The Best 8 League of Legends Tools

Find out the best 8 League of Legends tools that you can use to check your enemies stats, champions build, summoner’s spell and much more. Check them now!

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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The Best 8 League of Legends Tools

In the league of legends professional scene and inside the League community, there are a huge amount of tools that players can use to know a lot of things about their game style. For example, game related statistics, change in game overlay and take a look at other game related statistics, all of them are an amazing way to improve and know more about the summoner's rift. So, in this article we will talk about the top League of Legends tools for PC. Let's start!

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When you play League of legends, knowing all your allies and enemies League of Legends stats is so important. That way you will be able to be careful and take good actions against those hard enemies. Porofessor is an amazing tool and a really cool stats site where you can take a look at your RIOT Games stats, win rate and much more from your allies and enemies. This will help you to make a good decision about how to play a match and know how good your opponent is with the selected champ.


If you want to guarantee that your games start correctly and get all the important information of your opponent, then Porofessor is the application that you should use. And also, you can easily use it to prevent those sudden exits from champion select. Most of the tools shown in this list are going to be an amazing way to discover current and previous patches details, upcoming game announcements and much more.

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Facecheck is probably one of the best League of Legends and a cool meta analysis tool for beginners and pro players. Let's guess you're playing Darius top, this amazing tool will show you the champion counter picking information, champion stats, and more valuable insights you can use to improve your gaming experience. This is a good tool to have a pre game analysis and keeping up to date about champion stats nerfs and buffs to avoid your counter picks or play the strongest champions in the current meta.


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If you are looking for a complete tool that allows you to obtain all the statistical information of players, it shows champion play rates and gives you detailed stats about champions, counter picks, and if you're looking for top tier players, this tool will show you in a brief moment. OP. GG is an amazing tool to stay up to date about League of Legends champs and meta.


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Overwolf is an external League of Legends tool that allows aggregates multiple league addons to achieve multiple goals. You can find many addons to automatically record, watch anyone's games, check the free champion rotation outside the League client, check champion stats, and much more. Overwolf is a powerful tool that will allow you to take your level of play in League of Legends to the next stage. With this way, you can avoid being added to the low priority queue, and if you would like to know more about this, you can take a look at our guide about the low priority queue in LoL.


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Another powerful tool if you are looking to have an incredible advantage over your opponents. LoLwiz is an app included in Overwolf with lots of cool features such as: Champion stats, summoner stats, LoL players stats and you can even get much more information just by pressing shift + tab while playing summoner's rift.


This tool will show you the best champions build, stats and you'll be learning League of Legends strategies really easily. So, this is one of the top tools on the list to learn League of Legends, and Overwolf also has good detailed video guides, spectate pro matches and much more.

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Blitz app

If you're looking for an amazing tool for League of Legends, then the Blitz app is the best one. Blitz app is among the best League of legends stats websites where you will be able to find gamer performance index, win rate and other pro league tournaments perfect to participate in and much more. Both the website and the Blitz app are an amazing option for you, you can use the desktop app or the mobile app, and it's also recommended in team liquid's lol portal.


Also, you can import runes, builds, summoner spell, win rates and much more. You can also take a look at spanish stats and korean stats, in case you want to check what are the most playable champions in every server. You may also read more about the tools in the riot's official Youtube channel.

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Lastly, this wonderful Mobalytics app is just one of the most famous tools in the world. You will see different champions statistics , check the patch note breakdowns, check your placement matches results, see any player's win rate and improve your game strategy without losing too much time. This is an amazing app for beginners and new players.


There are some special mentions for League of legends sites and apps you can use, for example, , where you can find the Riot's official Esports Youtube channel, browse lol live streams from lol coaches which can be an amazing very effective learning experience to improve your strategy, macro game, etc. If you'd like to learn more about this, you can read our guide about how to aim better league of legends.

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Another amazing app you may use for your LoL tournaments is Challengermode, with this, you will be able to run riot's official tournaments and automatically record every game result. You can find an amazing active forum to handle your pro games without any problem, discuss strategy and much more. This tool is really great to get an official riot games tournament code to run your competition.


On the other hand, and if you're wondering how to records replays locally and get client native replays of your live games, there are no official riot sites to do so, but you can do it by taking a look at our guide abouthow to record gameplay in LoL easily.That's all for our guide about the best tools for League of Legends, we hope all these tools will help you to increase your win rate, champion statistics and improve your own gameplay , macro game and create your strategy to win more games. See you at the summoner's rift!

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