How to Skip the Tutorial in LoL

Veteran players looking to create new accounts may want to skip the long tutorial to maximize their playtime. Here’s how to do just that.

How to Skip the Tutorial in LoL
How to Skip the Tutorial in LoL

The worst part about starting a new account in League of Legends is that it basically forces you to play the tutorial even though you already know how to play the game. Rather than waste your time listening to a linear AI tell you how to play the game, you may want to try to skip tutorial mode so that you can play all your favorite game modes again on your new account.

How to Skip the Tutorial

The short answer is that you can’t skip the tutorial in League of Legends anymore. Unfortunately, Riot Games has made it a mandatory part of the game, so players will be forced to play all three tutorial parts whenever they make a new account. Unlike other video games, there’s no magic skip button that you can press to bypass this phase. This was implemented to prevent new players from playing the game completely unprepared because they didn’t want to listen to the system.

The three parts of the LoL Tutorial.

There have been reported cases of players skipping the tutorial by accident when they quit or crash the game midway, but there’s no guaranteed way to do it intentionally. The only real way to skip the tutorial is to get a new account that has already played through it instead of creating a fresh one. There are some ways to skip the tutorial using third-party programs, but it’s faster and safer to simply speedrun the tutorial on your new account by completing all the tasks as quickly as possible. It’s never worth getting your account or IP banned on the grounds of illegal activity.

Why You Should Play Through the Tutorial

Even if you hate playing through tutorials in other games, League of Legends offers incentives for players to participate in the tutorial. The game only has three tutorial parts that take around 3-10 minutes each depending on how quickly you’re able to complete the tasks indicated, which is significantly shorter than the average game time. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy by playing the tutorial:

Choosing between Lux and Ahri in LoL.
  • Free Champions
  • Faster EXP Gain
  • Enjoy Bullying the AI!

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll be able to start with the best beginner champions that you can use in your normal games to start dominating the competition. It’s also worth noting that Riot Games users who created their accounts before this patch was introduced will also be offered to play the tutorial, but there is no penalty for not doing so.