Best ADC Champions in LoL

Of the two bot lane champions, the ADC is arguably the more important one, at least in the late game.

Updated on Sep 05, 2023
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Best ADC Champions in LoL

In League of Legends, the term “ADC” stands for Attack Damage Carry. These are supposed to be the champions that carry their games on the damage side of things. Here we bring you the best ones to do exactly that.

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Starting off our Tier list, we have Jinx from Arcane, one of the ADCs in League of Legends with the most snowballing potential. Jinx is what is called a hyper-carry in League of Legends, meaning that she has the potential to carry games by herself if she gets enough gold.


Jinx’s abilities are, relatively, straightforward, having a poking tool, a trap that roots enemies, and two weapons to choose from with AoE damage or Attack Speed. Her ultimate ability is used to finish fights, with a map-wide range.


As is the case with most hyper-carry champions, Jinx can be weak in the early game and strong in the late game. In patch 12.4, though, she is by no means weak in the early game either.

This ADC is best paired with enchanter supports like Lulu, to get the most out of her Attack Speed. If you’re playing against Jinx, don’t let her get a single kill, as her pbuttive after killing someone gives her enough of a boost to mow down anyone.

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Moving away from standard ADCs such as Jinx, we have Ezreal the boytoy. This ADC is one of the safest picks in the game, as his E ability acts like the Flash summoner ability, just with a much lower cooldown.


What differentiates Ezreal from all other ADCs in the game is the origin of his damage. Where most other ADC champions in League of Legends rely on their auto-attacks to deal damage, Ezreal relies on his Q skill shot to do the same.


As far as ADC champions go, Ezreal is the weakest early game champion in the game. Do not be deterred from playing him though, as his damage ramps up exponentially in the late game, while his innate survivability makes his team fights much safer, needing no babysitters to escape buttbuttins. With how an annoying champion this is to catch, you are waging mental warfare on the enemy, at the same time.

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In League of Legends, buttbuttins kill ADCs. In Soviet Russia ADCs kill buttbuttins. All jokes aside, Jhin is the closest ADC champion in League of Legends to an buttbuttin, while also being capable of providing backline support from far away with his ultimate.


Jhin is one of the hardest ADC champions to play in League of Legends, exactly due to his peculiar playstyle. His kit has the usual poke, roots, and slows. It’s his auto-attack mechanic that makes him stand out from all the rest though. Jhin has four bullets to auto-attack with, after which he must reload. Due to this, his Attack Speed is capped, with his build being geared to as much damage as possible.


His fourth shot is a guaranteed critical hit, which coupled with his core item, Galeforce, and his Q ability can one-shot squishy enemies during late game. The one downside of this champion is his inability to deal with tanks and bruisers, so we recommend against picking Jhin into such teams.

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When it comes to ADCs in the current meta, those that can build Shieldbow and not just the usual Kraken Slayer take the top spot. And Vayne is the best one of them all, due to her pbuttive where every third auto attack deals bonus true damage to enemies, making her able to shred even the best tank champions in LoL, allowing her to comfortably build Shieldbow and increase her survivability.


As far as ADCs are concerned, getting priority in lane boils down to two things, whose support ally is better and who has the longer range. Vayne, with her playstyle, circumvents both of those things, as she is the best League of Legends ADC to make an outplay on, due to her dashes and ultimate which makes her invisible.


The one issue Vayne has lies in the fact that she is one of the hard to master champions, but if you manage that, her late game scaling is incredible. The one point that goes in her favor is that, if you’re ever auto-filled to top lane, she can be played there. Just beware of the hate coming your way in that case.

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Miss Fortune

The last entry on our list, but certainly not the least, is Miss Fortune, one of the most iconic League of Legends ADC champions, and champions in general. She has been in the game for quite some time and has been a part of events that changed the game as we know it. But that is not all this champion offers.


Miss Fortune’s place in the meta has always been a steady one, with her often being regarded as an S-tier champion, and always having a place on tier lists of the best champions in the game. The reason for this is the simplicity and usefulness of her abilities, making her one of the best champions for beginner ADCs, and even for beginners in general.


Her ultimate is the stuff dreams are made of when it comes to team fights. Miss Fortune fires a wide cone of bullets, dealing damage to all enemies in range. If she is coupled with a good support champion like Leona, to stop all those enemies from moving, Miss Fortune can turn even the toughest of fights into easy victories quite simply.

And there you have it, the best champions in League of Legends to make the hardest role in the game a tiny bit easier. Whatever elo it might be, whether it’s Silver or Gold, these champions can take you all the way to Grand-Master if you play them right.

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