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Best Dr. Mundo Skins | LoL

If we talk about tanks in League of Legends, Dr. Mundo has to be one of the first champions that pop into your mind. So check some of the best Dr. Mundo skins in the game.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Dr. Mundo Skins | LoL

The Madman of Zaun was released on September 01, 2009, as one of the first champions in League of Legends. Since then, Dr. Mundo has been dominating Top lane and Jungle with his incredible survivability. After all, Dr. Mundo goes where he pleases! So check some of the best skins for this self-proclaimed physician.

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Corporate Mundo

We start this list off with one of the best skins in the whole game. Corporate Mundo was released on September 12, 2010, with a price of 1820 RP. 

This price may seem like a lot, but trust us, even if the price was 4000 RP, this would still be one of the best ones in the game. The skin features Dr. Mundo as a corporate businessman.

Dr. Mundo wears a blue suit with dollar signs printed out on his shoulders. He has a tie, sunglasses and a watch. So like you can already see, this skin has everything new. His model was completely changed. His sounds are awesome, but the best parts are his animations. 

The Madman of Zaun is punching you with his briefcase and cellphone when he is auto-attacking you. He is also throwing his briefcase at you whenever he is using his Q.

Amazing new emotes and dance are also an incredible detail.

His recall animation where he spits three ties so that he can choose which one to wear is freaking funny. But the best thing about this one is that Dr. Mundo is getting out of the base in a red toy car which is just amusing to watch. We can talk about Corporate Mundo for a long time.

Still, let's conclude it with the fact that he has a few amazing chromas that you can choose from whenever you are going to a business meeting with this guy!


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Mundo Mundo

Mundo Mundo is one of the funniest skins in the game. It highlights Dr. Mundo hiding under cosplay of himself that is made out of cardboard boxes! This skin was released on October 19, 2010, and it wasn’t great skin back then.

Riot Games reworked this skin in June 2021, and since then, it has been one of the silliest skins in League of Legends. This is a legacy skin, which means it can probably only be acquired through Mystery Gifting and Hextech Crafting until Riot Games decides otherwise.

Skin doesn’t have any new animations, but it does have a new model and some cleaver sounds. The color theme is pink and blue, Dr. Mundo himself being blue and covered with pink boxes and wearing pink oven gloves.

It is an incredible costume, and we would never guess it was Dr. Mundo under those boxes if Riot Games didn’t reveal it to us.


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Pool Party Mundo

Pool Party Mundo was released on June 25, 2015, and it can be bought for 975 RP. The skin presents Dr. Mundo as a chill guy who is all about having fun and getting some sunlight.

This skin has some model, animation, and sound changes. Dr. Mundo looks like he is the coolest Hawaiian guy ever. He even has a lei around his neck. Our party boy is wearing a hat, a blue shirt, and only one sandal.

His attacks are performed with a guitar instead of a cleaver, and most of his abilities splash water around him, which is a nice detail. So if you are into beaches and pool parties, this one might be just right for you.


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El Macho Mundo

For this incredible skin, Riot Games probably took inspiration from the American TV show WWE. El Macho Mundo is like a star of that show.

He has an amazing costume, fighting gloves, and he is throwing anything he can find in a ring at his opponents. The color theme of red and green with a little bit of gold suits him amazingly.

His recall animation of him destroying a stool with his head and teeth while fans are cheering is a very nice touch that helps him suit his role of a professional wrestler better.

This skin was released on June 01, 2016, and it can be bought in-store for 1350 RP at any time. So if you enjoy wrestling and would like to see Dr. Mundo throw random stuff at enemies, this might be the skin for you!


That ends our list of best Dr. Mundo skins, but if you are more into high damage dealers than tanks like this, you can check our list of best Draven skins. However, if you want to find the best skin for any other champion that you play, you can check our page that covers the best skins for every champion in League of Legends!

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