she interacts with her three snakes. The cost of this skin featuring Cassiopeia as a Silver Cobra is 1350 RP. It was released on August 12, 2021, which makes it the most recent skin for this champion!

For those of you who are more into flashy colors, there are a few chromas that you can check out, but for some of us, this skin is just what we need. Plain, simple, and smooth!

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Mythic Cassiopeia

Mythic Cassiopeia was released on July 18, 2012, and can be bought in-store for 975 RP. Riot Games took it a step further with this one, taking inspiration from Greek mythology.

The skin presents Cassiopeia as a Greek goddess that petrifies enemies into stone, which is so compatible with Cassiopeia considering her ultimate ability

She is wearing a peplos, which was kind of a dress in Ancient Greece, and has a color theme of white, blue, and green. Skin also features a new model and face projection for her ultimate ability Petrifying Gaze.

So if you are into mythology and old traditions, this skin might be just for you!

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Eternum Cassiopeia

We finish our list with one of those skins you either love or absolutely despise. Eternum Cassiopeia is incredibly edgy-looking skin, with a strong color theme of red and silver.

What makes this skin interesting is the fact that it is completely remodeled. Every animation, ability effect, and the sound was changed to better fit the Eternum concept. One of the greatest things about this skin is Eternum Cassiopeia’s splash image.

So this skin is up there with Spirit Blossom when it comes to drastic changes but in a different way. While Spirit Blossom skin makes her seem calm and peaceful, Eternum one makes Cassiopeia appear even more evil than her lore portrays her to be! This epic skin was released on September 20, 2017, and can be bought for 1350 RP.

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There are a few more skins of this elegant creature that you might like, but this one concludes our list! Speaking of creatures, if you are looking for a less elegant one, you might want to check out our list of best Cho’Gath skins available. However, if you are trying to find the best skins for any other champion, you should visit our page that covers the best skins for every champion!

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