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Best Ezreal Skins | LoL

This young adventurer loves exploring things and shooting his Trueshot barrage whenever he is in some kind of trouble, which is always.
Best Ezreal Skins | LoL

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, was released by Riot Games on March 16, 2010, as a new kind of marksman with a lot of mobility and survivability. He is one of the safest marksmen in both League of Legends and Wild Rift and has a bunch of the skins that you can choose from to make your gameplay look flashier.

He has an incredible amount of skins and it is not easy to opt for one, so here we have made a list of the best Ezreal skins in League of Legends.


Pulsefire Ezreal

We start this list off with one of the most iconic skins in the game. This Ezreal skin features him as a wanted futuristic warrior that travels through time in search of interesting weapons and technology.

The skin itself is one of the most expensive ones in the game, together with Elementalist Lux and a few others. This Ultimate skin was released on January 29, 2012, and it has a price of astonishing 3250 RP. Being that expensive you would expect a lot from this skin, and what can we say than it delivered and it is worth every penny. It has everything completely new, not just model, sound, and effects like some of the awesome skins.

This Ezreal skin also has a lot of new dances, jokes, and little things you don’t get with other skins. He starts the game off with just his arm being cyborg-like and then he develops as the game progresses and he gets his levels. He has three transformations, that depend on his level, and on level sixteen he gets his full cyborg form and that is where he shines! This is one of the best skins from the Pulsefire line together with Pulsefire Caitlyn and one of the best skins ever released by Riot Games!

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SSG Ezreal

SSG Ezreal was presented on July 20, 2018, with a price of 1350 RP. This Ezreal skin was released honoring Samsung Galaxy’s Jungler Haru, and his incredible performance at World Championship 2017.

These skins that are made in honor of one player or one team, always have something special about them. This one highlights the Prodigal Explorer in Samsung Galaxy’s jersey

The color theme of this skin is mostly blue with some white details. The skin has new sounds, effects, and a model inspired by the SSG team. It also has a new recall animation where Haru’s signature appears besides Ezreal while he is recalling.

Even though this skin was released with a price of 1350 RP, it can be bought only on special occasions, when Riot Games opens up a Legacy vault. But if you are lucky enough, you can still acquire it through mystery gifting!

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Striker Ezreal

This skin might not be the flashiest one, but there is something special in the simplicity of this one. Striker Ezreal was released on June 24, 2010, and it highlights the Prodigal Explorer as a football prodigy and his team’s best player.

Even though this does not feature any new particles, animations, or sounds, the pure simplicity and the idea of Ezreal being a football player is incredibly refreshing. Ezreal is wearing a blue jersey with some details of white and black and a number ten on his back, showing that he is a true star and a playmaker of his team.

He also has a dance animation, where he juggles a trophy which is an amazing detail. All of these things and a price of only 520 RP is what make this skin an incredible choice for someone who is into sports and doesn’t have very deep pockets!

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Ezreal is one of the champions with most of the skins in League of Legends, and there are some amazing ones that could easily make it on this list, including Battle Academia Ezreal, Frosted Ezreal, Psyops Ezreal, and the likes of Nottingham and Arcade Ezreal

Still, we tried to make a simple list that would fit anyone's budget. If you are more into Top lane fighters maybe you can check our list of best Fiora skins. And if you are looking for a skin for some other champions, check our page where we cover the best skins for every champion in the game!

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