How to Connect League of Legends to Facebook [Step-by-Step]

Connect your League of Legends account to Facebook for easier logins and to find and play with friends from your social network!

Updated on Feb 11, 2024
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How to Connect League of Legends to Facebook [Step-by-Step]

Connecting your LoL account to Facebook can help you find and connect with your Facebook friends who also play League. Of course, you will have to add your friends in LoL later on, but just spotting them on Facebook might be a start to a legendary Challenger rank grind. 

Here's a straightforward guide to linking your LoL and Facebook accounts:

  1. Launch the Riot Games Launcher and sign in to your League of Legends account.

  2. Once you're in the in-game client, look to the upper right-hand corner, above the friends list, and click on "Add Friend".

  3. In the options that appear, click on "By social network".

  4. You will then be prompted to connect your Facebook account to your League of Legends account. Click on the prompt to proceed.

  5. Enter your Facebook login information and follow the steps provided by the social media platform to complete the linking process.

  6. After successfully linking your accounts, you will be able to see which of your Facebook friends have a League of Legends account and play the game.

Please note that during the process, you may be asked to share some information from your Facebook profile, such as your profile picture, to integrate it.

Should You Connect your League of Legends Account to Facebook?

Connecting your League of Legends account to Facebook can offer several benefits that make it a worthwhile consideration. Here are a few reasons why linking your LoL and Facebook accounts could be a good idea:

  • Simplified login process: By linking your accounts, you can log into your League of Legends account with just a click, streamlining the login process. This convenience means less time spent entering login details and more time getting into the game.
  • Extra friends: Connecting to Facebook allows you to quickly add friends who play League of Legends directly from your Facebook friends list. This feature makes it easier to build your team with friends or reconnect with old ones who also enjoy the game.
  • Staying connected: The integration helps you stay connected with your gaming friends, both inside and outside of League. Seeing which of your Facebook friends play LoL can enhance your social experience, making it easier to plan games.

Facebook Connected to League of Legends

Overall, the benefits of connecting your League of Legends account to Facebook include convenience and a more social experience. So yeah — go for it and don't forget to send your lovely friends some gifts in LoL from time to time!

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