Best Braum Skins | LoL

Discover the best skins Braum LoL,and be the best support in the bot lane. Protect your allies with the top Braum skins in League of Legends.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Braum Skins | LoL

The heart is the strongest muscle. If this phrase sounds familiar to you, then you must be a Braum player in League of Legends or Wild Rift. Braum is an incredible tank support that stands out for using its abilities to protect his team with his amazing shield, therefore, we will show you the best skins for Braum ever released, so you can enjoy playing with this champion even more.

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Mafia Braum

I have to tell you something, and that is that all of Braum's skins are extremely fun and creatively designed, starting with Mafia Braum. The Freljord shield embodies a mobster with this incredible skin in which his outfit will remind you of the movie "The Godfather".


Braum becomes a mobster, his shield is a bank vault and his partner is a cute poro , can you ask for something more? Although his abilities animations don't vary too much with this skin, I have to say that his design makes you feel like a criminal inside the summoner's rift.


This skin costs 1350 RP and was released in August 2018, it is also available in Wild Rift, so you can enjoy playing this incredible champion on PC or mobile devices.


2 /5

Pool Party Braum

If you like summer skins then Pool Party Braum will enchant you. With this skin you will observe a more relaxed and calm facet of Braum while defending your allies with your shield that is similar to the canteen of a beach bar.


The recall animation of this skin will make you feel as if you were on vacation while you show your enemies the power of this powerful champion, without ignoring that it is one of the most fashionable Braum skins, a creative design that makes you stand out in the crack of the summoner.


This skin costs 1350 RP and was released in November 2021, it quickly won the hearts of thousands of Braum mains who were waiting for a new skin of their favorite champion with a more relaxed and combat-ready style.


3 /5

Dragonslayer Braum

This is without a doubt one of the most epic Braum skins in my opinion. This Braum's warrior skin and his great shield make you feel like the owner of the summoner's rift ready to use Glacial Fissure (R) against enemies. On the other hand, you can select your favorite chroma for this skin (all of them are really incredible).


Every detail of the splash art of Dragonslayer Braum is an epic experience, as well as the character design in which the shield resembles the head of a dragon, an incredible detail that makes the experience of playing Braum better and better.


This skin costs 975 RP and was released in May 2014 and is one of my favorite Braum skins thanks to its epic design that gives a new look to the most noble champion of League of Legends and Wild Rift.


4 /5

Santa Braum

The heart of the Freljord is also Christmas! Santa Braum is the perfect skin if you love the festivities and want to bring out your fun side in summoner's rift.

With a beautiful splash art that reminds you of Santa and a character design which uses a chimney as a shield, this is a pretty creative skin to spend hours playing as a support in the bot lane.


His combat animations are quite similar to the traditional skin but it is Braum's design that has made thousands of players use this skin especially at Christmas, with this skin Braum is ready to give away punches in the summoner's crack.


This skin costs 1350 RP and was released in December 2016, it is categorized as a "special events" skin so it is available for purchase during the holidays. Do not hesitate to purchase it if you are a lover of Christmas and skins with this theme.


5 /5

El Tigre Braum

If you like wrestling, brawling and sporting fun skins in summoner's rift then you must try El Tigre Braum. Although it is not the favorite skin of many players, El Tigre entertains us with a unique and innovative design for one of the oldest League of Legends champions.


El Tigre stands out for presenting a Braum with wrestling clothes and, his characteristic shield, is now a chair, an essential tool in this sport to hit enemies and demonstrate your power in the game.

The skin also includes new animations and a very flashy splash art, ideal for those players who want to use something different in the game.


On the other hand, this skin costs 1350 RP and was released in January 2015, although it is not the most famous skin of the champion, it is worth using it or, if you are a main Braum in League of Legends, collecting it.

You may also collect Braum Lionheart skin, which is an old skin released in December 2015 but it is also a great Braum skin.


Braum is a perfect champion to play as a support in the bot lane; he is able to protect his allies from the enemy with his incredible shield and has good abilities set perfect for applying CC and magic damage (with his 4 stacks passive) to enemies, a wonderful option for new players and veterans in the support role.

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