All Pool Party Skins | LoL

The Pool Party skins are one of the biggest skin lines in League of Legends, and today we’ll be taking a closer look at all Pool Party skins in the game.

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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All Pool Party Skins | LoL

The Pool Party skin line is one of the biggest cosmetic lineups that Riot Games has prepared for League of Legends. These skins are part of the summer festivities event that the game holds every year, introducing new Pool Party skins at the start of each season.

Here are all the Pool Party skins that Riot Games has available in League of Legends:

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Pool Party Renekton

Pool Party Renekton works as a lifeguard, which is ironic considering that crocodiles and alligators often signify that the water is too dangerous to take a swim. Regardless, it doesn’t have to make sense since he is a sentient being who was once human, so it doesn’t hurt to let him watch over you.


Renekton is one of two lifeguards in the Pool Party universe, with the other one being Taric. Together, they make sure that everyone can have all the fun they want without worrying about getting into an accident.

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Pool Party Taric

Pool Party Taric is your resident hot lifeguard with long, flowing hair that will run to your aid whenever you’re in danger. Just don’t get any ideas about pretending to drown otherwise, it might be Renekton that jumps into the water, giving you a bit of a disappointing scare.


Taric has a charm that simply makes it perfect for him to join any universe since he can play the role of a fantasy character or a normal individual.

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Surfer Singed

Singed is a cool guy who simply likes to enjoy his concoctions and start surfing the waves, leaving a splash in his trails. There’s a warning out there that states never to chase Singed otherwise, he’ll leave you at the mercy of the waves.


Pool Party Singed gives the champion a refreshing look that makes him look like a new character and not the mad scientist that he’s depicted to be in the game.

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Pool Party Braum

With a body that can carry a beached whale back into the ocean and a smile that shines brighter than the summer sun, Pool Party Braum is like the kind uncle everyone wants to hang with, even the beach poros.


Braum is usually seen in the icy region of the Freljord, so his appearance in the sunny beach resort is a bit surprising. Luckily, he already has an aesthetic design that makes it so that he fits perfectly.

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Pool Party Caitlyn

As a member of high society, taking a vacation at the luxurious beachside resort is everything. But if there’s something that Pool Party Caitlyn loves more than a sip of her tropical drink, it’s shooting people with her custom water rifle.


Caitlyn would look like your generic anime girl in that one obligatory beach/pool episode if it weren’t for her huge water rifle. However, that doesn’t take away from this skin’s charm altogether.

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Pool Party Draven

Pool Party Draven likes to be the star of the show by constantly showing off at the pool. Fortunately for him, he has the skills to back up his hot air.


Draven is Draven, and there’s nothing more to say about him except that Riot Games finds creative ways to make him more “Draven” with each cosmetic.

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Pool Party Fiora

Pool Party Fiora is a woman who knows she has the skills to be the stop a party at its track. Too bad no one can stop her.


The Party isn’t done until Fiora says it's done, and that’s why she’s designed to look like a true showstopper.

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Pool Party Gangplank

Gangplank is that one guy at every beach party whose job is to grill the food, except Gangplank likes his job and takes pride in what he does.


It’s not often an issue in many League of Legends skins, but we have to comment that Pool Party Gangplank looks pretty much like Pool Party Graves in terms of their splash art design.

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Pool Party Graves

Pool Party Graves is the hot bod on the pool that everyone has their eyes on. However, he’s more than just his abs because he’s got a killer water shotgun that will leave you drenched instantly.


As one of Riot Games’ earlies skins, it’s no surprise that the site doesn’t have a description for this skin. However, the art itself speaks for what kind of champion he is.

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Pool Party Heimerdinger

Even scientists need to take a well-deserved trip to the beach, but Pool Party Heimerdinger won’t waste this chance to showcase his skills and intelligence by engineering the most structurally accurate sandcastle ever!


Even spirits like Yordles enjoy the beach. We simply hope that none of the League’s eccentric characters end up destroying his sandcastle before he finishes it.

