What Is Crowd Control Score in League of Legends

Crowd control score might be an unfamiliar term to newbie League of Legends players. Here is a guide to up your League knowledge about crowd control!

crowd control score lol
crowd control score lol

There are a lot of terminologies in League of Legends that might be hard to follow, like space groove, mystery emote permanent, damage, and many more! Crowd control score might be one of those terms you encounter when playing League of Legends, and most players are still unfamiliar with this. Here is a guide that answers what is crowd control score is in LoL to level up your game knowledge!

What is Crowd Control Score In League of Legends

Before we start diving into the meaning of crowd control, you often hear and see the term "crowd control" in a lot of League of Legends, whether from videos, photos, casters, or pro players. Well, it is because it is a very important aspect in LoL gameplay. After all, a single crowd control can make or break team fights and can change the course of a whole game. 

Crowd control, often referred to as CC, is a term used to describe a skill or ability that affects a player's control over their champion. Stuns, snares, slows, and near sight are all examples of crowd control. These abilities are annoying because they can affect your ability to cast skills, perform auto attacks, and impair your movement.

Crowd Control Types

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of crowd control types in League of Legends, and it may be hard to keep up with all of these types, especially if you are still new to the game. These crowd control types have different effects or impairments to enemy champions. Here are the most common types of crowd control in League of Legends:

  • Stun: enemy champions will not be able to cast abilities, move, and perform auto attacks when affected
  • Slow: champions that are affected with slow have reduced movement speed
  • Silence: champions affected by silence will not be able to cast any ability
  • Snare/Root: units affected by snare or root are not allowed to move or use any mobility abilities
  • Blind: a crowd control unique to Teemo. Blinded units will miss any auto-attack they perform for the duration of the effect.
  • Airborne: units hit by airborne are thrown up into the air. These units can not use abilities, move, or perform auto attacks, similar to a stun. Airborne units can not use cleansing abilities to remove the effect.
  • Ground: units affected by ground cannot use or activate any mobility abilities for the whole duration
  • Disarm: A disarmed champion or unit cannot perform auto attacks.

The Real Meaning Of Crowd Control Score

Crowd control score or CC score is the total amount of crowd control dealt by a player for the whole game. This accounts for all the types of crowd control mentioned above, such as slow, stun, and snare. For example, if you have stunned enemies ten times using Riven's Ki Burst, the match details will show that you have a total of 10 crowd control score. 

You might be wondering, "in what way does this information help me?" Well, for champions that have abilities that deal a lot of crowd control, it will be a great way to track your performance throughout the whole game. 

Crowd control score is a great way to know if you are improving. You can track all your past games and compare them if you are doing better over time. It might not have any use if you do not care about dealing CC, or if you main champions that have little to no crowd control, like Lucian and Kai'sa, but it is definitely a huge help for players that are crowd control focused champions, like Leona and Blitzcrank

Who Are The Champions That Have A Lot Of Crowd Control?

Riot Games released a lot of champions throughout the years and they have different kinds of abilities. However, most support champions have the most crowd control compared to other roles.

  • Leona
  • Blitzcrank
  • Morgana
  • Lux 
  • Syndra

Leona can stack stuns all by herself, Blitzcrank can hook and silence an enemy, and Morgana can snare and damage an enemy to death. Some mid-lane champions also have a ton of crowd control in their kit, Lux can snare with her Light Binding, and Syndra can damage and stun enemies using Scatter The Weak.  

At the end of the day, it will fall on your preference whether you want to deal tons of crowd control to the enemy team, but always track the amount of crowd control that an enemy can throw at you and build your game plan around it. Always try to dodge crowd control because it will lead to death most of the time. 

How To Counter Crowd Control

Most crowd control are skill shots, so try to dodge them as much as possible to survive. However, there are some additional ways to counter crowd control in the game. 


Some champions have abilities that allow them to be immune to crowd control or a specific type of it, like Olaf's Ragnarok and Master Yi's Highlander.

Using Items and Summoner Spells

Several League of Legends items and a single summoner spell that remove or reduce crowd control. Mikael's Crucible can remove a crowd control effect on an ally, while Cleanse and Quicksilver Sash can remove hard crowd control on yourself. Mercury Treads also give tenacity, a stat that reduces the duration of most of the types of crowd control. 

Using Runes

There are currently two runes that provide tenacity to your champion, which are Legend: Tenacity and Unflinching. It will now depend on your game plan if you want to pick either of these runes up, but it is definitely great to know information like this!

Some monsters can even deal crowd control to champions. The Rift Herald can wind up and dash, knocking enemies away. Baron Nashor can stun and throw enemies airborne with spikes. Always try to prevent being crowd controlled as much as you can!

That will be all that you need to know about crowd control score. It might be hard to keep track of everything in-game. That is why Riot Games probably included this feature to track your stats. Always remember that dealing crowd control is an integral part of winning, whether you are playing matchmade PVP or nexus blitz, so use that to win your games!