Best Master Yi Skins | LoL

The last remaining master of Wuju, Master Yi, roams Runeterra seeking those who are worthy of receiving the wisdom of his ancient, and deceased, ancestral clan.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Master Yi Skins | LoL

Master Yi is an iconic, and very vexing, part of the League of Legends champion roster, as well as the entire game. His Alpha Strike ability is one whose design shows its age, and yet remains meta with the new untargetability theme Riot are going for. In any case, his skins shed a nugget of his wisdom, and here are the best ones, in our opinion.

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Eternal Sword Master Yi

The Eternal Sword Master Yi skin pushes the champion’s obvious wuxia-inspired design into the domain of xianxia. Master Yi’s lore, and the lore of his default skin, is that of a prodigy in the ancient martial art of Wuju.

Wuxia stories follow this theme, and arts such as Wuju are a big part of them, with minimal magic involved. the Eternal Sword Master Yi skin, however, has the champion using a flying sword as a means of transport, a theme commonly found in the Chinese xianxia stories.

With his lore, new splash art, and in-game model, this Master Yi skin is a masterpiece and represents the “Master” part of Yi’s name quite well.


Eternal Sword Master Yi was released on September 27, 2017, with a price tag of 1350 RP. As an epic rated skin, it brings an all-around update to his animations, sounds, and particle effects, with his Highlander ability animation making him fly.


Of all the Master Yi skins, eternal Sword Master Yi is one of his four skins that can be acquired in Wild Rift as well.


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Cosmic Blade Master Yi

Though released before the Eternal Sword Master Yi skin, the Cosmic Blade Master Yi skin can be taken as a continuation of his path to immortality. After gaining immortality and ascending to become Cosmic Blade, Master Yi now searches for the truth of the cosmos.

His Alpha Strikes no longer slash champions, but stars, constellations, and even space itself. Though it is space-themed, it’s not to be confused with the Star Wars-inspired Chosen Master Yi skin.


As with all skins of the Cosmic skin line, Cosmic Master Yi is shrouded in the color scheme of the cosmos. His signature mask, an artifact made by the Legendary Doran, is replaced by a supernova, a manifestation of his power.


Cosmic Master Yi was released on April 27, 2017. Priced at 1350 RP, as an Epic-rated skin, Master Yi gets an update to all of his animations, sounds, and particle effects for his abilities. Special care has been given to his recall animation, as Cosmic Blade Master Yi blinks through space.


3 /5

Assassin Master Yi

Assassin Master Yi skin is one of the oldest released skins in League of Legends. Released on December 17, 2009, less than two months since League of Legends’ official release, and half a year before Season One started, Assassin Master Yi has been stalking the Rift since its genesis.


As one of the cheapest skins in League of Legends, with a price of 390 RP, Assassin Master Yi does not bring much, or at all, to the table compared to Eternal Sword or Cosmic Blad, besides its edgy splash art. Its importance to the community, however, is insurmountable.


Assassin Master Yi, precisely due to its age, has entered the domain of antique cars, old whiskey, or aged wine.

Clad in all black, this Master Yi skin represents all the rage our teenage selves, as all teenagers do, had in the early years of League of Legends, and his lore is a stark contrast to the default design, one of revenge upon the Noxians.

For its nostalgia-inducing effects, Riot have included it as part of Mater Yi’s Wild rift skin collection, as well. Besides, this skin is a perfect pick when you intend to build Duskblade on Master Yi, and chain its invisibility with Alpha Strike for maximum effectiveness.


4 /5

PsyOps Master Yi

Moving Master Yi away from the high and dark fantasy setting, we have the PsyOps Master Yi skin.

One of the newer skins on our list, released on September 03, 2020, and priced at 1350 RP, this skin sets Master Yi in a futuristic setting of psychic users being employed as mercenaries across the world. If you’re a fan of animes such as Ghost in the Shell, Psycho-Pass, and Cowboy Bepop, you will find them all synergized in this skin.


Taking into account its price and age, it can be expected for this skin to deliver an expansive update to Master Yi, and it very much does. PsyOps Master Yi puts other skins to shame, giving the champion the feeling of a rugged warrior who has seen too much and will do anything to get the job done.


PsyOps Master Yi is a more modern take of his lore, and the horrors of war Master Yi has both experienced and caused. When playing Master Yi with this skin, you can almost feel that his Alpha Strikes weren’t practiced in a courtyard, but on living flesh and blood.


5 /5

Zephyr Dragon Master Yi

Lastly, we have an honorable mention. Zephyr Dragon Master Yi is his Wild Rift exclusive skin, which is a real shame as this is, perhaps, his prettiest skin, both the in-game model, as well as the splash art.


Zephyr Dragon Master Yi was released on October 19, 2021, with a cost of 1325 Wildcores. It drapes Yi in the colors of his dragon, making his looks as dazzling as his swordplay.


The Dragonmancer skin line is a skin line that is exclusive to Wild Rift. Master Yi shares it with his champion peer, age-wise, Ashe, and her Fae Dragon Ashe Skin.


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