Best Swain Skins | LoL

Become the most mighty Noxian and do it stylishly by purchasing some of the most stylish Swain skins in League of Legends. 
Best Swain Skins | LoL

There are a lot of ruthless warriors and magicians in the mighty land of Noxia. And their visionary ruler, Jericho Swain, now commands the frontlines of the Noxian army with his demonic hand after losing it in a lot of wars. 

Swain is a fantastic League champion with awesome ability animations and sounds. If you prefer having different cosmetics to deal damage and achieve a stylish victory, here are the best Swain skins in LoL. 


Dragon Master Swain

Swain is scary enough just by having his demonic hand and powers. But what if the dragons enhance his abilities? This League skin is a version of the infamous Noxian general corrupted by the ancient long-dead wyrms.

This version of Swain has more awesome armor compared to the classic skin. He now has a purple cape, gold plates, spiked helmet, and draconic wings. 

Dragon Master Swain's face also looks older, which indicates that he has been around for a long time, maybe even during the time of the dragons. On top of that, his demonic hands also look more dragon-powered because of the orange color and long spiky nails.

Some might expect this, but this skin's model is much more detailed and awesome in-game. Dragon Master Swain's abilities are primarily orange, but there are hints of purple in all of the skills. On the other hand, the draconic and fiery sounds complement the concept and animation of his abilities. But the best thing about this skin is the voice filter and ultimate animation, where Swain will become a mighty dragon that will steal the life out of his enemies.

Dragon Master Swain, released on February 22, 2018, was initially priced for 1350 Riot Points. The good news is that you can still get in the League store today!

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Hextech Swain

This cosmetic is part of the rare Hextech skins available in League of Legends. Imagine Swain as a Piltover inventor. That's what this skin looks like. In my opinion, Hextech Swain is a more sophisticated and formal look of the infamous champion.

As mentioned previously, Hextech Swain looks more formal. You will instantly notice it when you look at the splash art above. Like all other Hextech skins of different champions, this cosmetic has dominant blue hues and colors. Additionally, this version of Swain has futuristic armor and an interesting monocle.

His abilities have modern and innovative sounds that will appeal to Piltover fans. You will also see a gemstone in some of his abilities, like Soul Fragments and Vision of Empire.

I never expected it, but Swain looks like a powerful robot when he casts his ultimate. Don't get me wrong, but it is an extraordinary look. The blue cape, detailed wings, and mechanical helmet are hard to beat and better than the other cosmetics.

Unfortunately, Hextech Swain is really hard to get. It is only obtained through Hextech Crafting and by trading a whopping ten gemstones, which are the rarest obtainable crafting component in the game.

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Crystal Rose Swain

If Hextech Swain is not formal and sophisticated enough for you, then Crystal Rose Swain will be the best choice for you. Released on February 11, 2021, Crystal Rose Swain is the newest skin for the infamous general. This skin gives the Noxian general a clean white and green-colored suit and hair. Crystal Rose Swain does not look evil too, and he probably wants to achieve good deeds with his partner, Zyra.

Did I mention that this skin is clean already? Because boy, it is one of (if not the) cleanest skins in League of Legends. Crystal Rose Swain's majestic long green hair, stylish coat and tie, light-colored demon hand, and sharp face all contribute to the overall look of the modern concept of this cosmetic.

I love how Riot incorporated roses in Crystal Rose Swain's abilities. For example, Swain will throw a huge rose when he casts Nevermore, while a huge white rose will emerge from the floor when he casts Vision of Empire.

To top it all off, all of the particles are white, making everything about it better. Crystal Rose Swain's ultimate does not drastically change the model. Unlike other skins in this list, he will look like a ghost with angel-themed wings whenever he casts it, which is still pretty good considering the concept.

You can buy this specific skin in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points. There are several chromas available for it too if that is what you prefer.

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Many skins are available for Swain, like Northern Front Swain, Tyrant Swain, and Bilgewater Swain. Still, if you want the most changes, then I suggest picking up the cosmetics above. 

Since League is currently having a lunar beast event this month, it will be best if you check the best skins for each champion in the game. However, if you prefer buying a skin for another mid-lane champion, then check out the best Sylas skins in League of Legends.

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