League of Legends Master Rank Explained

The rank of a Master is the one where high-elo truly starts. After all, this is the first rank that has no divisions in it, only LP gains and losses.

Updated on Aug 09, 2023
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League of Legends Master Rank Explained

Master tier is the seventh tier of the nine tiers in League of Legends. Most of these players are among the game’s elite, and a lot of them compete on the Esports scene. Players in this tier are extremely good and have an excellent understanding of champions, drafting, and team fighting. This tier is between Diamond and Grand Master. Here is everything to know about the Master rank LoL players who play ranked strive for.

Is Master Rank Good in League of Legends?

Master League of Legends players are among the top 0.18 percentile of all the players and are the direct opposite of Gold tier, which has the highest number of players in it. Masters are, among other things:

  • Extremely skilled,

  • Know all possible matchups,

  • Know how to play from behind, and when to push an advantage.

They can exploit every weakness that you have and will work to increase their advantage until they beat you. Almost every Master knows how to play every champion on an extremely high level.


A lot of these players are celebrities in their native countries, with a large following on their streams. Master is an extremely good tier to be in, and most players can only dream of it. The main difference between Master rank players and Challenger rank players, in most cases, is how much time they’ve sunk into the competitive League games, to grind out the LP.

Grand Master

How Long Does it Take to Get to Master Rank in LoL?

Simply put, your odds of becoming a Master are very slim. Saying that you would need a certain number of hours to play in order to get to this level of competition can be a bit generous.

The truth is, there are even veterans with 10+ years of experience who have never reached the Master's level. A gamer who is truly talented and dedicated might be able to reach Master after 2,500+ hours of gameplay.


For some, it might come much quicker. But, even if you never reach Master, you should still enjoy the League of Legends experience, as you can also have an amazing gaming experience in the Platinum IV and Diamond tier. League of Legends ranking system explained in one word, when trying to climb the ranked ladder exclusively, is "stress".

Ways to Improve From Master Rank in LoL

Although Master is an extremely high rank, it isn’t the best one. In fact, it leaves a lot of room for progress, even in the Challenger tier progress can be made. While being a Master is exclusive, and most people on this level are professionals, they do not represent the uppermost tiers of the game. Getting from this tier to the next one usually has to do with the mental aspects of the game.


A gamer in this tier should know everything about League of Legends, but mental lapses might prompt him or her to lose games. While most people have little room for improvement, here are a few things you might wish to focus on if you wish to reach Grand Master:

Mastering Proper Communication

Starting the communication while in the lobby. If possible, some players use discord to mimic the League voice option.

Utilizing the Draft Phase Properly

Creating a team composition that will rival the opponent in the right way, on a team-wide level, instead of single lanes. There is more to winning games than just mechanics.

Knowing When to Dodge

There is a reason League of Legends has a penalty for dodging games. At this high level of gameplay, games can be won before even starting, as very few mistakes are made, and team compositions decide a lot.

Staying Focused in all Ranked Matches

Always play games with a fresh mental. Make long breaks if needed when playing ranked games. Don't just chase the League Points, but instead focus on improving your own skills each game. At least there are no placement matches once you've made it to the Master tier.

Stay Up to Date With the Meta

While a lot of players tend to master a single champion and then abuse it to climb to their peak, in high-elo games, getting countered by someone with a wider champion pool, who follows the meta, hurts far more. And Riot Games change the meta every two weeks.

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