How Much LP Do You Lose When You Dodge a Ranked Game in League of Legends

Want to know how many games you can dodge when you are autofilled? Discover the penalties of dodging in league of legends.
How Much LP Do You Lose When You Dodge a Ranked Game in League of Legends

Have you ever tried to queue up on a ranked game and the lobby says you are auto fill protected, but when the match starts you end up auto filled anyway? This can be really annoying especially if you do not know how to play the role that you’ve been given. 

Do you dodge league pick and ban and sacrifice that matchmaking suspension for a few minutes? Or power through it and play a role you don’t even know how.

How Much LP is Deducted To You Upon Dodging a Game?

When you get auto filled in a ranked game, chances are you don’t know a thing about the role you’ve been given.

You can dodge even before the match starts, this can be done by closing the client during the picks and bans phase of the game.

Although, keep in mind that there are dodge penalties that escalate to harsher penalties with each subsequent dodges. 

It is as simple as dodge count relates to your dodge penalty tier. 

This is the new dodging system Riot games introduced in season 11. 

A normal game or an aram game dodge can also be penalized, but it only imposes a queue time penalties which is the same penalty when you dodge ranked league of legends matches champion pick.

Queue dodging used to be a common thing especially in higher ranks as players abuse this if they don’t get to pick their main role, but since Riot introduced the new system, you might want to think twice now before dodging. 

Although first dodge is usually safe as it only gives you -3 lp.

What Is a Dodge in League of Legends?

A dodge is simply when you prevent a game from starting by closing the client just before the champion picking phase is over. 

This means that if you fail to lock in your champion pick before the timer runs out, it is considered a dodge.

Dodge timers can also be imposed on players who fail to lock in their champion. 

Why Do People Dodge a Ranked Game Even If It Reduces Their LP?

There can be a number of reasons why people dodge a ranked game in league of legends, some might have personal reasons or some people simply dodge for strategic purposes

All of us have lives outside of league of legends and sometimes this can get in the way even if you are playing a promotional match. Here are some reasons why people prefer the -3 or -10 lp rather than playing the game.

  • -3 lp is much better than playing a game where you are autofilled and suffer a loss and get -15 lp.
  • There is a troll player in the pick and ban phase baning your pick or even not picking their assigned role.
  • The team composition of the enemy team dominates yours

Penalties of ranked queue dodging 

Ranked games are really important games for some people as they can gain or lose lp (league points) in it. Lp is what determines if a player will climb to the next division. This is why Riot games really take it seriously when players dodge or make it harder for a team to win. There are penalties when you commit a solo/duo ranked dodge.

  • When you are in provisional games, dodging a game will result in an instant loss and will instantly end your series if you are 1 loss away from losing it.
  • -10 LP if you have dodged more than one game for the day.
  • MMR is not affected when you dodge a game.

Is ready check failure considered a dodge?

Ready check failure happens when you fail to accept the matchmaking prompt and this is not considered as a dodge but it has penalties that is the same when you dodge a game. 

Failure to accept ready check too many times can cause your account to have a 6 minute timed queue ban and a -3 lp deduction. 

Each subsequent failure to accept ready check increase penalties like the length of your time queue ban and imposes a -10 lp deduction, just like when you dodge a game. 

Ready check failure affects queue times regardless of queue type be it, normal queues or ranked queues

Is There a Dodge Count Timer Reset?

Riot games imposed the new dodging mechanic to reduce player dodges each day. This means that the dodge count reset starts at the beginning of the day

If you still use the dodge strategy when playing a ranked game, you can still use it but it is now only advisable as a once a day strategy as losing -10 lp is not worth it.