The best ADC champions for Brand

Dominate every phase of the game with the poke heavy Brand support.Let nobody stop you be it tanks or squishy carries!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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The best ADC champions for Brand

Best ADC champions for Brand in League of Legends

Brand is usually played in the mid lane as he is a control mage with lots of skill shots and AoE based spells. He is a great lane bully denying cs for his enemies, so when he is playing as a support, you have control over the lane. You can be hyper-aggressive when you try to poke enemies. Here are the best adc champions that you can synergize with Brand’s playstyle.

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Vayne lacks the firepower during the early game, she can be easily countered with pokes or just outrange. This is where Brand stands out, Brand is hyper-aggressive support as he can spam his abilities.

Once he reaches level 3, he will have all of his basic abilities and one combo alone on the enemy team support or adc can make their hp fall below half.


It is very hard to counter pick a Brand support as you would also have to pick a champion who can provide the same kill pressure as him like Vel’Koz or Morgana, but you can easily ban them during the pick and ban phase.

Brand counters most of the supports especially passive supports like Janna or Soraka. He can simply poke them again and again until they gain control of the lane.

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Much like Vayne, Kai’sa is a late-game monster but she doesn’t quite do the early-game damage.

When you play Brand support easily fixes the damage issue in the early game by constantly poking the enemy.

With Brand and Kai’Sa duo, they can dominate even the sidelines during the mid to late game especially when he casts his ultimate, Burning Vengeance during team fights.


Kai’Sa deals tons of damage to a single target which makes her more of like an assassin in the late game after her power spike.

Kai’Sa can not farm on her own during the early to mid-game so before she builds her core items, Brand needs to stay with her. During team fights, Kaisa needs to be protected and with Brand’s stun, he can peel for Kai’Sa. Brand can also build Shadowflame to deal with tanks more since Riot games buffed it in patch 12.12.

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Jhin has great synergy with Brand because of the follow-up crowd control he has on how W.

Jhin also deals bonus damage to champions with lower HP and he can abuse this passive every time Brand lands a basic combo on an enemy.

With Jhin’s long range, they can both poke enemies constantly. Jhin is also one of the champions with a very high win rate in season 12, so laning with Brand is really a free win.


Jhin’s build is also very devastating in this combo especially if he rushes his galeforce.

A galeforce engage with his W ensures a kill especially if Brand is with Jhin during this engage.

Galeforce procs Jhin’s passive so he can root an enemy with his W. After that simple initiation, both Brand and Jhin can easily burst an enemy down be it a tank or a squishy carry. Picking this duo is a no-brainer as it has little to no counter pick.

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During the laning phase, Brand needs an initiation so he can land his stun combo on an enemy and what better engage is there than Ashe’s ultimate. Ashe can initiate a kill with her ultimate wherever she is.

The constant slow that Ashe inflicts on an enemy can also be great if they are chasing enemies down.


Brand, being a champion with no mobility skill at all, needs all the slow inflicting abilities so he can close the gap between him and an enemy. Brand’s burst is really strong at whatever phase of the game.

Both have long-ranged abilities making it very easy to bully the opposing champions in the bot lane. You can also build the best brand item which is Liandry’s and Demonic embrace for stronger pokes even in the late game.

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Both Draven and Brand have tremendous kill pressure giving the enemy bot lane duo a hard time scoring for cs and even exp.

Every time they will try to last hit a minion will be too risky for them as anytime Draven and Brand can initiate a kill.

Once Brand lands a stun on one enemy champion, it is almost a guarantee that Draven can kill them even before the stun wears off.


The only thing that this duo should worry about is when the enemy has an aggressive team comp with gap-closing abilities. Brand support and Draven only have one disengage option as both of them has no dash or jump abilities.

When late game comes, however, it is much better if this duo stays together even during team fights.

They will be able to burst enemies down even tanks. You can also have brand build a Morellonomicon or even a Demonic embrace for all of those bonus damage on champions with higher HP.

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