How to Make and create New Rune Pages in LoL

In need of some new rune pages in League of Legends? Here are how you can make new rune pages so that you can come prepared for your next match.
How to Make and create New Rune Pages in LoL

Rune pages are necessary for players to customize which keystones and runes they want to play for a specific champion. While veteran players usually only need one rune page, new players should have preset pages for the champions they often use. Let’s take a look at how to make a new rune page League of Legends, so that you can come in your matches prepared.

Importance of Rune Pages

Rune pages are necessary for players to create customized runes for the player. League of Legends gives you eight rune pages at the beginning of the game, with 5 of those rune pages being the default builds that players can’t edit.

If you don’t know how to build your runes, feel free to use them, but it’s recommended that players learn how to make their own rune pages to match their champion. Here are why rune pages are important:

  • Unlocks a champion’s full potential.
  • Gives players the option to maximize resources in-game.
  • Makes bad matchups a bit easier to lane against.
The Conqueror Rune Page designed for Wukong.

Runes and keystones allow players to maximize the output of their champion, whether they’re primarily magic damage dealers, physical damage dealers, tanks, or support champions. 

Each keystone rune has a specific usage, where a champion will fully benefit from its effects depending on their playstyle

Since there are over 150 champions in the game, that usually means that there are dozens of different builds that players will need to take in mind. 

Riot Games added these new mechanics during the Runes Reforged patch.

How to Purchase New Rune Pages

Players get three free rune pages when they create their accounts, but that may not be enough for players who are not keen on building runes on the spot. To buy an extra rune page, you’ll need to follow these steps to find the part where they sell the rune pages in the League of Legends store:

The Shop showing the option for Rune Pages.
  1. Click on the Shop
  2. Go to Accessories
  3. Go to Rune Pages and purchase the ones you need.

Rune Pages cost 590 Riot Points or 6300 Blue Essence, but if you buy the bundle of 7, you’re getting it for 2600, which gives you a discount of 1530RP. If you’re planning on spending RP to buy rune pages, we suggest you go for the bundle because it’s a lot cheaper in terms of value for money.

For League of Legends players in Garena countries, they can get the chance to win rune pages for free by downloading the Garena mobile app and doing the daily roulette. There is a small chance to win a free rune page, so if you haven’t downloaded this app, you should do it as soon as possible. This is not available for users who use the Riot Games launcher.

How to Create New Rune Pages

Now that you know how to get additional rune pages, you can now make multiple rune pages that are fully customized. 

These additional pages are good for players who are new to the game and are learning how to create specific builds for certain champions. 

Creating custom pages is also good practice for when you get a wider champion pool and will be forced to create rune pages in the champion selection phase. Here’s how you can make new rune pages:

A collection of customized runes.
  1. Go to Collections
  2. Click on Runes
  3. Click on the Create New button to make your custom rune page.

When making new rune pages, it’s good to make general rune builds if you have very few pages in your collection. Once you have about ten or more rune pages, you can start creating runes for specific champions. However, don’t forget that you’ll still be forced to change the minor runes that change attack speed, armor, magic resistance, and adaptive damage depending on your lane matchup.

How Do You Make New Rune Pages During Champ Select?

Once you’re more familiar with the game, it’s more recommended that players edit their rune pages during the champion select phase rather than having default rune pages. This is because you’ll be able to customize your rune fully builds according to the matchup and your team composition. This is, of course, more applicable in ranked games rather than blind pick because you can see which champion you’ll be facing in the lane. 

Rune Page editing during champ select.
  1. Get into a match.
  2. Click on the rune page that you want to edit.
  3. Choose a rune page of your choice from the options or create your own.
  4. Make sure to save any changes that you applied before the countdown timer ends.

Riot Games allows players to use addons, so if you’re unsure how to build champions, you can download addons like that automatically create a rune page for you as long as you have this addon open. Alternatively, players can simply have a tab open that uses League of Legends resources online to compare and copy popular League of Legends rune builds that players use in solo queue.

Tips on Making Rune Pages for Beginners

If you don’t want to waste your blue essence or RP on buying additional rune pages for your account, you may want to learn how to make your own runes during the champ select phase. We’ve already talked about some things you need to keep in mind, but here are some tips on how you can start making your own rune page.


Choosing a Keystone

The keystone is the most essential part of your rune build and determines what kind of damage you’re going to deal with an enemy champion. 

Most champions already have a set keystone that is perfect for their kit, but some champions rotate between multiple choices depending on the meta. 

To learn how to choose a keystone, read up on the champion's abilities and find the keystone that best complements those abilities.

Choosing Which Keystone to Use.

Since your keystones dictate what kind of specialization you’re going for, you’ll also need to match your minor runes to complement either your keystone or your abilities.

It also depends on whether you’re going defensive or want to go for more damage. If you’re new to the game, try to practice it on some beginner champions that you’re already familiar with.


Rune Stats

The rune stats are the minor stats that you can see at the very end of the rune page, showing Offense, Flex, and Defense choices. For offense, choose adaptive damage if your primary source of damage is attack damage or ability power. 

On Flex, damage champions usually go for adaptive again or armor/magic defense depending on the matchup. 

Finally, defense stats vary on the matchup, but sometimes it’s better to choose health if your champion has good defenses or healing early on.

The Minor Rune Stats in League of Legends.

These stats are usually what players will be changing most during champ select because not all matchups are the same. 

Even if you’re a damage champion, you may be forced to take a lot of defensive stats early if you’re in a heavily losing matchup but want to try keeping a good laning phase and get good CS

For these stats, you only have to look at your lane matchup because these stat values are only relevant in the early stages of the game.