Best Xayah Skins | LoL

Destroy your enemies using your feathers with style. View the best skins for Xayah, who is arguably one of the most famous AD carry champions in the game.
Best Xayah Skins | LoL

Released on April 19, 2017, Xayah the Rebel is one of the most recent AD carry champion releases by Riot Games. She also gained a lot of popularity a few months after her release. 

In fact, in the World Championship last 2019, Xayah appeared in 83% of the games and achieved a 70.6% win rate. If you are currently maining the AD carry role and shopping for some Xayah skins, here is her best skins list to make it easier for you. 


SSG Xayah

To give respect to the 2017 World Champions, Riot Games released the SSG skin line, and Xayah is one of those champions. With the concept and colors of the Samsung Galaxy company, channel your inner Ruler and destroy your enemies with the SSG Xayah skin.

As mentioned previously, this skin is based on the Samsung Galaxy colors. And looking at the splash art above, Xayah is standing on a rock under a body of water.

Her model also has blue and white colors that perfectly resemble the concept of the skin. Not only that, but her armor has a unique design, and her cat-like hair leaves a nice touch on the skin.

On the other hand, expect to have new animations, sounds, particles, and textures when you buy this skin. To give you an example, SSG Xayah’s feathers are blue in color.

Additionally, when she casts her ultimate (Bladestorm), it will show a Samsung Galaxy logo on the cast range. If you respect the 2017 World Championship winners and prefer blue colors, then the SSG Xayah skin will be perfect for you.

SSG Xayah, released on July 20, 2018, was initially priced for 1350 Riot Points. Unfortunately, this skin is currently in the vault, so you have to wait for it to reopen before you can purchase this skin in the League of Legends store.

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Brave Phoenix Xayah

Based on an alternate futuristic universe of the game, Brave Phoenix Xayah is one of the creatures that was blessed to have mystical powers by the legendary Fenghuang, a bird who watches over the world. Now, Xayah has a cultural theme and amazing powers that make it a great choice for her players.

If you look at the splash art above, she has awesome Asian armor with gold accents that compliment her outfit. Not only that, but Xayah also has unique face paint and eye color that indicates her powers as a gifted individual. And in line with the Phoenixmancers lore, She is also seen fighting alongside Seraphine to protect the ancient relics from evil.

On the other hand, the skin’s in-game changes also give justice to the wonderful concept of the skin. Brave Phoenix Xayah’s skills, like Clean Cuts and Deadly Plumage, have green and gold accents that add a nice touch to the skin.

Brave Phoenix Xayah, the newest skin release for this champion by Riot Games, is currently available in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points. This skin was just released recently on September 2, 2021.

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Star Guardian Xayah

The most expensive skin in this list, the Star Guardian Xayah skin, has the most changes to this champion. This concept follows the alternate universe of the Star Guardian story. Xayah, believing that she was left to die by her fellow heroes, then took a personal stand against them. Xayah eventually became one of the main villains alongside Rakan and Zoe.

Expect tons of changes because Star Guardian Xayah is one of the Legendary skins available in the game. If you look at the splash art above, Xayah has beautiful red hair and a stylish outfit that indicates that she is definitely once a guardian of the galaxy. Additionally, the red and green colors of the skin fit the concept of the skin.

As mentioned previously, Star Guardian Xayah, being in the Legendary category, has the most changes in animations, textures, particles, and sounds. Star Guardian Xayah’s feathers are shaped like stars, and her abilities have star-like sounds that the players will love. However, the best change that this skin has is the music that you hear during the first spawn of the game.

The most expensive skin in this list, the Star Guardian Xayah, was released on September 12, 2021. On top of that, the good news is that this skin is currently purchasable in the store for 1350 Riot Points.

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That ends the list of the best Xayah skin available in the game. There are a lot of skins that have been released on the shop since her release; however, the cosmetics above will be the best choice as a Xayah main. I

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