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Best Yone Skins | LoL

Riot Games shocked everyone after unveiling Yasuo’s brother, Yone. Even just a year after his release, he has gotten a lot of beautiful cosmetic releases. Check out his best skins here.
Best Yone Skins | LoL

Yone the Unforgotten, released on August 6, 2020, is one of the most recent champion releases by Riot Games. 

Even though it’s just a year after his release, Riot unveiled fantastic skins for the skilled swordsman. 

Being the half-brother of Yasuo, they both studied in the same Ionian school and can control the air by using his blades. Here is a list of his best skins to beautify the dual-wielding champion


Spirit Blossom Yone

The first skin release for this champion, Spirit Blossom Yone, is possibly what he looked like before the battle with his brother. Unleash the power of air and flowers with the Spirit Blossom Yone skin.

Looking at the splash art above, you can see that Yone has a Japanese-looking outfit and cool horns. 

The Unforgotten is also seen making a whirlwind around a garden of flowers and containing his powers with his right arm.

In terms of in-game changes, the Spirit Blossom skin changes animations, textures, particles, and sounds. His skills, like the Spirit Cleave and Mortal Steel, have pink colors and flower petal animations. Meanwhile, the sounds of this skin also have a cultural feel which gives it a nice touch.

Spirit Blossom Yone, released on August 6, 2020, is currently available in the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Battle Academia Yone

One of the skins under the academy line, the concept of Battle Academia Yone, revolves around university life. Yone looks like the usual campus heartthrob that every girl will get heads over heels for in this skin.

If you look at the splash art above, Yone has pink-colored hair and the usual League academy skin line uniforms. But it is safe to say that Yone’s outfit is the coolest among the rest. 

He has chains with different emblems and a skirt that suits the concept’s colors.

Like the Spirit Blossom skin, Battle Academia changes the skin's sounds, animations, textures, and particles. To go into specifics, all of the changes are flashy, especially the sounds. Yone’s skills are a mix of blue and green colors. The coolest thing about this skin is the sword in his right hand. It looks like it came from a Final Fantasy Game.

Riot Games released Battle Academia Yone recently on March 18, 2021. It is acquired through the League store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Dawnbringer Yone

His first skin in the legendary category, Dawnbringer Yone, brings the most drastic changes to this champion. 

This skin is slightly different from the usual Dawnbringer skin line. Yone appears to be in the middle of order and chaos because of his blue and red appearance.

Looking at the splash art above, Yone appears to be someone with godlike powers. In the photo, you can also see that cool crown and armor in his shoulder that glows. Not only that, but his swords also have their auras with different colors, respectively.

As mentioned previously, this skin brings the most changes in terms of textures, animations, sounds, and particles. The additional blade animations whenever he casts his abilities are magnificent. To top it all off, the colors of his skills also have two different colors, red and blue. For example, whenever he casts his Soul Unbound, his spirit form has a red color while his physical form has a blue color.

The newest and most expensive skin for Yone, Dawnbringer was released on September 23, 2021. It can be acquired for 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends store.

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That ends the list of the most beautiful skins for Yone. Control the wind and slice your enemies with style by buying one of the skins listed above. If you are currently looking for the best skins for his brother, check out this best Yasuo skins list. However, if you want to check out the best skins list for all the champions, access this page for the best skins for different champions.

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