Best Lulu Skins | LoL

The Fae Sorceress Lulu is the only Yordle to have visited the magical and whimsical Glade. Now she spends all her time trying to find her way back.

best skins lulu
best skins lulu

Best Lulu Skins | LoL

Born in Bandle City, Lulu Is no stranger to a land that does not obey the laws of space and time. However, following her new companion Pix, the Glade she reaches is even stranger. Empowering her magic to new heights, allows her to manifest her imagination, and she imagines herself in all sorts of looks and skins. You will find the best of those right here.

Star Guardian Lulu

The Star Guardian skin line follows the Japanese magical girl theme in more ways than one. We have the badass Miss Fortune, the positive Lux, and the youngest Star Guardian Lulu that wields the most magical power, and is always there to shield her friends. Or have a pajama party with, evidenced by the Pajama Party variation of ths skin.

Star Guardian Lulu skin was released on October 05, 2016. Priced at 1350 RP, it brings new animations and sound effects to both her and her companion Pix. In Wild Rift, this skin will set you back by 990 Wild Cores.

With Lulu’s kit relying on Pix for two of her four abilities, Star Guardian Lulu give Pix a more physical form. Pix is no longer an indistinct shape, rather his model resembles a winged Poro. With Lulu in her Star Guardian uniform, they form quite a cute pair of supports.

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Pool Party Lulu

The Pool Pary skins are, usually, reserved for those champions that can be classified as eye-candy. Pool Party Lulu, however, does not focus on the Pool as much as the Party part of this skin line, with Lulu’s splash art and in-game model wearing a one-piece swimsuit, and an octopus instead of a hat. Makes you wonder who got polymorphed into that.

Pool Party Lulu was released on June 25, 2015. As an Epic-rated skin, it updates Lulu’s animations, particle effects, and sounds, with Pix’s in-game model turning to that of a pufferfish.

Pix led Lulu to the Glade on the day they met, finding in her a kindred spirit that yearns for fun. Once they left, Lulu embarked on an adventure to find a way to return. However, that does not mean the adventure can’t include a Pool Party skin along the way. Her adventures are not only limited to the Summoners Rift. She has also found her way to Wild Rift, where it costs 990 WIld Cores to don this skin.

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Dragon Trainer Lulu

Dragons, though feared, are still living things and can be befriended under the right circumstances. Lulu enthralled her small friend with whimsical magic, thus becoming the first dragon trainer in League of Legends, donning the Dragon Trainer skin and starting the Dragon Trainer skin line, with Swain, Heimerdinger and Tristana joining her later on.

Dragon Trainer Lulu was released on November 13, 2012, as an Epic-rated skin. It brings along new animations, particle effects, and splash art. The Dragon Trainer Lulu skin, of all Lulu skins, has the most detailed and well-done in-game model. It can be bought for 1350 RP in League of Legends, and 990 Wild Cores in Wild Rift.

Of all the Dragon Trainer skins, Lulu suits its theme, inspired by the How To Train Your Dragon movie, the best. Pix takes on the role and look of a small dragon, with great magical potential. Paired with Dragon Trainer Tristana, and her attack speed, this skin will make you an unstoppable bot lane duo.

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Bittersweet Lulu

A candy witch living on the outskirts of the Peppermint Pine Barrens, Bittersweet Lulu’s saccharine enchantments are known to grant incredible powers to any who desire them but only at great cost to their candy soul. No other Lulu skin compares to Bittersweet Lulu when it comes to taking Lulu top lane, with a full attack speed build and bullying enemy tanks.

Bittersweet Lulu was released the same day that Lulu herself arrived to League of Legends, March 20, 2012. Due to the skin’s popularity among players, it has earned a legacy spot, and 975 RP can only buy you this skin once the Legacy Vault opens.

Bittersweet Lulu, along with Wicked Lulu, explores the perspective the wider world has of this champion. A Yordle with far more power than common sense, having fun in any way she wants, leads to both lighthearted fun and creepy and trauma-inducing moments. This skin was inspired by Hansel and Gretel, taking on the form of the witch from this classical children’s tale.

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Lulu is League of Legends’ support champion that rarely isn’t part of the meta. Whether it’s last season’s Lulu support domination or the ardent meta we had a few seasons ago, Lulu’s supporting capabilities are superb. Capable of shielding allies, peeling for their ADCs, and stopping enemy engage, the only thing Lulu misses is a heal, which Moonstone Renewr takes care of. As such, her skins focus on her fun-loving nature, and whimsical personality. The few evil-looking skins she has can be attributed to her potential for doing large amounts of damage.

Her bot lane colleague, Lucian, is another heroic champion. Unlike Lulu, he is stoic and serious, with a plethora of skins to justify his broody look. To see which of his skins are the best, take a peek at our list of Lucian best skins, or check out the best LoL skins overall.