Top 6 Absolute Best Supports to Play With Sivir

An old champion loved by many, but somewhat forgotten too, learn here what are the best support champions for her in the bot lane

Updated on Nov 12, 2023
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Top 6 Absolute Best Supports to Play With Sivir

Sivir is one of the oldest champions in LoL, and It has always been that the best supports for this champion are those that can shield her. You might ask — hey, what do you mean, after all, she has a shield on her own. 

Sure, but that doesn’t mean she can go in the bot lane without a proper duo who provides some extra shield, healing, or maybe even a nice tank champion to distract enemies as you deal damage. Support and ADC are pretty straightforward, but still, it’s all about the playstyles of the duo and how they complement each other’s abilities.

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Yuumi's synergy with Sivir is simple yet effective. Yuumi possesses excellent tools for both keeping Sivir alive and poking enemies from a distance. This complements Sivir's playstyle, enabling her to attack lane enemies as safely as possible.

Yuumi LoL

In the laning phase, this duo allows for a more pbuttive playstyle, useful for punishing overly aggressive enemies. Although their combos may not be the most efficient, Yuumi and Sivir can execute effective ones. In team fights, Yuumi's ultimate can stun enemies, setting the stage for Sivir to follow up with her Boomerang and Ricochet ability for bouncing auto-attacks.

Another significant advantage is the extra protection Yuumi provides for Sivir, both through her abilities and Yuumi's spell shield.

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Morgana's abilities create perfect opportunities for Sivir to engage effectively during trades. Their coordination is evident, particularly in how Sivir’s ultimate beautifully complements Morgana’s. Even against Sivir's counters in lane, Morgana's Dark Shadow can provide safety, allowing Sivir to farm and prepare for exchanges.

Morgana LoL

Facing Sivir’s counters requires in-depth champion knowledge, and Morgana must strategically use her stun to enable the ADC to secure kills. While Sivir isn't available in Wild Rift, Morgana and her impressive ability kit are, offering a glimpse of this duo’s potential synergy.

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Moving on, this duo is like peanut butter and jelly, and it could easily get you into a Challenger rank if you are skilled enough. 

Leona's numerous stuns, a signature gift from Riot Games, pair exceptionally well with Sivir's pbuttive-enhanced movement speed. Leona creates ample opportunities for Sivir to attack with minimal risk. A prime example is when the ADC uses her ult, gaining additional movement and attack speed. If synchronized with Leona’s abilities, this combo can swiftly secure enemy kills.

Leona LoL

In the late game, as your damage output increases, equipping critical hit items is crucial for maximizing your kill potential. Unlike heal-support champions, Leona is a stunning tank; she excels in immobilizing opponents, acting as if it's her own trademark. It’s important to be aware of her non-healing nature in the early game to avoid taking excessive damage.

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Alistar, a tank in both League of Legends PC and Wild Rift, often seems near invincible. His high survivability makes him a valuable support for Sivir.

He can repel enemies with his headbutt, launch them into the air, and stun them, all while absorbing significant damage. Items like Thornmail enhance his effectiveness, reflecting damage back at attackers.

Alistar LoL

It's obvious that Alistar and Sivir form a formidable duo. Alistar can isolate one of the bot lane enemies, preferably the support, and swiftly eliminate them with a skill combo. While this might seem too easy, it becomes manageable with practice. Alistar's role is to target quickly, stun, and tank damage, allowing Sivir to capitalize.

Furthermore, team fight engagements become remarkably straightforward with this support, especially when leveraging Alistar’s ultimate alongside Sivir’s.

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This listing wouldn't be complete without one of the best healer champions in LoL — Soraka.

In the game's early stages, pairing Soraka with Sivir allows for a more sustainable playstyle. If Sivir conserves mana, Soraka's heals can keep her alive, enabling extensive farming and a return to base with considerable gold. This approach does lead to a less aggressive stance during the laning phase.

Soraka LoL Healing Champion

In League of Legends and Wild Rift, champions like Soraka aren't known for creating teamfight opportunities. Their strength lies in healing and sustaining the team, with the added bonus of dealing some damage. Soraka shines as a healer, particularly in the late game, aiding the team in securing multiple kills. For her build, standard support items are recommended, and the Sorcery and Resolve runes are ideal choices.

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Rakan's ability to smoothly and effortlessly engage and disengage in fights makes him an excellent partner for Sivir. Rakan's maneuvers can catch enemies off guard, setting up perfect opportunities for Sivir's boomerang attacks. 

Beyond Sivir's inherent defensive capabilities, Rakan adds an additional layer of protection. His Gleaming Quill ability also allows for occasional, effective poking.

Rakan LoL

Because Rakan’s ultimate requires him to physically reach enemy champions to Charm them, Sivir's speed boost is the ideal complement. It enables him to close in quickly, creating an optimal opportunity for attacks.

In this scenario, as Sivir, it's crucial to immediately follow up your Q with your W. This ensures that your basic attacks not only hit but also ricochet between enemies, maximizing damage output. For Rakan’s runes, a combination of Resolve and Sorcery is recommended. This setup provides safety and is widely regarded as the best choice by many players.

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