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Pool Party Jarvan IV

Pool Party Jarvan IV is taking a break from his royal duties by taking a quick soak at the beach. This is when he can feel like a regular person while chilling under the hot sun.


Jarvan looks like he’s got a thing against the sunlight as he brings his beach umbrella everywhere he goes.

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Pool Party Lee Sin

Blindness isn’t a disability that prevents a person from enjoying a party, and that’s what we can learn from Pool Party Lee Sin. In Lee Sin’s case, he loves the feeling of sand, the warm wind, and a taste of fresh coconut alongside the sound of loud music.


We just hope Pool Party Lee Sin practices a bit of constraint otherwise, he might give somebody an unwarranted Dragon’s Rage kick.

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Pool Party Leona

Pool Party Leona is a devout follower of the hot summer sun, and her time as a professional surfer has given her a deep connection with the beach. Above all, she likes to spend her downtime reading a good romance novel while chilling under an umbrella.


This is one of Leona’s best skins because it gives her a proper sense of identity, and the design of her attire is adorable.

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Pool Party Lulu

Lulu, like any other playful witch, likes to spend some time taking a swim in the pool with her friends. Sometimes she gets carried away by hexing them on the pool, but that’s still generally okay.


Pool Party Lulu is one of the most adorable skins in the game, and her little octopus hat is making us crazy.

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Pool Party Miss Fortune

Pool Party Miss Fortune loves the beach because it’s the perfect place to take the best photos. Don’t be deceived, she can still hit you with her water pistol while she’s taking a selfie.


Miss Fortune is an absolute diva, and there’s nothing that can ruin the chance for her to take a great picture of herself.

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Pool Party Mundo

Pool Party Mundo is crazy about the beach and often brings his ukelele to sing songs he made himself about it.


Dr. Mundo is also very stylish, equipped with a stylish straw hat and an extremely comfortable pair of shorts to give him the perfect look at the pool.

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Pool Party Orianna

Just because she’s a robot doesn’t mean that Pool Party Orianna can’t be at the beach. Her parts are waterproof, and she has the essence of a real human inside her, she knows what it means to party.


Orianna loves to play with her ball and never goes to the beach without having a few extra sets available.

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Pool Party Rek’sai

Pool Party Reksai is a party monster that likes to stream through the water with her amphibious biology, giving random people the ride of their lives.


Reksai even has a life-jacket to make her look the part we usually see when we play her on Summoners Rift.

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Pool Party Sett

Sett is the boss of the beach and loves to enjoy living the life. He may act like a tough guy, but there’s no doubt he’s a big softie when it comes to protecting the people he cares for.


Pool Party Sett’s design is excellent, but nothing much has changed about him compared to his default look.

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Pool Party Syndra

Syndra is the queen of beach volleyball and has defeated every person on the beach. To pbutt the time, she now works diligently to prevent any rogue ball from hitting her friends.


Pool Party Syndra has an extremely tough job, but people like Heimerdinger and Jarvan IV appreciate what she’s doing.

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Pool Party Taliyah

Pool Party Taliyah likes to surf the waves and splash around the water with her friends. She is very hip and uses lingo that most boomers can’t understand.


Surfing has always been an identity of Taliyah, so it only feels natural that she gets a skin that features her doing just that.

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Pool Party Zac

Pool Party Zac is a sentient water monster, so it’s very questionable what happens to him whenever he dives into the pool.


Zac likes to bounce around the water and show up when you least expect it. Just make sure not to get water in your mouth and nose because you might be soaking up pieces of Zac.

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Pool Party Ziggs

Ziggs loves the pool mostly because he gets to create and throw gigantic water balloons without it being too much of a problem because everyone’s wet, to begin with.


Pool Party Ziggs wants to become a “waterologist,” which isn’t a real profession. He just likes to throw water balloons and make a living out of it if he can.

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Pool Party Zoe

Pool Party Zoe may seem like a little girl, but she’s WAY older than she looks and doesn’t need people constantly reporting an “unattended child” swimming in the pool.


She likes to play with other people and pop out of the water to throw water balloons at other people. Ziggs and her will make good friends.

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