How To Spectate In TFT

Spectator mode has been a big problem in TFT for the past few years. If you are curious, here is how to spectate in TFT League of Legends.
How To Spectate In TFT

Can you spectate your friends in TFT?

Almost every competitive game has a spectate mode, but unfortunately, Teamfight Tactics is not one of those games. The developers of the game have tackled this subject time and time again. For example, they conducted an Ask Us Anything (AMA) on Reddit, and here is what they said about the news of spectator mode. 

Even though Teamfight Tactics is owned by one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, the budget for the game itself (TFT) is not that huge, so expect that the developers will be having a hard time trying to create one for the game.

Are There Any Alternatives To Spectate In TFT?

Thankfully, because of the world's technology, spectating games using third-party apps and websites makes it possible to spectate the game. Here are multiple ways to spectate:


Using Discord

Almost every gamer has Discord on their PC, making it accessible for everyone. Using the stream mode in Discord will make it possible for your friends to watch you play TFT, making it possible for your friends to spectate your match in real-time.

The good news is that you can also stream at 1080p resolution with 60fps when you have Discord Nitro or when the server that you are streaming on is boosted. So make sure to use every feature that Discord has to offer!


Streaming and Watching On Twitch

Twitch is currently the biggest streaming platform in the whole world, and this is where the TFT tournaments are streamed, even the main events from Riot Games for each patch. You can also try streaming for the public on Twitch to have many possible viewers!

Not only that, but setting up your stream on Twitch is also really easy. You can try Streamlabs or OBS to go live while playing Teamfight Tactics. Twitch will also show you multiple stats, such as viewers and chat when you go live on the platform.

There is all you need to know about spectate mode in TFT. The sad thing is, spectating someone in Teamfight Tactics is not as easy in League of Legends, where you simply run League of Legends, look at your friend's list, and right-click them to spectate them in the League client. Still, you should now use your little legends and tacticians to become one of the highest-ranked players in TFT and become a competitive player to make your game known worldwide!

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