Best Katarina Skins | LoL

Katarina is the most reliable League of Legends champion for climbing SoloQ, thus capturing players’ hearts, or crushing them to smithereens.

best skins katarina lol
best skins katarina lol

The full name Riot Games gave to this League of Legends champion is Katarina De Couteau, the Sinister Blade. A Noxian noble, and sister to Cassiopeia, Katarina was to become the greatest assassin alive. Her first mission ended in failure, and now she dons many skins in her exile to redeem herself. On our list, you will find the best ones.

Battle Queen Katarina

Katarina is a queen of battle, both in her lore and in League of Legends. It stands to reason then that her newest skin is the Battle Queen Katarina skin, part of the Battle Queen skin line. The only unfortunate part is that Katarina is not the champion with this skin line’s Prestige Skin, rather Battle Queen Diana holds that honor.

The Battle Queen Katarina skin was released on December 10, 2020. It is, perhaps, Katarina’s best skin, regarding the work put into its design, with new animations, in-game model, particle effects, and sounds updating the base champion. As of yet, the skin is not available in Wild Rift.

While having the Battle Queen Katarina skin equipped in-game Katarina unlocks and equips a new blade every 3 takedowns, up to a maximum of 6 different blades. She can change which blade she uses by pressing control + 5 when out of combat. She always starts off with her pink blade and randomly unlocks each one. This puts Battle Queen Katarina at the top of Katarina’s skin collection, with an appropriate price of 1820 RP.

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Death Sworn Katarina

Katarina’s lore portrays her as a person with dreams of glory and power, as as well being the best assassin of Noxus. The Drath Sworn Katarina skin is the best Katarina skin to embody all of these aspects, except the Noxus part, as she has sworn herself to Death.

This League of Legends skin was released by Riot Games in celebration of The Harrowing 2017. As such, Death Sworn Katarina herself was released on October 25, 2017. For a price of 1350 RP, players could enjoy new in-game animations, particle effects and sounds, courtesy of the skin.

As this skin is part of an event, Riot Games have placed it into League of Legends' Legacy vault, and it can no longer be purchased in this particular game. Due to it being the newest Katarina Legacy skin, and the others being there due to their old age, it is also the best Katarina skin in Wild Rift, as there it costs 990 Wild Cores, and can be bought at any time.

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Warring Kingdoms Katarina

What would a League of Legends martial artist type of champion be without a skin from the Warring Kingdoms skin line? Katarina sure doesn’t know, since hers is the best Katarina skin if you want to make an action movie out of it, lore-wise, making her a sheltered princess that chooses to become an assassin.

The Warring Kingdoms Katarina skin was released on February 10, 2015, during that year’s celebration of the Lunar Revel. As a norma- rated skin, the price of 975 RP is justified with her new in-game model and splash art.

The Warring Kingdoms skin line is inspired by the Chinese period of the Warring Kingdoms, as well as the famous classical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. All of the female League of Legends champions, though, break the stereotypes and are portrayed as damage dealing, enemy killing, machines. For Katarina, we recommend an attack damage item build, rather than magic damage, on this skin. It just feels more appropriate.

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Blood Moon Katarina

The Blood Moon skin line is one of Riot Games’ best-selling skin lines. We see no other reason for such a young skin line to currently have 19 skins, including the Blood Moon Katarina skin.

The Blood Moon Katarina skin was released on February 20, 2020, with a price of 1350 RP. It includes new animations and particle effects for her abilities in-game. Unfortunately, this skin is not available in Wild Rift, likely due to its darker nature.

Riot Games have added Blood Moon Katarina to League of Legends alongside the Blood Moon Master Yi and Blood Moon Tryndamere skins. The whole skin line plays on the corruption of will of strong willed champions, turning them to depravity, and making them dark cultists. Katarina’s skin was likely inspired by Room 8 Studios' test concepts of Blood Moon Katarina done for Riot Games.

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Katarina was one of the first 40 champions in League of Legends. Her age matches champions whose kits and pick rate have become obsolete, while hers is still very much relevant to this day, speaking of the quality of this champion’s design.

With age comes a vast skin collection. Katarina’s old skins are mostly locked in the Legacy Vault, to make room for the new skins to come to the fore. Her best ones embrace various parts of Katarina’s nature, and expand upon it, in an alternate setting.

Katarina is not the only magic dealing, high mobility mid-lane champion in League of Legends. That place is shared, and perhaps even dominated by, Kassadin. The most misunderstood champion in the game, whose appearance hides his noble nature. Her skins do no such thing though, and we have compiled the best kassadin skins to take a look beneath his Void mask.

Whether it’s the Void, Runeterra, or some other part of the vast League of Legends universe, champions and their skin variations are born every day, and the easiest way to keep up is to stay tuned to our post about all league of legends skins.