Best Mid Laner Champions in LoL

The shortest lane in the game is also the most sought after. However, the best mid-lane champions all possess steep learning curves.

Updated on Sep 08, 2023
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Best Mid Laner Champions in LoL

League of Legends mid-lane is the shortest lane in the game, making the champions that play there either center on outplaying the enemy or stacking as much damage as possible to delete everything in their path. Here are the best ones that do both of those things.

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Assbuttins in League of Legends come in all shapes and sizes, but all high elo players agree that the best buttbuttin and even champion to solo carry ranked games is Katarina, even with her being considered a B-tier mid laner, due to her win rate.


Katarina’s strength lies in using her ability resets to keep dealing damage, all the while jumping around to avoid getting cc’d and killed.

As she deals magic damage, even the toughest of tanks will think twice about charging in to stop her ultimate channel.


Due to this champion’s ultimate ability cutting down any healing enemy champions may have, she is one of the best picks in this meta, where healing trumps all.

Before choosing to main this champion, we must warn you that hers is one of the steepest learning curves in the game, if you wish to play her properly that is.

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Mages, as their name would suggest, are a font of magical damage. The best scaling champion with a mage clbutt in the game is Viktor and is currently S-tier with patch 12.4.

However, be aware that this Arcane superstar takes a while to ramp up, so it’s likely that you will be playing on the back foot for much of the laning phase. With his only crowd control ability taking some time to set up and being easy to avoid, it only makes his early-game weaker.


As far as mid-lane scaling champions go, Viktor falls on the easier side of picking up. His kit is very straightforward, with his ultimate ability being capable of carrying fights by itself, by allowing you to remotely control it, and deal damage from a safe distance. It also disrupts all abilities enemy champions are channeling at the time of casting.


If you’re a beginner mid laner, though, this champion is not for you. While he may be straightforward to play, his build path is anything but, with items exclusive to Viktor available in the shop, to augment his abilities.

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While Viktor may be the best scaling mage in the game currently, Cbuttiopeia is one the best scaling champions, due to having an extra item slot to complete her full build. Cbuttiopeia, as her skins can show you, has no feet.

Thus, Riot Games have decided that her movement speed is based on her level, leaving you to buy another item instead of having to spend an inventory slot on boots. However, if you were to call Cbuttiopeia a mage, you would not be completely wrong, but neither completely right either.


Cbuttiopeia's true clbutt is called APC, that is, ability power carry. While she is reliant on her abilities to deal damage, the abilities themselves and her playstyle are closer to that of an ADC than a mage. Due to that, her learning curve is even steeper.


To maximize her damage, you must be capable of hitting her every Q ability while also auto-attacking to proc its pbuttive. Due to her terrifying nature and scaling potential, expect to get ganked a whole lot. Still, good warding should help you avoid unnecessary deaths.

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As far as the two inting brothers go, Yone is a better champion than his brother Yasuo.

With his E allowing him to retreat from a bad engage, if Yone players have any foresight, it’s unlikely that they will die early. Bad engages for Yone, though, are not that often, due to how overpowered he is.


Unlike most mid-lane AD champions, Yone is not an buttbuttin.

He is considered a fighter, but with the amount of damage he has, his one-shot potential is incredible, making him able to do the job of an buttbuttin easily.


Coupled with his incredible healing and shielding from Shieldbow, and an ultimate that has a hitbox capable of catching three enemies, a good Yone easily carries the game from mid-lane.

Just beware of the Yone syndrome, which this champion shares with Yasuo. Players who play either of the two tend to feed the enemy, and then blame even the best of junglers.

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Riot’s most famous buttbuttin, Zed is a pure mid-lane champion.

All the others on this list can be taken to other lanes, while Zed has only once had some changes that made him a jungle champion, which is now ancient history.

As he builds lethality, the cheapest items in the game after those for support champions, his power spike is the greatest during mid-game.


Zed’s kit revolves around shadows. His abilities let him spawn shadows, attack with both his main body and the shadows he has spawned, and teleport to them at will. As you can see, the most important thing about Zed is knowing where to place your shadows for maximum effect.


Zed has no sustained damage, and cannot stay in fights for very long. His ultimate stores all the damage he has dealt to his target and then detonates after a set period of time.

With all these factors combined, Zed’s job is to target the strongest enemy carry and delete them before anyone can react.

We must warn you, Zed does fall off in late-game, so it is advised to end the games as quickly as possible and work on lowering your games’ average duration. In the end, when talking about Zed, we would be remiss not to mention the most famous outplay in one of the earliest LoL World Championships, that catapulted Faker to fame.

Mid-lane champions are a dime a dozen in League of Legends. However, only a few of them have stood the test of time and given consistent results in every season. If you’re looking to get as much agency as possible in your games, mid-lane is the way to go, with their ability to roam, and still not get flamed as much as the junglers do.

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