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Best Taric Skins | LoL

There is no time to waste. Help your teammates, defeat enemies, and become more majestic with the best Taric skins currently available in League of Legends. 
Best Taric Skins | LoL

If League of Legends has a tournament for the most majestic looking champion, Taric will probably breeze through his opponents and win the whole thing. 

No one can deny that the Shield of Valoran has striking looks and prince-like features from a Disney movie. Do not get distracted, though, because he is also a menace in the bot lane.

If you are looking for a great champion to main, buy some of the best Taric skins in LoL to do it with different styles


Emerald Taric

Released on November 20, 2009, this champion skin is different from the usual blue-colored gems that you see in his classic skin. Emerald Taric will be an excellent choice for people who love middle-earth-themed looks.

Looking at his armor, you will instantly notice that his model is completely based on earthy elements. Everything about this skin is green from the name of the skin itself. His leaf-inspired armor, hammer, headgear, and gems, are all green. To top it off, Riot Games used elven features to complete Taric’s face and look.

Since this skin is one of the cheap classic cosmetics in League of Legends, do not expect drastic changes compared to his more expensive skins.

Even though the animations and particles are the same, Riot Games used green-colored gems for all his abilities, which is a great change considering the highly affordable price. Get this skin for only 975 Riot Points in the League shop today!

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Pool Party Taric

Some League of Legends champions receive resort and beach-themed skins every year as part of the Pool Party cosmetic line. And League’s very own majestic knight is turned into a manly lifeguard ready to save some beachgoers.

Unlike his other skins, Pool Party Taric does not have striking armor because he wears the usual lifesaver outfit: a jacket, red shorts, shades, and a whistle. Nevertheless, his huge muscles and handsome features are enough to make him suitable for the whole beach concept.

Like most Pool Party skins, this version of Taric has bubbly ability sounds that all sound refreshing. Additionally, his skills are all blue and have beach details. For example, his gems are changed into circle floaters, while his ultimate is a sun with glasses.

Pool Party Taric was released on July 13, 2016. You can still get it in the LoL skin store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Armor of the Fifth Age Taric

This League of Legends skin is a more colorful and paladin-looking version of the renowned Shield of Valoran. 

Released on April 8, 2020, Armor of the Fifth Age Taric looks like a usual party-goer with a fabulous outfit.

Looking closely at the splash art above, you will notice Ezreal and DJ Sona in the background, indicating that Armor of the Fifth Age Taric is indeed at a party.

His outfit is similar to his classic one, with several recolors and detail changes, like his more revealing top and fur-filled shoulder armor.

Like Emerald Taric, this skin is one of his cheap skins, so do not expect drastic changes. You can still expect several changes in the skin colors in-game, though. 

Armor of the Fifth Age Taric has purple and pink colored gems that he also uses for his abilities. However, the animations stay the same, but it is one of his best skins to date, considering the low price of 750 Riot Points. You can get this skin by purchasing it in the League of Legends store!

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Taric Luminshield

If you thought that there would be no version of Taric who is more majestic and price-looking, then this skin would shock you.

Released on March 19, 2020, and based on the concept of a medieval warrior and cleric, Taric Luminshield helps his rogue partners, Twitch Shadowfoot and Talon Blackwood, win battles around Runeterra.

This new skin’s armor has the traditional metallic look instead of the usual gem-like themed armors. 

I love how Riot Games used white crystals for his gems and hammer to go with the classic knight look. Taric Luminshield’s outfit looks bigger, too, compared to his other skins. Players who love a cleaner and more simple look should definitely pick this skin right up!

Seeing this skin in-game would probably shock most players. This new skin’s primary colors are white, but there are a lot of hues in his skills that look like a rainbow. 

On the other hand, the light-inspired sounds are great, too, perfectly fitting his healing paladin concept. The good news is that you can still buy this skin for 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends store today!

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Unleash the power of mount targon and boost the power of your team comp with the best Taric skins in League of Legends. There is a cosmetic not mentioned in this list called Bloodstone Taric, but the skins above are probably the better and more worth your money.

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