Best Aram Champions | LoL

Want to have the most enjoyable experience by destroying your enemies in ARAM? Check out the best ARAM champions in LoL to know who your next pick is!
Best Aram Champions | LoL

Esports games in Summoners Rift might have multiple amazing and awe-inspiring plays of all time. But nothing will beat ARAM if you want to have a quick and enjoyable game with friends. 

Of course, not all will be great for this game mode. Some random champion will always be a bad pick at champion select. So, to help you with your picks, here are the best champions in ARAM in LoL to make it a more enjoyable experience for you and your team!



League’s very own virtuoso, Jhin, has been a strong pick in Summoners Rift for the past few patches. He can burst enemies with only four bullets and have a swift movement speed that makes him hard to damage. 

Since ARAM is played in Howling Abyss, Jhin’s kit, such as his traps and ultimate, makes him a menace in this game mode.

Everyone will surely have a hard time countering this hard hitting champion. Imagine stepping on traps that will decrease movement speed with a large margin and having nowhere to run once he casts his ultimate, which is why Jhin is an indisputable S-tier champion in ARAM game mode.



Sometimes it is hard to go against a single unit. However, there is a specific champion that always makes it favorable for him by placing multiple turrets in a single game. 

The revered inventor, Heimerdinger, produces small evolution turrets in the lane. This is irritating enough in a normal game; what more if the lobby plays on a single lane the whole match.

Not only that, but Heimerdinger’s ultimate has different effects and can damage, crowd control, and affect the entire enemy team.

Having the highest win rate of all, the revered inventor will still remain unmatched compared to other mages and will always be included in the best ARAM champions tier list in League of Legends.



Also, one of the best ARAM champions in League of Legends, Brand, deserves a spot on this list. 

The burning vengeance has always been one of the highest damage dealing champions in the game, and his kit suits this special game mode really well.

Brand has crowd control and can bounce several abilities on his enemies, especially his ultimate that deals one massive damage against multiple enemies.

Additionally, the burning vengeance also does not need a lot of mana to sustain in lane, which will be great for poking an enemy. Brand’s magic damage and crowd control will be a headache to deal with in ARAM.


Miss Fortune

One of the few AD carries that have area-of-effect abilities, the bounty hunter, Miss Fortune, is also one of the best champions in ARAM. 

Enemy champions will have a hard time dodging all of her abilities, especially when she is paired with a champion that has heavy crowd control abilities. Miss Fortune can just spam her skills until an enemy dies. 

However, it is essential that you should keep watch of your mana if you play Miss Fortune since she runs out of it quickly.

Her most powerful skill of all in Howling Abyss is her ultimate, where she will fire multiple bullets in a huge cone, which will surely shred the health of all the enemies. Miss Fortune has a high win rate in Howling Abyss, so pick her up if you want to win some games!



The first support champion in this list, Maokai is also a strong contender in Howling Abyss games. 

The twisted treant is also straightforward to use and beginner-friendly, so many players will surely love to pick him up right off the bat! 

He can surprise enemies and deal burst damage by stacking his sapling toss ability in the bush.

An enemy will likely get hit by it because Howling Abyss only has a single lane. However, the ability that makes Maokai strong in ARAM is his ultimate, Nature’s Grasp, which will root all of the enemies hit, and there is nowhere to hide in Howling Abyss once the twisted treant casts it.



Of course, Riot Games’ favorite champ, Lux, also deserves a spot on this list. With her heavy crowd control abilities and huge area-of-effect, the lady of luminosity will surely cause havoc in ARAM. 

She can snare, slow, and grant allies shields; what more can one ask for? 

Lux’s ultimate also has a massive range, and casting it on a single lane will make it hard to dodge. Not only that, but her ultimate also has a short cooldown, which is pretty irritating.

Like Maokai, Lux is also straightforward to use, and she is pretty fun, too! She will always be included in the best ARAM champions tier list because of her fantastic kit!



League’s very own demonic swift scout is one of the most annoying champions to play against in Summoners Rift. However, Teemo shines more in ARAM because of his irritating kit and abilities

If you do not know yet, there are bushes in the middle of Howling Abyss, and Teemo can become invisible and go in and out of the bushes. Additionally, his most infuriating ability, Noxious Trap, has tons of usage in a single lane map.

Teemo can plant it everywhere, on the bush, side, or even below the health relics, making it hard to dodge. The swift scout will be the best ARAM champion to play if you want to be mischievous and cause trouble around Howling Abyss!



One of the best (if not the best) champions when it comes to poke, Ziggs and his bombs are a force to be reckoned with when playing in Howling Abyss. Like the other mid lane champions in this list, Ziggs can spam enemies to death. Moreover, his abilities also scale well up until the late game, making life bars disappear. Ziggs also has heavy crowd control abilities, and he can displace enemies with his satchel charge and slow them with his hexplosive minefield.

Watch out for his ultimate, too, because it has a vast range and deals a surprising amount of damage. Shredding turrets is not a problem for him, too, which is a massive help to pushing towers in Howling Abyss. Even though he has been hit by nerfs in the past patches, Ziggs will always be

There are still tons of champions in League that may be fun and easy to use, like Darius, Master Yi, Lucian, or Jarvan IV. Still, they are not on the same level as those mentioned above when it comes to the ARAM game mode. Howling Abyss is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the game. That is why it is recommended to ditch solo queue and play with your friends to have the best time possible!

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