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Annie is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. Discover the most wonderful and the best skins Annie LoL here and play this amazing champion. 

best skins annie lol

When RIOT Games created League of Legends, it would come out with 6 base champions for players to enjoy the game. Annie is one of the oldest characters in League of Legends and an incredible option for those who are just starting to play in the mid lane or as a support in the bot lane. Annie offers incredible gameplay and simplicity to introduce any newbie to the strategic world of LoL, therefore, today we present to you the best skins Annie LoL.

Annie is considered by many players as one of the best champions thanks to her scaled ability power, utility and the way that Annie build deals large amounts of damage in a short time. Here are the best skins Annie LoL for you to stand out in the summoner's rift.

Red Riding Annie

Whether you play League of Legends on PC or WIld Rift, Red Riding Annie is a perfect skin for you. It is available in both versions of the game and is a beautiful, cute Annie skin with incredible animations that will make you feel like the owner of the summoner's rift.

Red Riding Annie

A beautiful splash art shows us Annie in a wonderful red outfit and a somber-looking Teddy bear. It is an incredible legacy skin and one of the most loved by the community.

Red Riding Annie

This Annie skin has a cost of 520 RP and was released in April 2010. Although it does not have major changes in its sounds and animations, it is an incredible option if you want to have a Legacy Skin of this champion.

Goth Annie

Do you like rare skins? Then Goth Annie will enchant you. This Annie skin is one of the oldest in the game, featuring Annie in a gloomy way and a dark-looking Teddy bear, this Annie skin is the dream of everyone who calls themselves OTP Annie.

Red Riding Annie skin

Unfortunately, this skin is not available in League of Legends PC or Wild Rift, because it is a very strange skin, it is considered one of the most valuable skins in the game. You will not be able to find it in the store since it was only available for a limited time.

Goth Annie

On the other hand, if you come across a player with this skin, you should ask your jungle for help, because you are probably playing against someone who has mastered Annie since the first season.

Hextech Annie

If you like high-tech designs, then Hextech Annie is the perfect skin for you. With a robotic Tibbers design, you will surprise your enemies while they are exterminated by a robotic bear.

Hextech Annie Skin

This Annie skin has an incredible group of animations, from her molten shield to her Q animation are different from the classic one, which gives a fresh air to this champion.

Hextech Annie

This skin was also a limited edition for people who got up to 10 gemstones. It is a wonderful skin like Hextech Swain and Hextech Tristana, if you have the gemstones, do not hesitate to buy it!.

Reverse Annie

What if Annie was Teddy and Teddy was Annie? In this skin Annie and Teddy change places to provide fun for thousands of players. A unique skin full of creativity, incredible animations, sounds and a fun splash art that helps you connect with the essence of the champion.

Reverse Annie Skin

It is one of my favorite skins because of the hours of fun that a simple switch between Annie and Teddy can provide, making your ultimate an epic moment where your enemies flee from Teddy disguised as Annie.

Reverse Annie

This Annie skin costs 975 RP and was released in September 2011, and it quickly became one of the best Annie skins. What are you waiting to get it?

Annie is one of the funniest and oldest champions in the game, that is why she was also one of the first champions to appear in Wild Rift, not in vain, her damage, playability, voices, utility and ultimate have won the hearts of thousands of players over the years.

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