What are the best runes for junglers in league of legends?

Choosing the right runes for your jungler is crucial if you’re planning to get the most out of the abilities of the champion you play
What are the best runes for junglers in league of legends?

Riot Games planned Runes in League of Legends to be these customizable sets of features that will improve certain aspects of your champion, especially its damage. Knowing what the champion you chose is good at is important to decide which rune path you should equip. Don’t worry if you pick the tankiest tank there is or the deadliest assassin in the League of Legends pool of characters, here we’ll tell you what are the best runes for junglers in LoL.

The best runes for junglers in League of Legends

Remember that, despite being junglers, they also have a side role in the game, because they can be bruisers, assassins or even tanks. When going for the right runes, you should take into account what abilities your champion has, so the runes you select will give as many bonus damage as possible that will actually be worth it, something to know about Runes is that, as every other aspect of the game, Riot Games has had to do some reworks to them or fix bugs related to them.

AP and AD Assassin Junglers

Runes for AD Assassins

The best primary choice for AP assassin champions would be Domination. Out of these, we recommend equipping “Electrocute” thanks to how easy it is to activate its effect and deal extra damage, ideal for the early game, this is one of the runes available in LoL: Wild Rift.


Equipping “cheap shot” for champions who have any sort of crowd control is great for the extra damage at any point of the game when ganking or in the middle of a team fight. For the second set of runes, triumph will increase your survivability during a team fight after taking down an enemy champion.

Runes for AP Assassins

AP Assassins will also benefit from the Domination rune path, but in this case “Dark Harvest” is the go to keystone of this path thanks to the stackable AP as you clear the jungle and help your teammates with ganks, doing much more damage.


For the second choice, “Manaflow Band”, “Gathering Storm”, and “Celerity” are great picks to sustain your mana, deal extra damage to enemies, or move faster through the jungle.

Runes for AD and AP Fighters

Runes for AD fighters 

The go to alternatives for almost every Bruiser is without a doubt Conqueror, the extra damage thanks to the stacks you gain out of this rune is insane, let alone how easy it is to accumulate them in both LoL PC and Wild Rift. You will also want “Legend: Alacrity” if what you want is some extra attack speed, or “Legend: Bloodline” if you rather have lifesteal, finally, “Coup de Grace” will help you finish up enemy champions during a fight thanks to the increased damage against enemies with low HP.


For the second path Domination’s “Eyeball Collection” and “Taste of Blood'' are nice choices to stack up on damage and lifesteal, another nice option would be sudden impact, which are both good to have in a team fight. A bruiser that could benefit from these runes is Master Yi.

Finally, a good option would be Resolve if you want to have a more tank-like presence during the game.

Runes for AP fighters

Ability power champions benefit mostly from the Precision rune tree as well as their first option, with “Conqueror” as the keystone, followed by “Triumph”, “Legend: Alarcity”, and “Coup de Grace”.


For the secondary runes, “Manaflow Band”, and “Gathering Storm” are the runes you should go after from the “Sorcery” tree. “Magical Footwear”, and “Cosmic Insight” are good options from the “Inspiration” tree if you're feeling more confident.

Runes for Tanks


For tanky picks in the jungle you want to equip the Resolve rune path, with “Aftershock” as the desired keystone, this one works wonders with champions who have excellent crowd control such as Amumu thanks to the extra damage it provides. For the rest of the options “Conditioning” is great to adapt yourself with magic resistance, and “Overgrowth” is also a nice choice for long games. Some of these are also available in Wild Rift.


The second path could be something from the inspiration tree, such as “Magical Footwear”, but if you’re not feeling comfortable with it, there may be some options in the Domination path that would suit better your game, such as “Ultimate Hunter” for ability haste or even “Relentless Hunter”.

The “jungler” in League of Legends could easily be the most complex role in the game, you have to be constantly making choices and thinking carefully but without much time, What will your next move be? What lane should you gank? and even, which one you shouldn’t.

Despite describing here what are the best runes for each type of jungler, the simple truth is that there isn’t a default set that will work for every summoner or champion, and Riot Games did good in this aspect of the game, since rune pages are more about seeing what works for you and your playstyle.

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