How Much are LoL Riot Points in USD? | All Regions

Riot Points (RP) is the premium currency in League of Legends. Let’s take a look at the price distribution of this currency in the different regions.
How Much are LoL Riot Points in USD? | All Regions

Riot Points (RP) is the primary currency used to purchase various items in League of Legends including champions, skins, cosmetics, and account items that players normally can’t buy using Blue Essence. Many players are skeptical about spending money in-game, but League of Legends is one of the games that won’t make you regret it. 

Despite this being Riot Games’ main source of revenue, they’ve made it fair so that players aren’t required to pay money just to get champions, skins, and other items that you can get with RP. Let’s look at the conversion between Riot Points and USD and other currencies.

How Much is RP Worth in USD?

The conversion between RP and USD is 138RP per $1, but Riot Games doesn’t sell this currency in odd increments, so you can only purchase them in specific increments. Instead of converting the RP per dollar, it may be more efficient to convert it according to the values of the gift card you’ll purchase using real money or with a credit card in any accredited Riot Store in North America according to the countries. 

List of Prepaid Cards for the LoL NA Server
NA138010 USD138 RP
EUW & EUNE13809.50 USD145.26 RP
OCE10006.93 USD144.30 RP
LAN & LAS150010 USD150 RP
RU13807.58 USD182.06 RP
TR10504.59 USD228.76 RP
BR13806.21 USD222.22 RP

The amount of RP varies depending on the currency in each country. The game can be purchased online or through video game stores and other outlets that offer prepaid cards. 

It’s highly suggested that players get these items from accredited stores so that they don’t purchase fake prepaid cards for a lower price that doesn’t work. This is a common scam that people fall for in third-party marketplaces.

Where Can I Get Cheap Riot Points?

Riot Points is the main currency used in League of Legends, and it doesn’t always become accessible to every player depending on their budget in gaming. Of course, players will try to find ways to get cheaper alternatives to their purchases, but most aren’t confident enough to try their luck on websites they might find suspicious because they don’t have anyone vouching for the legitimacy of these sites.

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Can I Refund My RP?

Riot Games has a global refund policy that allows players to refund any purchase within 90 days. This applies to RP or purchases in the in-game store such as champions, skins, and account items as long as they haven’t been consumed yet. You’ll be refunded 100% of the amount you spent on the item regardless of whether it was on sale. That means that if you purchased an item that was 50% off, you’d receive the same value even if the sale is over.

List of Champions Purchased Using Blue Essence.

Here’s how you can make a refund in the game:

  1. Click on the RP or Blue Essence balance in the LoL client.
  2. Go to Purchase History.
  3. Choose the item you want to get a refund on.
  4. Refund the item and click “Confirm.”

The resource that you refunded should immediately be credited to your account. However, if you’re refunding an RP purchase, it may take a while before the money gets transferred back to your account, depending on the bank account you’re using. You can refund gift codes that have not been opened as long as you carry the receipt for physical refunds.