Best Sylas Skins | LoL

Become the best mage in League of Legends and climb the ranks with different Sylas skins in League of Legends. Check out this list to buy some of his cosmetics now!
Best Sylas Skins | LoL

Sylas, the Unshackled, is one of those champions who shocked the world because of his extraordinary powers. Riot Games even paired his reveal with never-before-seen quality teasers, videos, and photos. 

Sylas is still making a name in League of Legends even after his release because of his high pick rate in solo queue and pro play. I'm sure that everyone has been amazed by at least a single Sylas play in the World Championship. If you want to increase your win ratio with style and copy pro player moves, here are the best Sylas skins in LoL. 


PROJECT: Sylas and PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition

Riot Games has a futuristic skin line called PROJECT, where it releases robot versions of renowned League of Legends champions. Luckily for you, Sylas mains, the Unshackled is one of the lucky ones that received a PROJECT cosmetic.

Released on May 27, 2021, this Sylas skin is a cyborg version of the infamous champion. If you look at the splash art above, it is easily noticeable that his body is made of metal parts and has lines indicating that everything is easily modified.

PROJECT: Sylas is not flashy like all the other skins in this skin line. He has a simple computerized red chain, metal legs and arms, alloy head parts, and spiky white hair. Don't get me wrong, but even though this Sylas skin is simple, it is incredible and eye-catching enough.

On the other hand, PROJECT: Sylas features robotic ability sounds with red colors and remarkable artworks. Unlike his splash art, the abilities are flashy and easy to see. There are also small details every time Sylas casts his skills, which add to the overall mechanized concept. Lastly, this PROJECT skin also has a new cybernetic voice line filter, which will appeal to most Sylas players.

detailed version of the original skin. The Prestige Edition is seen wearing more gold-plated armor and head and body gear. All of the particles and animations of his abilities are changed to gold, too.

The original PROJECT: Sylas skin is available for 1350 Riot Points in the League store. On the other hand, the prestige edition is only purchasable using 100 prestige points in the LoL shop.

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Freljord Sylas

Released on January 10, 2020, some might say that this is just a better version of the original skin for this champion. Freljord Sylas features the Unshackled as a rebel of the famous icy empire of the north.

Freljord Sylas has a fur coat, boots, and robe, which suits the icy concept of the skin. He is also seen using whitish-blue chains instead of the gold ones he originally uses. Overall, the additional changes compared to his original model are not drastic, but they definitely made Sylas look more excellent and powerful as a forbidden sorcerer.

As you have thought, Riot Games used icy animations and sounds for this champion skin. For example, ice blocks will appear when Freljord Sylas casts his Chain Lash. His Petricite Burst also sounds very chilling because of the snow storm sounds that Riot used. Also, get ready to give out frostbites because his auto attacks have a frigid and glassy sound and feel. Fortunately, this skin is still available to purchase for 1350 Riot Points in the League store today.

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Lunar Wraith Sylas

Released on January 25, 2019, this Sylas skin is used to honor an Asian event called Chinese Lunar Year. It is definitely an awesome, cultural, and unique take of League's forbidden mage.

Looking closely at the splash art above, you will instantly notice that Lunar Wraith Sylas is a more buff version of the original skin. Not only that, but the model of this skin is also a lot more detailed compared to the other cosmetics. The eyes on his chains are an excellent take of the standard and plain version of the other skins.

The sounds of Lunar Wraith Sylas' abilities sound magical. Additionally, the sounds are paired with purple animations and particles, which all complement the skin's overall look. If you want a cultural version of the Unshackled, then pick this skin right away in the store for 1350 Riot Points!

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If you are wondering, Sylas is not available in Wild Rift, so you have to wait until he gets released.

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